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May thirty first; approximately five months since Terra left.

"Does everyone have their bags ready?" Starfire asked, dragging several of her suitcases out from her neat, pink, girly room into the living room. "We leave tomorrow morning." Starfire had switched her strange attire to her normal crime-fighting costume, but she filled it out in an entirely new way.

"Is it really the end of May already?" Beast Boy asked solemnly, with nothing but a medium-sized, rolling suitcase in front of him.

"Yeah." Gohan looked away from his friend and out the window at the rising sun. He still felt awful for what he did to Beast Boy five months ago, even though it was her keeping the secrets. He hefted a large duffel bag filled with his outfits and training equipment on his shoulder. "Tomorrow we get to real training."

"What do you mean, real training?" Cyborg asked, slightly insulted at Gohan's statement. His only items were a small bag of books and a small, mobile generator designed to act like a charger. "We've been doing real training for the past five months. We've stopped at least one freak every day."

"You don't know the Z-Fighters," Gohan said. "Sorry to sound arrogant, but the stuff here pales in comparison."

Cyborg laughed. "You're joking, right?"

Gohan smirked. "We won't jump to conclusions unless we know for sure," Robin said, repositioning his mask. He carried a small duffel bag over his shoulder. "However, I am a bit anxious to learn some new fighting styles."

Raven walked out of her room, rolling her suitcase behind her. She wiped a thin strand of her long, violet hair under her indigo hood out of her face. "I sent out a confirmation message to Aqualad and the others. They know about the sign-up deadline."

"Awesome," Robin said.

"I wish Terra was with us," Beast Boy said.

"When she left, she never said that she was abandoning the tournament," Gohan said, making Beast Boy's face light up. "You may see her there."

Beast Boy frowned again. "But will she trust me?"

"If she's there, I'll take the fall for it," Gohan said. "I'll say I was eavesdropping if she doesn't believe that I figured it out on my own."

"Gohan is planning on telling the lie?" Starfire said, worried about her friend's moral compass. "I am afraid Gohan is spending too much time around Cyborg and Beast Boy."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Beast Boy and Cyborg shouted simultaneously.

Cyborg turned the television on. "I'm going to go make breakfast. Call me if something good is on."

A picture of a tournament square all too familiar to Gohan caught his attention on the screen. "Guys! This is the commercial for the tournament!"

The Titans turned their attention toward the television. "Warriors, fighters, combatants of Earth and beyond," a voice similar to the movie trailer narrator said, "are you ready to face off against each other in intense, one-on-one combat to prove you're the best?" A picture of Goku on the screen holding the championship belt and trophy filled with money made Gohan chuckle. "Sign-ups online, on the phone, or in person on the island start tomorrow and go until the start of the new year! Only one thousand and twenty four spots are available!"

Beast Boy swallowed hard. "Only one thousand and twenty four? I don't think I can turn into that many animals!"

"Train hard, fighters!" the narrator said as clips showing various preliminary matches on small match stages rolled across the screen. "You've got six months before the twenty fifth World Martial Arts Tournament Budokai Tenkaichi commences! By using the number or website on the screen, you can confirm your chance to become the best fighter Earth has ever seen, today!"

The commercial ended with the superhuman fine print reading by the narrator. "Is it that annoying every time?" Raven asked.

"It used to be worse," Gohan said.

"I'll sign us up now," Robin said, pulling up the website to the Budokai Tenkaichi and signing them up. "Now there are only one thousand and eighteen people we have to fight!" Robin said, making Beast Boy groan.

The screen changed to the inside of a girl's room. "What?" Gohan said, pressing the channel buttons on his remote.

"Dude, change it back!" Beast Boy said. "Yu-Yu-Oturan-Clorox-Piece-Jump-X-Stars-A-plus-battle-cards-Z comes on at nine!"

"I'm trying!" Gohan said.

Raven gagged at all of the hot pink in the large room. A queen-sized bed under a pink chandelier was positioned next to a window with pink frames. "Teen Titans!" a high-pitched, girly voice shouted. Two hands grabbed whatever was feeding the live footage and turned it around to a short, thin, blonde girl with bright, blue eyes. She pursed her lips at the camera and folded her arms. Raven gagged again at the hot pink prom dress the girl in the video wore along with a pink headband. Her face was caked in make-up and her long hair was decorated by a pink barrette."Teen Titans!" she screamed again, getting the six Titans' full attention.

"What do you want, Kitten?" Robin said monotonously. "We're in the middle of something."

"My stupid dad and my even more stupid boyfriend Fang both left me here in this stupid city to sign up for some stupid tournament, leaving me without a prom date or a way to get to the prom dance on a fancy boat!" Kitten said, throwing a pink teddy bear across the room.

"What do you want us to do about it?" Raven said. "We stop villains like your father, not appease brats like you."

A devilish grin spread across Kitten's face. "You're going to have to please me somehow," she said, "or I'll blow up the Golden Gate Bridge with the explosives my father left there to get one of you stupid Titans into going."

"You're bluffing," Cyborg said. "There's no way we would have let that slide."

"We did it while you were distracted with Slade," she said, showing them the remote detonator in her hand. "My father has eyes everywhere."

"We have no choice," Beast Boy said. "Tons of cars go on that bridge every day. What do you want one of us to do at your dance?"

"Prom," Kitten corrected. "I want one of you to do whatever I say for the duration of the dance. It ends at midnight and starts at eight. If you don't, that gate and everyone on it is dead."

"Fine," Robin said, grimacing at what he was about to do. "I'll go with you," he choked out.

Kitten examined each of the male Titans closely. "No," she said. "I want the Titan that my father's been blabbering about."

Robin sighed in relief. "Sorry guys," Robin said, laughing at the other three male Titans.

"You!" she exclaimed, pointing to Gohan. "You're the one!"

"I apologize, Cyborg," Starfire said, giggling. "You must go on the date."

"It wasn't me she pointed at," Cyborg said.

"Gofan! Hokan! No... Gohan!" Kitten shouted. "You will date me and like it, or the bridge blows!"

"He most certainly will not!" Starfire shouted, much to everyone's surprise.

"I bet you he will," Kitten said, shaking the detonator. "Besides, who wouldn't want to date the hottest girl in the world?"

"I wouldn't," Beast Boy said, making Kitten scowl.

"I sent you two thousand dollars in the mail for a suit," Kitten said. "Pick me up at seven and we need to get there by seven thirty." Kitten's camera shut off, returning the television control to the Teen Titans.

"Suddenly, I'm not so sad about not having a girl in my life," Beast Boy said.

Starfire's eyes started to glow with red-hot anger. "Starfire, are you okay?" Gohan asked.

Starfire appeared to be grinning, when in reality she was gritting her teeth. "Absolutely fine!" she shouted. "I'm going with you to buy the suit and to pick up the stupid Kitten girl."

Gohan shrunk. "Okay!" he said quietly.

"The rest of us will disarm the bomb," Robin said, trying to hold back from bursting into laughter.

Gohan looked at Robin. "Robin, are you-"

"Gotta go to the bathroom," Robin said quickly, rushing down the hallway.

Gohan sighed. "Let's get this over with," he said sadly.

"Cannot we just eviscerate the girl and the detonator where she stands?" Starfire said.

"What?" Gohan said, not believing that he heard Starfire say that.

"Nothing," Starfire said. "Let's go shopping," Starfire said painfully, pulling Gohan out of the tower.

"We need to get to work on finding those bombs," Cyborg said.

The red alarm blared, making the four Titans groan. "Who is it this time?" Beast Boy asked.

Raven pulled up a map of Jump City, zooming in on the little red blip on the screen. "Jinx, Gizmo, Mammoth, and Billy Numerous."

"What about the bombs?" Cyborg asked.

"The bombs will have to wait," Robin said. "Teen Titans: Go!"

Gohan and a fuming Starfire exited the suit store, walking down the sidewalk of Jump City. Gohan wore a black tuxedo with a red bow tie and shiny, black, dress shoes. The sun started to set, but Starfire's anger was still on the rise. Gohan checked the time on the watch he bought with Kitten's money. "It's five minutes to seven," he said. "I should be getting over there now."

Starfire's communicator started beeping. She pulled it out of her pocket and flipped the top, seeing Robin's face on the communicator. "Star!" he said. "Jinx and the others are at it again!"

Starfire stuffed it back in her pocket. "I have to go as well," she said, bursting into the air with a trail of neon green energy fading behind her.

Gohan sighed and flew above the city, pulling out a note card with Kitten's address on it. "I hope this ends quickly," he said, approaching the large, pink, Victorian-style house in the quiet suburban neighborhood of Jump City. "Who butchered that house?" Gohan said, approaching the door.

Before he could even ring it, Kitten ripped the door open and threw her arms around him. "Gohan-bear!" she exclaimed. "It's only six fifty eight and thirty seven seconds! Why so early?"

A black limo drove down the street with the windows down. Gohan cleared his throat. "Well, I, uh-"

"You say you're going to fly me to the prom?" Kitten said, loud enough to where the limo passengers' heads popped out of the window. "And that you like me way better than Cassie?"

"Shut up, Kitten!" Cassie shouted from the limo. "You're just mad that Fang left you for me!"

Kitten nearly crushed Gohan's hand as she dragged him over to the window. "Obviously I'm over him now! Gohan-bear is stronger, faster, smarter, sweeter, kinder, and lives in a bigger house!"

"He doesn't look like much," Cassie said, glaring at him with her dark brown eyes. "I remember him being that super-freak genius from Jump City High, but stronger than Fang? I doubt it."

"Gohan-bear, lift the limo with one finger," Kitten ordered, flashing the detonator at him.

Gohan slowly cracked a grin on his face. "Anything for you," he said through grit teeth, effortlessly tipping the limo on its side with his pinky. He set the car back down again.

"What do you say to that, Cassie?" Kitten laughed as Cassie scowled.

"Drive," Cassie said, driving off in her limo.

"Put your arm around my waist and fly in front of the limo," Kitten said. "I wouldn't mind if you grabbed some other things too-"

Gohan put his arm around her waist and flew into the air, flying just above the limo. Kitten smirked as Cassie screamed loud enough to cause the limo to shake. "I'm going to fly faster now. We have a minute to get here."

Kitten's eyes widened. "Wait! I've never-"

Gohan burst into the sky, finding the large, white cruise boat on a long, wide river still docked. Gohan landed in front of the ramp leading to the ship. "School ID?" the usher in front of the ramp asked.

Gohan and Kitten flashed their ID's and walked up the ramp. "Aren't you so excited to be here?" Kitten happily shouted, purposely drawing attention.

"Never been happier, dear-"

"Call me baby," Kitten said sternly.

"Baby," Gohan choked out, wanting to tear out his own throat.

Kitten giggled, pecking him on the cheek. "Let's have some fun."

Kitten wrapped herself around Gohan's arm and pulled him onto the deck of the ship with wooden floorboards and multicolored headlights screwed on the captain's quarters in the center of the ship. A deactivated spotlight sat at the watcher's post twenty feet over the deck, ready to spot any couples dancing. The crowded boat started to dissipate to the circle of tables with white roses in pink vases next to red, scented candles.

"Wait here," Kitten said, sitting her involuntary date down at one of the tables near the ramp of the ship. "I need to find a bathroom," she said, smirking lustfully. "You can join me, if you-"

"I'll wait here," Gohan interjected, absolutely appalled at Kitten's sultry attitude toward him. This is getting out of hand!

Kitten pursed her lips. "You're crazy," she said, leaving to find a restroom.

"Gohan," Starfire's voice said from behind him. Gohan felt a tap on his shoulder.

He turned around, gasping at the stunning Tamaranean princess wearing a purple, sleeveless dress displaying her curvaceous figure and white long gloves reaching past her elbow. Her outfit was topped off with priceless, green jewels hanging off her neck and black high heels making her a little bit taller than the half-Saiyan. If Gohan wasn't paying attention, he would have been drooling. "I thought you were with the other Titans," Gohan said, starting to sweat.

"I was told to investigate the girl," Starfire said, seeing Kitten exit the bathroom on the other side of the ship, "and I plan to do so." Her eyes started to glow neon green. "Thoroughly." Starfire vanished, reappearing among a group of girls who also came without dates.

Kitten walked back over to the table. "Ask me to dance."

"I don't dance," Gohan said bluntly.

Kitten shook the detonator in his face. "How about now?"

"Wanna dance?" Gohan said, getting dragged directly under the spotlight.

"Of course, Gohan-bear!" she shouted. "I would love to have a romantic dance with you under the spotlight!"

Starfire's aura spiked as she crushed her plastic cup of punch in her hand. A short couple in matching colors and glasses slowly approached the snack table Starfire leaned up against. "Are you alright?" the boyfriend asked.

"Ka'amastae Toff Ju'urkchachlorkggroph!" Starfire barked, scaring them away.

The slow dancing song ended. Gohan sighed in relief. "Now that's over," he said, walking briskly back to the table.

The next song started, making Kitten gasp. "Another slow song!" she said, pulling him back onto the dance floor. She squeezed up against him and moved his hand to her lower back, making Gohan blush in embarrassment. Gohan felt something hard under his hand. He looked over her shoulder, seeing the detonator in her back pocket.

I never mention this to anyone, he told himself, lowering his hand into her pocket.

Kitten's eyes filled with hunger. "Meow!" she exclaimed, purring like a cat while she grabbed his collar. "Kiss me, Titan!"

Starfire's jaw dropped.

Gohan pulled himself away from Kitten with the detonator in hand. "Sorry," he said, holding the detonator, "but I really don't like you like that." Gohan whipped the detonator into the air. "Let's have some fireworks!" he said, blasting the detonator to a million pieces.

"Nice light show, Gohan-bear!" Kitten said, revealing a second detonator under a rose on her dress, "it's the perfect background for our kiss!"

Another one?! Gohan thought to himself, being dragged toward Kitten again.

Kitten puckered her red lips, inching toward Gohan's face. She held her thumb over the detonator trigger with her free hand. "Lock lips or get a bunch of people killed!"

Gohan slapped the second detonator out of Kitten's hand. "Not on my life!" Gohan shouted, obliterating the detonator with a blue ball of chi

Kitten scowled and tried kissing him anyway. Gohan tried pushing her away, but her grip was like steel. "What the heck is that?!" a tall, lanky teenager going stag with his friends shouted, watching a tall boy in tattered blue jeans, a white tee shirt, and a leather jacket with the head of a giant Black Widow spider with eight legs sprouting from the spider body branching off from his neck crawl onto the ship.

His six, red eyes targeted the Saiyan. "Get your filthy hands off my girl!" he snarled with a perfect American accent, creeping Gohan out even more.

"Fang!" Kitten said, pushing Gohan away from her. She hugged the spider man. "He tried to kiss me."

Gohan's eyes widened. "What?!"

"He's a dead man!" Fang shouted, charging toward Gohan.

Gohan hopped into the air, dodging a strike from a long, black leg. Gohan whipped around, nailing Fang in the side of the head with a roundhouse kick. Fang slid into the snack table, knocking a bowl of guacamole into Starfire's dress. Kitten pointed and laughed. Starfire's eyes turned green as she fazed out, tackling the bratty teenager to the ground.

Fang spat a stream of poison into Gohan's face, burning his eyes, nose, and mouth worse than any bottle of pepper spray could. Gohan stumbled back, screaming in pain while rubbing his eyes. "Two can play at that game!" Gohan barked, taking a series of blows to the chest and stomach.

Gohan burst into the air. "Solar Flare!" he shouted, blinding everything in a mile radius with a flash brighter than the sun.

Fang shrieked like nails being dragged across a chalkboard. "How dare you!" he shouted, covering everyone on the ship in webs.

"Gohan!" Starfire shouted, feeling the super strong web take effect. "I can't move!"

Gohan felt a line of web hit his chest, pulling him toward Fang's clutches. "You won't win!" Gohan said, firing a volley of chi waves into Fang's face.

"Yes, I will." Fang fell off the side of the ship, dragging Kitten with him. "I'll see you at the tournament, Gohan," he said, crawling onto the docks with police cars waiting for him.

Gohan crashed into Fang with a heel strike, sending him and his girlfriend tumbling to the ground. "I'll let you guys take it from here," Gohan said, giving a thumb up to the policemen. He flew back onto the deck of the ship. Gohan destroyed the webs with his chi blasts, leaving everyone covered in super strong silk.

Starfire's communicator started to buzz. Starfire flipped the screen up, seeing Robin's face with the HIVE students tied up in the background. "HIVE has been defeated and the bombs have been disarmed," Robin said, "we're coming your way." Robin cocked an eyebrow. "Why are you covered in w-"

Starfire shut her communicator.

Gohan freed the last couple. "Sorry they ruined your prom."

"What are you talking about?!" the tall, pudgy, light-skinned boyfriend with blonde hair said.

"That was awesome!" his boyfriend said, holding his boyfriend's hand.

Gohan and Starfire met in the center of the dance floor. The spotlight focused on them. "More lights!" Starfire said, shielding her eyes from the intense lights.

The captain cleared his throat. "And the winner of prom king and queen is..." he said with a booming voice, "Gohan and Starfire!" he exclaimed.

The two Titans received applause from the other couples. Gohan grabbed Starfire's hands, drawing her close to him. Starfire put her head on Gohan's shoulders as the last slow song of the night came on, giving them the last dance.