By the time Misty awoke Cordelia had gone back to her room but her warmth remained. Cordelia lay on top of her made up sheets allowing Fiona's words from the other day continue to torture her mind. What really bothered Cordelia was that she had no idea why Fiona was here.

Cordelia wanted to tell Misty about Fiona, how she was her mother but feared Misty's reaction. There had been countless times where Cordelia wished to run from herself because of who she was and where she came from. If she hated this part of herself, wouldn't Misty?

"Cordelia?" Cordelia looked at the door to see Headmistress standing there.

"Yes?" Cordelia responded politely.

"You have a visitor." She spoke as if Cordelia were sickly.

Fiona sauntered into the room, cigarette in hand. Headmistress closed the door so they were alone.

"Is there something you need mother?" Cordelia asked.

"My, you really are my daughter." Fiona remarked. "There is something I would like to ask you."

"Which is?"

"I want you to come back home, for good. Enough with this schooling shit they aren't teaching you anything here."

"But I suppose you can."

"I am the Supreme after all." Fiona took a seat at the edge of Cordelia's bed. "I know I'm not your favourite person to ever live Delia, but think about it. I'm leaving tomorrow morning, with or without you."

Fiona left after that, leaving Cordelia alone to think about her options.

"Watch where you're going!" Fiona yelled as she bumped into Misty on her way out.

Misty ignored Fiona's snide remark and walked into Cordelia's room. She didn't mean to, but she had overheard their conversation. Misty wasn't mad at Cordelia, but she was upset. One thing they had made very clear in their relationship is that neither was to keep secrets.

"What did she want?" Misty asked as she walked in.

"Misty!" Cordelia jumped off the bed and embraced Misty. After conversing with her mother more than she'd like to, Cordelia was more than happy to see Misty.

"I'm glad to see you too." Misty giggled and pushed Cordelia away slightly so she could kiss her lips.

Cordelia took Misty's hand and lead her to her bed where the two of them sat in silence before Misty spoke.

"What was Fiona doing here?" She asked again. She could tell the question made Cordelia uncomfortable. "You can tell me anything, remember?"

"I know." Cordelia inhaled deeply before continuing on. "You really want to know why Fiona was here?"

"Why else would I ask?" Misty replied jokingly.

"Fiona's my mother." Cordelia regretted saying it the moment she did. She should have made something up but she hated not telling Misty the truth.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Misty asked in a kind voice, taking Cordelia's hands into her own.

"It's not exactly a bloodline to be proud of."

"Why is she here?"

"She wants me to go back with her." Cordelia sighed. Misty's heart dropped at the idea of Cordelia leaving.

"Are you?" Misty asked, tears in her eyes.

"No." Cordelia answered, "I'm staying here with you, because I love you."

"I love you too." Misty smiled and kissed Cordelia softly.

Fiona sat in her room, alone. She couldn't believe her daughter had fallen in love with a hippie swamp witch, someone so beneath their class. She'd been leaning against the door the entire time. By now Fiona knew not to trust anyone alone with her daughter. She assumed this was a passing phase, Cordelia's way of rebelling against her mother by staying here instead of moving back. The only reason Fiona had given Cordelia the choice in the first place was she assumed she'd pick the right one but was sadly mistaken.

Fiona marched down the hall from her room to Cordelia's. She was to make an ultimatum with her daughter. She wasn't going to play games and treat her like the child Fiona saw her as.

"Delia!" Fiona called before entering the room.

"Two visits in one day, what's the occasion mother?" Cordelia asked sarcastically. By now Misty had left and both Cordelia and Fiona were glad. They hated hashing things out with company.

"An ultimatum." Fiona's tone was intense, "either you come home with me, where you belong, or you can stay here with that swamp rat. It's your choice, I just hope you choose the right one."

"I will." Cordelia responded confidently.

"Good. We leave at 8am, don't be late." Fiona said and left the room.

Fiona sat by the door, patiently waiting for her daughter. It was five after eight and she was already losing her temper. She watched as the seconds ticked by on the clock opposite her. With every passing second she became more ill-tempered. Finally, she had had enough and stormed up the stairs into Cordelia's room.

"Delia!" Fiona shouted. "Delia hurry up!"

Just as she turned to leave, Fiona noticed a note on Cordelia's bed. She walked over to the bed and began reading her daughter's scribbles.


You told me to make the right choice and I did.


Fiona crumpled the note in her hand and stormed out of the academy, alone.