"I- wait!" Beast Boy said, fading away into the darkness as the doors closed. His stomach felt like a pit with regret and he ran forward, trying to find the doors to tell Raven something he might never be able to tell her. He, like everyone in the room, found the darkness to be vast and ever expanding. Beast Boy formed a ball of green chi over his palm for light, but only found more emptiness. The room had a faint smell of rot and mold. It was overbearingly warm in the room as well, like he was baking in one of the pies from the Mother Mae Eye's store he'd frequent with Cyborg. He barely heard Raven scream her token spell before becoming inaudible. He closed his eyes, sensing flickers of ki signatures but nothing definite. His ears became perky like a German Shepherd's and his nose and mouth morphed into a wolf snout. The smell of molding rot clogged his nose, causing him to bark and choke. He morphed his nose and mouth into their human forms. "Guys! My chi sensing isn't working or something! Where are you?"

The other six shouted their answers at once, further confusing the young changeling.

"I can't listen to you all at the same time!" He bumped into something tall and solid. "Mister Piccolo?" he said, feeling what he bumped into was slimy. "What did you get into, teacher?"

Beast Boy felt something heavy and wet hit the top of his head. Beast Boy touched his hair and smelled his fingers.

"Saliva," Beast Boy said, nearly gagging. He hopped back before missing a claw crack the floor. "Gross."

"I apologise for leaving you in the dark about what you'll be facing," a high pitched, crackly voice said from nowhere. Light illuminated the large room the seven heroes and the green, frog-like monster with three crab claws on each arm stood in. The floor was purple tiles and the walls were white. The only opening was to a staircase from the wall behind the beast leading up. "I am the Master," the voice said. "No need to introduce yourselves; I know all of you. I would kill you all outright, but the Kai bastard is here and I want to see him suffer. You're also one person short of what I need to do. It is a bit inconvenient."

"Bibidi?" Supreme Kai shouted. "Come out! Fight with honor for once in your miserable-"

"Here is how this game is going to work," the Master said. "I have established five floors in this tower. Each floor possesses the guardian. Defeat him in single combat with a person who has not fought before, and then you may pass. I have such a surprise when you get to the top!"

"Single combat?" Supreme Kai said worriedly. "You're just buying time!" He pulled out his sword. "Together!" he shouted, charging the monster. No matter how fast he flew, the distance in between them stayed the same. "No!" he exclaimed, landing on his feet in the same spot he ha78[]d stood in. He turned to the others. "Who wishes to battle?"

Starfire stepped forward. "I will."

"Save your energy, missy," Roshi said, walking across the floor to stare the monster down. "I'm taking this one." He took the shirt to his costume off, revealing his skinny, wrinkly body.

"Are you sure?" Gohan asked.

"I do not find this decision wise," the Kai said.

"Yes, I'm sure," Roshi said. "Step aside, Gohan."

"Roshi versus Yakon, the energy devourer?" the Master cackled. "It's a match made in heaven!"

Roshi and Yakon seemed to shrink away as the other six heroes were moved to the other side of the room. Roshi folded his arms behind his back and looked up at the monster that towered ten feet above him. "Why do they call you the devourer? It looks like you need to stop devouring and work out."

Yakon opened his mouth. "I can show you why they call me that," he said in a deep, scaly voice.

"You will not live long enough," Roshi said, falling into the Turtle stance. "Strike me."

Yakon threw a hand of claws at Roshi's face. The Kai covered his eyes and the claws chomped together. "Get off my arm!" Yakon shouted, bringing relief to the Kai. Roshi ran up the beast's arm and onto his head, throwing a series of perfectly executed quick attacks to the monster's head. He flipped over a swipe of the claws and drew his hands to his side, charging a blue ball of chi between them. "Kamehameha!" he shouted.

Yakon opened his mouth and swallowed the wave whole. His aura spiked blue and he fazed out, crumpling the old man to the floor with one bash of the claw. "Master Roshi!" Gohan exclaimed, watching Yakon raise Roshi above his mouth.

"I wonder what 'martial arts legend' tastes like!" Yakon laughed, dropping Roshi toward his mouth.

The Kai punched Gohan's arm. "We shouldn't have let him go!"

"I'm not dead yet!" Roshi shouted, looking down Yakon's throat with his hands holding onto the jaws. He fired an energy beam into Yakon's stomach and flipped back, landing on the ground. He reached into his pocket and whipped a bunch of mints into his mouth. "If you're gonna do that, at least have a couple Altoids in there first! I don't wanna die stinky!"

Yakon threw a volley of claw thrusts at the Master, driving him back toward the wall. "You won't be able to smell once I've scooped out your brain!"

Roshi caught a jab and threw Yakon over his shoulder, surprising the other six with his great strength. A white aura spiked around the old man and he started bouncing on his toes. "Is that all?"

"I will feast upon your bones!" Yakon shouted, racing toward him.

"Not likely!" Roshi exclaimed. He ducked a punch and lunged forward, digging his hands into Yakon's stomach. "Thunder Shock Surprise!" he shouted.

Yakon flew back into the wall as lightning surged through his body, turning him into a charred mess. Roshi leaped across the room and took back his shirt.

"Thank you, lad," Roshi said.

"Why didn't you do any of that stuff at the tournament?" Beast Boy asked.

"That happens," Roshi said, pointing to Yakon. "Are you all ready to go?"

"No," Beast Boy said, running to a corner. "Turn away or something, dudes and dudette!"

"Why didn't you go at the hotel?" Gohan asked, seeing Beast Boy turn around and zip up his pants when he was done.

"I didn't have to go then," Beast Boy said.

"We talked about this," Piccolo said.

"I really didn't!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

"When you have to go, you have to go," Starfire said.

"Thank you!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

"Are you going to fight my next servant or are you all just going to stand there?" the Master snapped, silencing the bickering.

"I have to agree with him on this one," Trunks said.

"Let's go," Supreme Kai ordered, leading them up the next set of stairs. It was less hot but just as humid on the next floor. The smell of rot and mold grew stronger with a weak scent of blood mixing into it like a ward to further repulse all who stepped into the tower. Beast Boy stepped into the wide, rocky terrain under the black, space-like ceiling and fell on his face, barely able to move.

"What the heck?" Beast Boy struggled to say, morphing his legs into raptor legs to get the strength to stand. "It's like there's extra gravity here."

"There is," Starfire said, walking into the room like it was normal. Only he and Roshi were struggling. "It is ten times gravity. I will battle here."

"I've heard about you," a deep, scratch voice said from the ceiling. Starfire looked up and saw a lean purple alien with green slits for eyes with an elongated, white armored head. He wore a black jumpsuit and white armor similar to what a Saiyan would wear. He had the Ma-Djinn mark on his forehead. "Koriand'r," he said, dropping to his feet. "Princess of Tamaran, liberator of her people, and pupil of the Saiyan prince. You have quite the reputation on Zoon, the neighboring planet your people nearly destroyed."

"You started that," Starfire said bitterly. "Who are you to know me this well?"

"I am Pui Pui," he said. "Master told me you'd wish to fight me."

"He was right," Starfire said. Gohan reached out to grab her hand, but found himself on the other side of the room like when Beast Boy fought Yakon. "I will give you a single plea for your life. Admit defeat, and I will not vanquish you."

"I will have your head on a pike that I shall bring home to Zoon," Pui Pui said, falling into a battle stance and spiking his aura.

Starfire drew her fists back to her sides and dropped into Vegeta's stance he took when fighting Goku for the first time. "Welcome to the end of your life," she said, "and I am afraid that it is going to hurt."

"Did Star just say that?" Beast Boy exclaimed, morphing into an eagle to see if it was really her.

"Vegeta's training will do that," Gohan said.

"I just hope she knows what she's doing," Trunks said.

Pui Pui charged with a spinning jump kick. Starfire stood up straight and blocked it. Pui Pui hopped back and leaped forward again, throwing a volley of punches. Starfire blocked them all with ease. Pui Pui smirked. "You're good, but not better than me!" He threw all of his might at the Tamaranean but found all of his strikes dodged with the slightest movements. Starfire caught a kick to Pui Pui's surprise and threw a kick into his stomach, blowing him across the rocks.

"Yeah!" Beast Boy shouted. "Go, Starfire!"

Starfire vanished, reappearing over him to kick his chin in an arc that sent him sailing into the sky. Pui Pui caught himself in the air and fired blue arcs of chi at the princess. She dodged them with fancy spins and other aerial tricks then slammed her fist into Pui's stomach. She threw him to the ground and opened fire, hitting his chest with a green wave of chi as wide as a normal Kamehameha. She followed with a knee strike to break Pui Pui's sternum and placed her hands on his chest. She let out a cry of rage and let out a powerful explosion of chi, turning Pui Pui into dust. She turned to her friends; suddenly they stood less than three feet away from her. Gohan "Very nice, Starfire," he said, backing off at her solemn expression.

"Let us move on," she said, walking toward the next staircase.

"I know how you feel," Gohan said. "It doesn't feel good, but he would have killed you if you didn't kill him first."

"It is not his death that I am worried about," Starfire said.

Gohan and Beast Boy looked at each other uneasily. They followed her up to the next floor, sensing a familiar energy. "Terra," they said simultaneously. They stepped into a slightly colder, rocky room with a blue, vast ceiling. The blonde waited for them in the outfit she met them in, except for bandages across her chest. Her breathing seemed troubled and strained and her walking staggered. The Ma-Djinn symbol had been replaced, this time on her bandages.

"Hello, Garfield," she growled, beckoning him over. "Miss me?"

"I thought about you as many times as you've beaten me," Garfield said, "and that was spent wondering when you'd find the line. I guess I need to show you it."

"I want the Saiyan to fight me," she said, crookedly walking toward him.

Beast Boy hopped forward, moving the rest of his group to the other side of the room. "You're fighting me."

"You do know this is to the death, right?" Terra scoffed.

"I'll see you soon enough," Beast Boy snarled, charging at the shell of his former best friend.

Terra screamed and the ground moved at her command, throwing all of its power at the quick changeling. Beast Boy dodged effortlessly in the forms of various animals before sticking with an elephant that smacked Terra aside with a dark green tusk. The elephant jumped into the air and morphed into a chimpanzee, beating Terra about the face with savage strikes without remorse. Beast Boy hopped back as she climbed to her feet, raising a wall of earth to protect her from the volley of wild chi blasts.

Then she realized they were being moved past her.

"There's nowhere for you to run," Beast Boy said, crying bitter tears.

Terra looked around, finding herself surrounded by green energy. Guilt, regret, and fear flew around her head in a circle, making her heart beat through every cell in her body.

"This is the end!" Beast Boy shouted. "Hellzone Grenade!"

Terra crossed her arms as the volley struck, opening old hemorrhages that Gohan left during their match. She fell to the floor, writhing as the demon inside her tried to control the damage. It wouldn't be enough this time. The door to the next staircase opened.

"Master Roshi," Beast Boy said, "help me with the Evil Containment Wave. At least let me put her soul to rest." He took off his shirt and tied up all the holes but the one for the head. "We can put it in here."

Roshi nodded gravely, looking at the possessed body of his fallen student. The duo chanted intensely, dropping the temperature of the room by fifty degrees. Beast Boy tied the last hole of the shirt with whatever inhabited Terra inside it, and left it in the room. He picked up Terra's body and threw it over his shoulder. "Next," he said with a grimace, heading up the next flight of stairs.

The temperature again dropped, making anyone with short sleeves wishing they had brought sweater. Another familiar presence set the Titans' jaws. "Slade," Gohan said, stepping into the room similar to the first floor and getting immediately charged upon.

"I'm going to kill you and that spiky-headed piece of shit!" Slade barked, throwing a punch with his whole body. Piccolo intercepted him and kicked Slade's stomach, knocking him into the ceiling.

"Your kind has harmed my students enough," Piccolo spat. "For making Beast Boy kill his friend, I will now have to kill you."

Slade looked at Piccolo with a wild eye and laughed. "He's carrying her body! How pathetic! She betrays him, tries to kill him twice, and he still has feelings for her! How emotionally torturous!"

Piccolo's aura exploded, shaking the entire tower. "I do not know how you were able to come back, but know that I'll send you back to where you came from in more pieces than the Saiyan!"

"That's the spirit!" Slade shouted, letting out a battle cry and racing toward Beast Boy's master.

Piccolo and Slade vanished, reappearing on the other side of the room in a flurry of attacks. Piccolo caught a punch and a kick before whipping him into the sky. Piccolo followed him into the air and sent an earth-shaking punch into Slade's mask, knocking the orange side off to reveal the skeleton underneath. Slade struck back just as hard, knocking Piccolo on his hands. Piccolo bounced back and kicked Slade in the chin, sliding Slade across the ceiling. Piccolo stretched his arms and wrapped it around his chest.

Slade fired a burst of chi shots at Piccolo's face. Piccolo stretched his neck to dodge them and spun his arms, sending Slade on a tailspin to the ground on his face. Piccolo landed on his feet and aimed a yellow wave of chi from a diamond on his chest at the spinning Slade. "Cherry Bullet!" he shouted, electrocuting the villain with a burning lightning blast of chi.

The charred mercenary fell on his chest, knocking the wind out of him. He rolled to his feet and glared at the Namekian. "There's no way you can be this strong," he said.

"I'm glad you're so surprised," Piccolo said with a grin, clashing with Slade again. They blinked in and out of human vision and reappeared in the center of the room with Slade's fist in Piccolo's hand. Electricity surged through Piccolo's arm. "Destructive Wave!" he shouted, stunning Slade. He whipped him into the sky and opened his mouth, shouting out a green wave of energy.

Slade barely dodged and returned with a volley of his own. Piccolo fazed out and appeared behind the villain, thrusting his arm through his back. Piccolo retracted his arm as blood spurted out of the hole and Slade dropped. The Namekian dropped next to him on his feet and rolled Slade onto his back with a kick. Piccolo pointed his hand at the dying madman. "I will not lose to you," Slade croaked, hopping to his feet and charging. Piccolo ducked a punch and grabbed either side of the hole he punched into Slade. Piccolo let out a savage cry and ripped Slade's chest apart, yanking out his front ribs. Piccolo kicked Slade in the groin and flipped over him, catching him in a chokehold. Piccolo twisted Slade's head, snapping his neck. Piccolo hopped back with his hand pointed again.

As with Terra, the demon inside Slade desperately tried to take control. Piccolo stomped around in frustration.

"Oh my other half!" Piccolo shouted.

"He is one tough dude," Nail said in his head.

"I'd actually keep him alive," an old man's voice said in a pleased tone.

"I have to agree with the old man on this one," Nail said.

"Not now, Nail!" two Piccolo's shouted, one outside and one inside his head.

Slade's possessed body rose to its feet. "I am Karza, the Infinite Monger of-"

"Don't give a shit!" Piccolo shouted, firing a wide yellow wave of chi out of both hands and turning Slade into a head on top of a pile of ash.

The head looked around and started screaming.

Piccolo cried in aggravation and stomped through Slade's skull, ending him once and for all. The door to the next floor opened on the other end of the room and everyone sighed in relief. Slade was gone, this time for good. Gohan walked behind his master as they went another flight toward the end. "Who do you think is more annoying: him or Frieza?"

"Frieza," Piccolo said immediately. "At least Slade got easier."

"He'll be back," Gohan said jokingly. "He'll become our personal poltergeist."

"If he does, I'll die just to kick his ass again," Piccolo said.

"Welcome to my world, Sensei," Gohan said, entering the fifth floor.

What lies for Trunks, Gohan, or the Supreme Kai on level five?