Haunted By the Past:

Authors Note: HELLO everyone! For those of you have already read The Assignment welcome back, and to those who just found this story welcome! I update my stories every Monday, unless I can't get to it then I will post it the day before, or Tuesday. (Which hardly ever happens). This is a sequel! I had a lot of awesome reviews and readers who read The Assignment. So if you're just coming on please read The Assignment first! Just a refresher to anyone who needs it; this is what happened on the assignment:

The Assignment refresher:

In the Assignment, Vance asks Ziva to go to LA to help on a case that involves the kidnapping of Jewish people who terrorists believed betrayed Israel. Ziva who had just gotten back from Somalia 5ish months before hand ends up convincing Gibbs (who is basically her father) to let her go undercover. Meanwhile, Ziva and G Callen strike up a very fledgling relationship. Which at the end of the story, they decided they both wanted to continue it and vowed that they would make it work no matter what.

Background for Haunted By the Past:

Abby and McGee are dating secretly, Tony is in the beginnings of a relationship with a girl, Maddie, who is one of Ziva's friends (Ziva hooked them up). Gibbs is single; Ziva and G are still in a relationship. Nell and Eric have gone on one date but have yet to mention it to anyone. This story takes four months after The Assignment, it is early June.

Summary: Sequel to The Assignment, its Callen's turn to visit Ziva, but will their reunion be cut short when the couple bump into someone from the past?

Chapter 1: See You Soon

Los Angeles- NCIS OSP à 11:05 am (DC) 8:05 am (LA)

"What are you doing here?" Sam asked walking into the office seeing his partner already sitting at his desk working on his paper work. Callen sighed not bothering to look up at Sam.


"Aren't you supposed to be on a plane?" Sam asked

"My flight isn't until 3 this afternoon big guy" Callen asked glancing at his partner before looking back down at his work.

In all honesty, Callen hated paperwork. His 'modo' was you do your job, investigate, get the bad guy and sign him over to the jailers, which in their case means Hetty. Not sitting at a desk for hours writing up reports for missions that have already been carried out and that no one, except for Hetty and Nate, read. Yet here he was diligently doing his work instead of training in the gym with Sam as a way to put off the grueling work.

"Morning boys!" called a cheery voice.

"Morning Kenz" said Callen looking up at his favorite agent.

"Aren't you supposed—"

"No it doesn't leave till later. Jeez are you guys trying to get rid of me or something?" Callen interrupted

"No just making sure that you didn't get stuck here and miss your flight" Kensi said.

As if that would actually happen Sam thought. Callen and Ziva had worked out a schedule ever since the case Ziva came down to help with. One of them would fly to the other and vacation for a few days once a month. This time it was Callen's turn.

"You miss her? How's this relationship going anyway?" Kensi asked looking at her team leader.

Callen set down his pen. Ziva. Ziva was the reason he had came into the office early. He knew that if he had left without finishing his work Hetty would rip him a new one. When Ziva had came down to LA in October they had spent a lot of time walking along the beach, talking and just spending time together enjoying each others company. That's not to say that's the only thing they did. Callen smiled as memories of her last visit swarmed his brain.

"Hello earth to Callen?" Kensi said. Callen shook his head.

"I miss her all the time, but we're making it work. I can't leave here, and she can't leave NCIS in D.C. Gibbs is there, and her family who have supported her through terrible times is there. It's not easy but we make it work. "

"Would you leave OSP for her?" Kensi asked

"I don't know Kenz, I don't know"

Callen couldn't imagine his life anywhere outside of LA, but at the same time he knew that the women he loved lived across the country from him. Their commuting back and forth every month, and skyping every night wouldn't work forever. At some point they would have to make an impossible decision. It wouldn't be easy for either one of them to leave their teams.

Even though Gibbs was like a father to G, he still had a family with OSP. Hetty was like the mom who knew everything, Sam his brother, Kensi and Nell were like his little sister, Deeks and Eric were like his dorky younger brothers. He couldn't imagine leaving them in LA. But at the same time he knew Ziva fought the same mind battle he did when she thought about their situation.

"Sam…Gym?" Callen asked Sam nodded throwing his stuff down on his desk and the trio made their way towards the gym.

Los Angeles- NCIS OSP Gym à 2:00 pm (DC) 11:00 am (LA)

Callen was in the midst of sparring with Sam when he heard his phone ringing.

"Hey Kenz can you get that?" he yelled as he flipped Sam over his back

"Hello Callen's phone" Kensi said

"Hey Kensi it's Ziva"

"Hey how are you doing?"

"I'm doing good I was just calling to check in with G before he leaves to come to D.C."

"Oh well currently your boyfriend is kicking Sam's rear on the mats." Kensi said laughing.

"THAT"S NOT TRUE!" yelled Sam

"Tell Sam that I'm sure he is trying his very best" Ziva said

"Sam, Ziva says that she's sure your trying your very best"

Sam laughed at that and then backed out of the circle so G could take his call.

"Here's Callen" Kensi said passing the phone over to her, now sweaty, coworker.

"Hey Zi what's up?"

"Nothing, just calling to make sure you're still coming here"

"Of course I am. I can't wait"

"Well good because Abby is already planning a team party tomorrow night so we can all catch up."

"Well I'm looking forward to that."

"Yeah but tonight…you're all mine"

"Well I'd hope so" Callen said laughing slightly "Has Gibbs said anything to Abby and McGee yet?"

"Not it's so funny to see them together because they still think he has no idea"

"Hmm well I wonder how long he'll let it go without saying something."

"My guess is a while. Abba wants her to be happy and he knows McGee will be terrified if he knew that Abba has always known about them, same with me and you"

"So Tony's still in the dark?"

"Yeah" Ziva said laughing

"Okay, well ZI I better go finish my paperwork otherwise Hetty will never let me out of here. I'll see you soon okay?"

"You haven't finished it yet? G, she's gonna murder you"

"No she won't I'm her favorite"

"Not for too much longer if you keep putting it off" Ziva teased.

"Yeah well someone keeps distracting me"

"Who me?"


"Never" Ziva said laughing

Callen laughed "keep on thinking that. I love you see ya soon"

"Love you too bye" Ziva said and then the phone was disconnected.

"Love you Kenz" Sam said in a high pitched voice

"Awww love you too Sam" Kensi said in the same high-pitched voice.

"Awww shut up you two" Callen said heading to the locker room to take a shower.

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