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So, I said something about Gohan, Piccolo, and Tien being the only Z-Fighters left. Welp, you'll find out soon that Piccolo was wrong. And Koryandrs, your shout-out in this series will come. Soon. Huehuehuehuehuehue. Except you'll be a recurring name in the fic. The power levels are still screwed, so please don't complain. Or do complain. I'm not your mom.

Crime never sleeps in Jump City, but at three in the morning after a day full of crime fighting in the cold, cold in California at least, it does get annoying. The blaring alarm of Titan Tower awoke the sleeping Saiyan. Gohan's bleary eyes opened, looking directly into the red light dimly illuminating his small room. He jumped out of his bed and threw his Daimao outfit on over a white, long-sleeved shirt with a pair of brown moccasins. "Come on, Gohan!" Robin yelled from outside his room, running through the hall.

Gohan grabbed his father's bow staff from under his bed and ran out the door, greeting the rest of his fellow Titans, also feeling cranky and tired. Starfire, on the other hand, was the happiest she had looked in a while. "Good morning, friends!" she exclaimed, making Robin and Raven wince. "Do you know what day it is?"

"Not so loud," Raven said, wiping the grin off of Starfire's face.

"It's three in the morning on a Thursday, January ninth, 2014," Robin said, alert, awake, and serious.

"But do you guys know what is happening today?" Starfire asked with hope, growing a small grin on her face.

"What's the occasion, Star?" Cyborg asked.

"It has to be good if you're this awake at three A.M.," Beast Boy said, rubbing his eyes.

"It's Blorthog!" Starfire jumped into the air. "Friendship Day!"

"That's great," Gohan said, sounding sarcastic due to his fatigue. "What's going on, Robin?"

Starfire frowned as she slumped, feeling her spirits dampened.

"Someone has broken into the Science and Industry museum," Robin said, "again."

"Let's get him," Gohan said. Being a superhero is becoming more like a chore... I wish something exciting would happen.

The six supers rushed out of the tower and into the night life of the city. Robin's slender, red motorcycle raced Cyborg's wide, short T-Car designed like its owner through the empty, paved roads under the streetlights between the tall skyscrapers while the other four soared through the sky with Beast Boy in the shape of a giant green wasp with six black legs. In no time at all, they reached the base of the wide staircase, looking up the flight at the massive museum designed like the Parthenon but with three sets of large double doors on the entrance of the museum. The Titans rushed up the stairs and into the museum's entry hall. A large Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton on a large pedestal for display greeted the Titans as they ran in. Assorted statues of Greek gods and goddesses outlined the inside walls with entryways to different exhibits in between statues. Out of the exhibit at the end of the hall with a heading of Electrons Excited!, a tall, fair-skinned Asian man with a goatee dressed in gold-plated armor and helm raced out of the exhibit with a fairly sized, wireless digital clock with numerous buttons in his arms, panting and bleeding from numerous cuts on his face. "Teen Titans: Go!" Robin said, running up to the perpetrator.

"You're next!" the man laughed, tripping over Robin's foot and landing on his face, still holding on to the clock.

The Titans surrounded him. "Next for what?"

The armored man rolled onto his back. "You're all dead! You are unbelievably screwed!" He started to press buttons on the clock.

A yellow beam of chi from above pierced the top of the clock, making it spark and smoke. The Titans looked up, seeing nothing but the spotlights on the ceiling turned off for the night. "Who did that?" Cyborg shouted, starting to feel like the man laughing on the floor would be the least of his concerns.

The man's nose started to bleed heavily as he laughed until his face turned blue. "You've just bought yourself a year! The Master comes for this universe now!"

Robin pulled the man to his feet by his collar. "Who are you?"

"His name is Warp," a familiar voice to Gohan said, stepping into the center of the circle. The person underneath the bloodied bandages concealing his head wore a hard, white vest with yellow, spiky shoulder pads and white boots with a yellow, spiky toe over a thin, blue jumpsuit. He was tall, around the same height as Gohan, and muscular. He wielded a katana with a white blade and blue handle, spinning it around with dangerous skill and fluidity. He sheathed it in a black saya (katana sheath) and took Warp out of Robin's grasp.

Warp spat on the strange warrior's white gloves. "You couldn't save your own world from the Master," Warp said. "What makes you think you can prepare this world for his arrival?"

The warrior threw Warp to the ground. "It's because I've done it before."

Gohan suddenly felt sick on his stomach. The Messenger of the End Times was back. The warrior pulled out two energy rings and clamped them around Warp's hands, causing the strange villain to be crucified in mid-air. "Who are you?" Robin asked, looking the masked man in the face.

"You'll find out," he said. "Follow me."

"But what about him?" Beast Boy said, pointing to the kicking and screaming man on the invisible crucifix.

"He's known in several worlds, including this one, for theft," the warrior said, his voice cool and collected but with a heavy presence. "If your police can see, they'll arrest him."

"Before we go any further, I demand to know who you are," Robin insisted, making the secretive man stop before the entrance of the exhibit.

The man turned around, ripping off his bandages, shaking out his long, straight, lavender hair reaching to the middle of his back. He opened his cobalt blue eyes, staring intently at the six Titans in front of him. His tanned skin was not flawed, despite the fact that he was wearing bandages browned with dry, caked blood.

Gohan looked at the tall, young man in fear. What is he doing here?

"Is everything alright?" Starfire asked, seeing the pained look in Gohan's onyx eyes.

"Hopefully," Gohan said, worrying Starfire even more.

"My name is Trunks," the warrior said. "I'm sixteen years old and I'm from the future."

"Why are you here?" Gohan said with an aggressive tone.

"I've come to warn you of a tragedy befalling your planet in one year," Trunks said. "Hopefully it will turn out better than the last time I came here."

"What's going to make it different than last time?" Gohan said, glaring at his personal member of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

"Show us," Robin said.

Trunks glared at Robin before turning back around, leading them through the dark exhibit filled with models of electron shells and walls with the definitions to different rules concerning electrons. One interactive model was a Frogger type game where you control an electron trying to move to the lowest energy level of the atom while dodging other electrons in his way. He led them to a round, exhibited portal labeled Jump! Enter a Wormhole!, used for teaching kids about String Theory and time travel. Trunks pulled a small, black remote out of his pocket with a small, blue button on the front. Trunks pressed the button, making electricity spark around the inside. He stepped into the portal, disappearing from sight.

The Teen Titans looked at each other. "Gohan," Starfire said, "you look at him like you fear him. Who is he to you?"

The other Titans looked at the newest member of their group.

"He was the one who warned me about Cell," Gohan said, "three years before my father died."

"He warned you, didn't he?" Beast Boy said. "You would have lost without him."

"Trunks coming here means that he lost in his time line," Robin said. "Whatever is coming was too much for whoever fought it in the future."

"Let's see what we're up against," Cyborg said, stepping through the portal onto the top of a post-apocalyptic Titan Tower.

The other Titans followed, shocked at what they saw.

"It was Jump City, once," Trunks said, gesturing to all of the desolation that lay before them. The water surrounding the tower, once blue and shimmering with the bright Californian sun, was now a literal bloodbath, red with the blood of Jump City's citizens and littered with the floating, bloated corpses of the men, women, and children of the dead urban wasteland. The sky was dark and thunderous, with rain drenching Trunks and the Titans. "With the help of Warp, The Master was able to go on a spree of world hopping, slaughtering the beings of every planet Earth in every universe. Warp was going to send the Earth a year into the future, pitting an unprepared Earth against an experienced Master, but thanks to you, I was able to catch him. He won't stop with Earth's heroes; anyone he finds worthy in this universe will be transported to Papaya Island to fight each other in his sick game."

Starfire slumped to the ground, bawling her eyes out at the death surrounding her. "I cannot take it. I wish to leave this place."

Gohan lifted Starfire to her feet. "It will be alright," he said, starting to feel deep anger for whoever The Master was. "We won't let this happen."

Trunks opened the hatch to the top of Titan Tower. He hopped inside, followed by the Titans. "Whoa..." Beast Boy said, looking at the hallway of his home riddled with bullets, scorch marks, and holes. "What happened here?"

"The Titans' last stand," Trunk said.

"Where are they– we– now?" Robin asked.

Trunks turned to him with a grim expression on his face. "You don't want to know."

Robin's eyes narrowed. "Take us to us."

Trunks sighed and kept walking down the hallway, turning the corner to the six rooms going down the long corridor, three on each side. "When I came to your alternate identities for help, I was too late."

Beast Boy opened the door to his room. The walls were covered in wide claw marks and red splotches of blood, the bed was on its side, and bullet shells littered the ground. Beast Boy gagged as he looked toward the center of the wall facing him, seeing the remains of a green bloatfly smeared across the wall. Beast Boy backed away, slowly closing the door. Raven and the other original Teen Titans backed out with the same expression on their faces. Horror. Gohan opened the room that was supposedly his, seeing nothing but the scorched walls and shrapnel. The body had been dragged out and thrown away. He closed the door, looking for any indication to who own the room. Etched in the front of the door in sloppy handwriting was "Hope!"

"I've seen enough," Robin said, trying to wipe his mind of the gore inside his room. "Who else knows about The Master's arrival besides for us?"

"No one so far," Trunks said, "but a lot of people will hear about it soon. He pulls as many of the universe's strongest fighters to the Budokai Tenkaichi and has them fight for the title of champion. He then fights the winner in a one-on-one, Winner-Take-All match. The prize is anything you can ask for if you win, along with the money prize. So far, no one has won."

"Budokai Tenkaichi?" Starfire said.

"You don't know?!" Beast Boy said, taken back at Starfire's innocent ignorance. "That's the most brutal martial arts tournament in the whole world! It's held every three years and next year is a tournament year!"

"When is The Master going to show himself?" Robin asked.

"Ten days before the tournament," Trunks said, "if he's feeling generous. I bought you three hundred and sixty five."

Trunks led them back to the top of the tower. "How powerful is he, Trunks?" Gohan said, grimacing at his old friend.

"He would defeat Cell in an instant," Trunks said. "Use this year wisely. Cherish your friends, and be careful of the friends you make. Go to Korin's Tower and Kami's Lookout and train there when you can." Gohan nodded, following Trunks back through the portal. Trunks placed his hand on Gohan's shoulder. "I'll find the other Z-fighters, including my father. They'll meet up with you at Kami's Lookout in six months."

"Goodbye, Trunks." Gohan walked out of the museum, ignoring the cackling mess that was Warp.

The travel back to the tower was silent like they had been to the wake of a funeral. The six Titans sat on their couch, looking at one another sorrowfully. "One year," Cyborg said. "One year of training."

"If The Master is really that strong," Beast Boy said, "how will we beat him?"

"One year will not be enough to fight something capable of slaughtering an entire planet," Starfire said.

"It has to be," Gohan said. "Earth has done it before."

"We also have more time than our alternate selves had," Robin said. "Let's train here until June first."

"Why can't we go now?" Gohan asked.

"We're still obligated to take care of crime in the city," Robin said, "and during the summer, Jump City's superhuman crime rates go down. The police will be able to handle the crime on their own then."

"We should also take this time to warn other supers," Raven said.

"The more good guys we have on our side, the better chance we have of winning," Cyborg said.

"Who are the Z-fighters Trunks spoke about?" Starfire asked.

"My old friends," Gohan said. "Most of them retired from fighting since the Cell Games, but Trunks will convince them to go up in arms."

"The more help we can get, the better," Beast Boy said.

"Cyborg," Robin said, "do you have our training simulator up and running?"

"I haven't checked in a while," Cyborg said. "I'll check now if you-"

The crime alarm started to ring again, making the exhausted Titans groan. Robin ran to the surveillance computer, projecting a hologram of the map of Jump City and its outskirts on the wall. "The Jump City mesa on the outskirts of town?" He zoomed closer to the red dot, pulling up an overhead view of the situation.

In the mesa ran a tall, thin teenage girl with long, flowing blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her fair skin was covered in dirt and grime as well as her ragged, worn out jeans and black tee-shirt. Beast Boy looked over to the monitor and his jaw went slack as hearts grew in his eyes at the girl being chased by a giant, green scorpion through the early morning rocks. "Who is that?" Beast Boy dreamily asked.

"We're about to find out," Robin said. "Teen Titans: Go!"

The six teens rushed to the mesa where the supposed damsel in distress ran in fear from the hulking, twenty foot long scorpion. "There she is!" Beast Boy shouted, flying over the girl as a pterodactyl. "Guys! I got this! Stay back!" He rushed ahead of his fellow teammates and rocketed toward the monster.

He morphed into a large gorilla and fell directly on the back of the scorpion, grabbing its tail and ripping off the stinger. "Wait!" Robin shouted. "You can't handle him alone!"

Beast Boy hopped in front of the scorpion's face and grabbed it by its pincers, pushing the behemoth back. He quickly grinned at the girl screaming behind him and kept pushing, barely noticing the ground trembling beneath him. Gohan saw the ground under his friend and the scorpion start to split. "Beast Boy!" Gohan exclaimed, grabbing Beast Boy's hand before the earth swallowed the scorpion snapping its pincers in the air to take the Titan with it. The two Titans stared at the girl with her arms spread apart. Her aura spiked as she clenched her fists and slowly pulled them together, closing the hole in the ground.

"Whoa..." Beast Boy sighed as he reverted to his human form. "She's amazing."

Gohan and the other Titans landed, running up to the super powered girl. "Are you alright?" Robin asked.

"How did you do that?" Raven asked.

"Can you control Earth?" Cyborg asked.

"What's your name?" Beast Boy asked.

"Do you need medical attention?" Gohan asked.

"Where did you come from, how did you get here, what is your favorite color, do you wish to be my friend?" Starfire asked rapidly.

The girl's head spun from the interrogation. "I'm alright, I can control earth, my name is Terra, I'm from Earth, I walked, red, uh... sure, I'll be your friend."

Starfire wrapped around Terra in a bear hug. "What a glorious day! Blorthog is not lost after all!"

Beast Boy walked over to her with his heart pounding through his ears. "H-hi; my name is-"

"Beast Boy!" Terra exclaimed in excitement. "I know who all of you are!"

Beast Boy blushed.

Terra broke free of Starfire's hug. "You're Starfire." She pointed to the other four Titans. "Robin, Raven, Cyborg, and..." she trailed off, pointing at Gohan.

"His name is Gohan," Robin said. "He's new to the team."

"Why are you out here?" Beast Boy asked, trying to keep his voice from cracking. "What brings you to the city?"

"I just go wherever the wind takes me," Terra said.

"Why don't you stay with us for a while?" Starfire offered, etching a wide grin on Beast Boy's face.

"Yes!" Beast Boy exclaimed. "That would be awesome!" Beast Boy cleared his throat. "I mean, that would be cool."

Robin took pity on Terra. "We have a guest room open, but it needs a bit of work."

Terra realized how much her feet hurt after walking all Autumn. However, she knew that she had to keep moving. "I'll just stay on your couch," Terra said. "You don't need to fix a room up for me."

"Wait until you see it," Beast Boy said. "The guest room is huge!"

"Well, alright!" Terra said, following Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg into the city, leaving the other three back on the mesa.

A chill ran up Robin's spine. "Did anyone else feel that?"

Gohan and Raven nodded. "It's about Terra," Gohan said.

"What about her?" Robin asked.

"I'm not sure," Gohan said. "We need to keep an eye on her at all costs."

"That won't be hard," Raven said, folding her arms as a slight tinge of jealousy made her scowl. "Beast Boy is practically in love."

"We cannot trust her," Robin said. "Not until she proves that she can be trusted."

"We need to know more about her," Gohan said.

"What if she won't talk?" Robin asked.

Raven smirked. "She won't need to talk."