Cordelia boarded the train, not bothering to look at her mother waving on the platform. She was angry with Fiona, she wouldn't even call her "mom" anymore. How could a mother lie to you for your entire life? Not to mention she was the daughter of the Supreme, she had a right to know about the power that coursed through her veins.

Fiona didn't hesitate sending her daughter away. Although one of her hopes was that Cordelia would be the next Supreme she also wished the powers had skipped her generation entirely. As soon as her powers had revealed themselves, Fiona bought the next train ticket to New Orleans and made an uncomfortable call with Myrtle, who was to escort Cordelia from the train station and take her directly to Miss Robichaux's.

Myrtle sat across from Cordelia on the train. She tried to make small talk to the girl that called her aunt Myrtle but all of her attempts failed miserable. Cordelia nodded or muttered a few words in response but was in no mood to talk to yet another adult who knew about her powers and hadn't told her. Myrtle told Cordelia a brief history of the Coven and Miss Robichaux's, clearly wanting to help Cordelia accept her new identity as a witch while making the long train ride a little less awkward.

Upon their arrival, two albino men forced Cordelia into a car making it impossible for her to attempt to run. Cordelia sat between the two men with barely enough room to breathe. Myrtle still sat in front of her and simply stared at her the whole car ride making Cordelia extremely uncomfortable.

As the car pulled to a stop in front of a big, white mansion, the two men forced Cordelia out of the car, Myrtle not far behind. The two men got back into the car before it drove off leaving Cordelia alone with Myrtle.

"Wait!" Cordelia made Myrtle pause just as her gloved hand was about to hit the doorbell. "I don't want to go in there."

"That isn't up to you child."

"It's just -" Cordelia was hesitant to show weakness, especially around those closest to her. "I'm scared."

"Of what?"

"I don't know, this place, being a witch, everything! It's just happening so fast and it's like I'm being told I have to live a life entirely different."

"Don't be nervous, the girls here feel the same way. Just, some advice, don't let people know who you are. The girls aren't exactly your mother's biggest fans. Other than that, you'll have a ball here! Now, shall we?" Myrtle gestured towards the gates and Cordelia nodded.

The two of them walked through the gates, up the steps, and into the luxurious mansion. Everything was white. The walls, the doors, even the furniture. Cordelia, being so pale, almost blended right in. Myrtle led Cordelia down the grand entrance towards the back of the house, young girls stopping in their tracks and staring at the two of them. The girls whispered and pointed, making Cordelia blush and quicken her pace, following Myrtle into the kitchen.

"Headmistress?" Myrtle spoke. A tiny, tanned woman spun around from the stove to face Myrtle and Cordelia. The woman was very petite and hard dark hair and eyes, her mouth seemed to be in a permanent scowl.

"Ah, Myrtle we've been expecting you to bring us, her." The woman eyed Cordelia in an unkind way making her feel even more unwelcome.

"This is Cordelia Goode, Fiona's daughter." Myrtle introduced Cordelia.

"I know who she is Myrtle I'm not an idiot, I'm just not welcoming to anyone with her blood." The Headmistress was clearly referring to Fiona.

"I'll be leaving now, take care of her. She's not her mother." Myrtle said to the Headmistress before leaving the two of them alone.

"I'm sorry I didn't catch your name, Headmistress -" Cordelia began before being interrupted.

"It's just Headmistrress, Miss Goode. I'll call Spalding to collect your bags and take you to your room, I have better things to do than show you around." Headmistress replied. Cordelia nodded and waited for Spalding to come and collect her things and show her to her room.

Spalding came into the room so quietly Cordelia wouldn't have known he had entered if she hadn't felt him breathing down her neck, making her jump. Spalding had long hair on either side of his head but barely any on top. He wore a nice suit that look as old as he did.

"Spalding, this is Miss Goode, take her things and show her to room." Headmistress ordered Spalding without so much as glancing at him. "Oh and Miss Goode, don't bother asking him anything, poor thing has no tongue."

Cordelia felt unwelcome as she walked through the building. She followed the tongueless man up the grand staircase, pretending she didn't notice the whispers of the girls around her. She tried to block out what they said about her and forget the faces of the girls who pointed and shot her dirty looks. She didn't want to think anything about these girls without being introduced to them first. If her mother had taught her anything it was that people aren't always who they appear to be.

Spalding dropped Cordelia's bags in a small, dingy room at the end of a long hall to the east of the main stairs. He granted her a yellow, toothy grin and shut the door on his way out. Cordelia set her bag on what she assumed what her bed, a cloud of dust rising as she did.

It was a small room, compared to the others Cordelia had seen in the house. Most seemed to have two or three beds but this held one. It only held a bed, a small bureau, a closet, and a small powder room off to the left side. It would have been a nice room if it wasn't covered in dust and smelled as though something had died in the walls. Cordelia tried her best to see the upside to this; the fact she didn't have a roommate, but that didn't help her sleep any better that night.

The next day was rather awful for Cordelia. She attended 3 classes that day, no more than 10 girls in each, all of whom decided to exclude her. She sat alone in every class, sat alone at lunch, and was forced to do independent projects instead of group ones. This was nothing new to Cordelia, she wasn't exactly the head cheerleader at her old school either, but for some reason it bothered her here more than it ever had at her old school.

After her classes were done, Cordelia went out to the greenhouse. After only a day she saw what magic did to people, she hated it. She hated that girls could make her trip in the halls and knock books out of her hand without so much as touching her. She saw the imaginary lines that made some more powerful than others. There had to be an alternative. Cordelia was always a bright girl and had always excelled in science, she figured if she put her mind to it she could make some potion or powder that was more powerful than any magic a witch could possess.

As she opened the door to the greenhouse she was surprised to see another girl in their playing around with the dead plants, making them spring back to life. The girl was dressed different than the other girls. She wore their uniform, white shirt and black skirt, but had added a cream coloured shawl and cowboy boots. Her hair wasn't tied back like the other girls had their, her girly blonde hair was as free as the girl was.

Cordelia allowed herself to continue into the greenhouse, the door slamming behind her making the girl turn.

"Hi!" The girl said cheerfully. "I'm Misty."