Background for Haunted By the Past:

Abby and McGee are dating secretly, Tony is in the beginnings of a relationship with a girl, Maddie, who is one of Ziva's friends (Ziva hooked them up). Gibbs is single; Ziva and G are still in a relationship. Nell and Eric have gone on one date but have yet to mention it to anyone. This story takes four months after The Assignment, it is early June.

Summary: Sequel to The Assignment, its Callen's turn to visit Ziva, but will their reunion be cut short when the couple bump into someone from the past?

Chapter 10: Don't Want to be Found

Los Angeles- NCIS OSP à 11:20 am (DC) 8:20 am (LA)

"Where's Ziva?" Gibbs asked walking into OPS.

"I don't know boss, which is weird because she's usually the first one here…" Tony said.

"Ya think?" Gibbs asked impatiently "Call her"

"There's no answer" said Eric

Gibbs cursed loudly before stomping off.

"You don't think that she—"Tony started

"No, there's no way, I mean her and Gibbs both agreed that there had to be another way right?" McGee asked

"Still, this is our crazy ninja we're talking about" Tony countered.

The pair fell silent. It was true that Ziva often went off and did her own thing, but she seemed to agree with Gibbs last night. The only thing they knew was they had to find both her and Callen. And fast.

Los Angeles- Callen's House à 12:00 pm (DC) 9:00 am (LA)

"Find anything?" Sam asked

"Nothing" Kensi said coming out of the bedroom.

"Me neither"

"There has to be something here…" Sam said frustrated. Eric had finally found surveillance footage of Ziva's car heading in the direction of Callen's house, which led them to Callen's home. Just then Sam's phone rang

"Yeah Eric?"

"You guys should come back to OPS?"


"We heard from them, Hetty wants you back"

Los Angeles- NCIS OSP à 12:30 am (DC) 9:30 am (LA)

"What do you got?" Sam asked Eric

"It's not me, it's Gibbs" he said

"I received a text from Callen and Ziva about ten minutes ago."

"What'd it say?"

"It said: 15,35,40,44" Gibbs said.

"How do you know it was them?" Kensi asked

"My Gut". The LA team went silent remembering the last time Gibbs had listened to his gut. They had been searching an empty building trying to find where the men from the synagogue had taken Ziva. But the rooms were empty and they were about to leave but Gibbs refused because he had a gut feeling Ziva was there somewhere. And he was right.

"Okay but what do the numbers mean?" Deeks asked frustrated.

"Gibbs rules of course" Abby said walking in smiling at everyone before moving to stand next to McGee.

"When did you get here?" Eric asked

"I've been here the entire time, Gibbs made me and Ducky stay behind the first day though."

"Why?" Eric asked confused. Abby just shrugged and looked back at the numbers.

"Rule 15: Always work as a team. So obviously Callen and Ziva want us to all work together to find them. That's why Gibbs called me and Ducky in."

"Okay but what about the rest of them? 35?"

"Always watch the watchers." McGee said glumly.

"Which means someone; probably Michelle is watching them so we need to find her." Tony said

"Rule 40: If it seems like someone's out to get you they are" Ducky said walking in Hetty at his side.

"They are quite dramatic…"Hetty said

"And the last one?" Sam asked.

"Rule 44: First things first. Hide the women and children" Gibbs said.

"But there are no children…" Nate said confused.

"Obviously they don't literally mean children." Abby scoffed. "It means that Ziva and Callen are hiding, from Michelle who is watching them, and they need us to work as a team to find them because Michelle wants payback."

"Uhhh…can you repeat that?" Deeks asked looking lost.

"Look it's quite simple. Find them" Gibbs said sharply before walking out.

"Look it's simple Mr…" Ducky questioned.

"Deeks" Deeks said

"Right, well we can imply from Rule 40 that someone is watching them and then Rule 44 that they are in hiding because that is what that rule means essentially, then Rule 35 indicates that they are being watched so we need to work as a team like in rule 15 to watch the people watching them."

"Okay.."Deeks said.

"And since Ziva has already identified Michelle as the person who wants to hurt her now all we have to do is find Michelle bring her in and then hopefully figure out a way to let Callen and Ziva know it's safe to come in." Sam said finishing up.

"So they're just hiding out somewhere?"

"Yupp basically" Kensi said.

"Gosh, well I'm glad it's not me. I would not want to be stuck with either of them" Deeks said.

Los Angeles- Unknown Location à 12:30 am (DC) 9:30 am (LA)

"So what now?"Ziva asked. Her and Callen mended things overnight and this morning Ziva had gone out and bought a burn phone to send Gibbs a message before dumping it into the sewer.

"We need to figure out where Michelle is and take her out."

"That's the problem"

"What is?"

"Finding her….the only way we'll ever find her is if we give her want she wants?"

"Which is you to be unhappy?" G asked confused

"No…I mean yes that's part of it, but what she really wants is me. She wants me to suffer and I know she'd come out of hiding to get me"

"But then why didn't she go after you before? Why did she go after me first?"

"Because I was with Gibbs most of the time or the team?"

"But what about at your apartment?"

"I don't know Callen!" Ziva yelled frustrated.

"Okay, okay I'm sorry" G said

"No, it's okay, It's me who should be sorry I'm just frustrated and I want her to be gone and for us to get back to our life."

"Me too ZI. Me too"

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