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Chapter 3

The Hawkes and Aveline had arrived at the docks in Kirkwall, tired from the treacherous boat journey and in pain. Carver helped his mother walk as the rest walked to the gates that lead into Kirkwall. Aveline distraught about her newly deceased husband's death, she was solemn, almost suicidal in her thoughts. Hawke put her arm around Aveline and squeezed her close, giving her a rub of encouragement.

Hawke made her way towards the guards at the gates, immediately being pushed back into the bustling crowds. She questioned a few of the guards, asking why her and her family are not allowed to go in, but she didn't get very far in the responses she got. The crowds began to get more eruptive, and Hawke led her ally and family away from it, down a path towards where they could speak to someone of a higher position than the foot guards that were preventing people from getting into the city.

"We are trying to get in to the city" Bethany began, almost feeling complete hatred as she saw Templars walk past and their gazes locked with hers "We have an uncle wh-"

"Everyone tries to use that excuse" One of the guards started.

"But it's not a flipping excuse, is it?" Carver was evidentially annoyed, he wanted his mother to rest, she had been unable to sleep for the entire time they travelled "We have an uncle, he is a noble in this town, his name is Gamlen"

"Gamlen, you say?" The other guard spoke, curiosity striking him immediately.

"Yes, he's a noble in this town, Gamlen Amell" Leandra quickly responded.

"The only Gamlen I know is a dirty, rotten scoundrel that lives in a hovel in Lowtown. Nothing near a noble. But, if I see him, I'll tell him that you have been looking for him"

"What? We've been here for next to two weeks and you haven't let us in. These idiots give you people a sorry excuse and you're letting them in the city?" three men had begun to walk toward the guards. One of the men was in front, speaking on behalf of them.

"No, it's not like tha-" the guard began, but the three men had already started to draw their weapons.

Leandra dodged out of the way, allowing herself to avoid any type of attack that may have been aimed or could have hit her. She effortlessly made her way to the outskirts of the attacks, watching from her safe place.

Hawke, with ease, shot a few arrows. Each stunned the men readily leaving them vulnerable to any other attacks that could follow. Carver ran towards one of the men, swiping his sword left and right, ensuring he did all he could with as little effort as possible. Bethany shot energy balls at one of the men, almost feeling a sense of thrill whilst being able to use magic for the first time since they were cooped up on their journey to Kirkwall. Aveline used her hardy stance to drill the last man straight through the chest. His body hit the ground with a hollow thud, causing the red head to well up with tears.

"Thanks for that, we will be sure to help you if we come across your uncle" the first guard said, placing his hand on Alice's shoulder. She glanced at the hand on her and looked up, realising the guard that was talking to her was rather…

"Leandra, I didn't know you would be here so soon" A man in tattered clothes came walking towards the group. Leandra ran up to her brother, with a gasp, covering her mouth with her hands as she did so.

"Oh Gamlen, what's the matter?... What's with your clothes?" Leandra grimaced after hugging her brother, choking on her words. A sense of disgust and confusion washed over her.

"Leandra, a lot has happened since you ran off with that man…"

"Gamlen, what happened to the estate? What happened to everything?" Leandra continued to question her younger brother, still unsure about what was going on around her.

"It's gone. All of it, alright? I sold it to pay off some debts that were left after mother and father had passed away. Not that you know of this, the only time I have been able to talk to you is when you lost all hope and came grovelling back to me"

"That's enough" Hawke pulled away from the hand that was on her shoulder, walking to stand next to her mother. Bethany, Carver and Aveline followed, making Gamlen feel intimidated.

"You have no right talking to mother like that" Bethany softly said, stroking her mother's shoulder "She's been through a lot in her life"

"Well the only way you can get in is if you have some sort of a job or a way to pay in… I've been thinking. I have two friends that are willing to help. They would need your" Gamlen clears his throat "Expertise, should I say" Gamlen looked at Alice, asking 1000,001 questions in his head.

"You're selling my children. Your nieces and nephew off, on hard labour?" Leandra's shock was clearly shown in her voice.

"It would be for three years, but it would guarantee them stay in the city. And you can come and live with me once that had been done" Gamlen continued "Leandra, it is your only option"

"Gamlen…" Leandra held Gamlen's hands, squeezing them tight.

"Three years? Are you insane?" Carver stepped forward, facing his uncle. "I bet who your friends are, aren't going to be very pleasing, either"

"Well there's a smuggler and a mercenary…" Gamlen trailed off, knowing his sister's reaction would not have been the best.

"What's their names?" Hawke finally spoke, being very idle for the past few minutes

"What? You're not seriously considering his proposal, are you, Alice?" Carver spun around and looked his elder sister right in the eye

"It's 3 years, Carver, It's better than sleeping in rat droppings"

"Things like this is why yo-"

"Carver, I'm not doing this for myself. I'm doing this so that we have a way to get in the city, that way, mother can surely rest better" Hawke smiled at her brother "Besides, that way we can become even closer than we already are" Hawke chuckled. Carver grunted and rolled his eyes, trying to argue was near enough futile "So, Uncle Gamlen, am I expected to roam around Kirkwall until I figure out who this Mercenary or smuggler is…?"

"Oh, oh, yes. The Mercenary is called Meeran, the Smuggler, Athentril. Choose well, it will be someone you are associated with for many a year" Gamlen stepped out of the way to give his family space.

"And what about you, Aveline? What are you going to do?" Leandra asked Aveline, worried she had been awfully quiet since they reached land.

"I came to Kirkwall with you, I will go where you go" Aveline smiled softly, eyeing each and every family member. Hawke nodded, smiling back at Tank and began to walk ahead, knowing exactly what she was going to do next. After a few metres, Hawke stopped in front of a balding man, slightly grey with hazel eyes and rouge attire and weaponry in his holder. Hawke had made her choice.

"Well, what have we got here…" Meeran began. Hawke smiled, she knew this was the beginning of a long, thrilling three years.