Crystalline is your average orphan, who got sent to school because the tutors at the orphanage didn't know what to do with her. There, she meets Katherine, a brunette who is a Shadow The Hedgehog fan and a failure at music. A few years later, her parents adopt Crystalline, albeit a little reluctantly. Two years later, she and her adoptive family gets kidnapped by a cartoon character who happens to be the Dr Eggman. And if things couldn't get any crazier, the entire family was turned into mobians! Once escape was achieved, Crystalline was going to find that her past was much more complicated than a simple car accident. Much, much more. And it started with a person whom Crystalline was a fan of.

Chapter 1: Prologue

CF: Hello there, readers! I'm sorry that I took such a long time to upload, but I decided to rewrite the prologue. The first one was horrible. In this chapter, Anna will be eight years old and Elsa will be nine. I know their actual ages, but I want to twist things a bit. So, please enjoy the chapter. On with it! Oh wait, forgot to do the disclaimer…

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In one of the endless hallways in the castle of Arendelle, an eight-year-old Anna was running down the hallway, her eyes seemingly searching for something. Once they landed on a window in the hallway, they immediately lit up with excitement. Anna let out a delighted gasp, and ran over to the window to look outside at the scenery. There, falling to the ground ever so gracefully, was the most beautiful, gorgeous, absolutely perfect thing in the entire kingdom: snow.

She jumped up and down, unable to contain her excitement, and started to run towards Elsa's room. Her strawberry blonde pigtails were bouncing along as she raced towards the door that had kept her separated from Elsa, her best friend in the entire world. As she ran, she relived the days when they would build snowmen, have snowball fights with each other, and go sledding at the outskirts of the forest when they were younger. If only she knew what happened between them…

She skidded to a halt, having reached her destination. The large flowered door stared tauntingly at her. All she had to do now was knock on the door, and then she would be able to have fun with Elsa again. Without a second thought, she gave their secret rap. Knock knock knock-knock knock. Afterwards, she burst into a winter song.

Do you want to build a snowman

C'mon, let's go and play

I never see you anymore

Come out of the door

It's like you've gone away

Anna crouched down and peered through the gap under the door. No signs of Elsa yet. Not to worry though, there is still more!

We used to be best buddies

But now we're not

I wish you would tell me why

Anna flopped onto the floor and placed a hand over her eyes. Making up a winter song to lure her sister out was exhausting, but it will be worth it if she comes out. A moment later, she heard the shuffling of feet approaching the door. Anna's face lit up. Finally, Elsa was really going to play with her! Her spirits rose as the footsteps got closer… only to sink when the sound paused, then retreated back to the other side of the room. Anna pouted a little, before scrambling to her feet and standing on tiptoes, bringing herself to be eye level with the keyhole. She peered through it, searching for platinum blonde hair and bright blue eyes. None so far.

Do you want to build a snowman

Doesn't have to be a snowman…

Once finished with the song, Anna drew back her head and eyed the door expectantly. It will take a miracle now for Elsa to reject her invitation. One second passed, two seconds passed, three…

"Go away Anna!" was her answer.

The smile on Anna's face slid of like liquid, and a hurt look replaced it. The next two words were barely audible.

Okay, bye…

Anna casted one last glance as the firmly closed door, before trudging back to her room, her movements as heavy as her heart.


Elsa continued watching her sister through the keyhole until she was out of sight, and slowly sank to the floor. She was relieved that Anna left, but a twinge of guilt registered as well. Elsa didn't like or want to hurt her sister like this, but she got so panicked that she couldn't think of anything else to say. She glanced at the snow outside wistfully, and sighed again, this time sadly. She wished she could go outside and play with Anna, but that was exactly the opposite of what Pabbie and her parents told her to do.

Flashback starts

Pabbie's face turned grim. "Listen to me Elsa," he said. "Your powers will only grow," He waved his hands, and images appeared out of thin air, with what seemed like an adult version of Elsa and people surrounding her. "There's beauty in it-," Image Elsa then created a shimmering snowflake, about the size of Elsa's hand. "-but there's also danger," he finished. The once beautiful snowflake burst into an ominous shade of red, and the same thing happened to the crowd. Adult Elsa looked around in obvious panic, before being dissolved into thin air by the crowd, but not before letting out a blood-curdling scream. Elsa gasped in fright, and hid her face in her mother's gown. 'You must learn to control it. Fear will be your enemy." Pabbie warned. The king and queen, the latter who was holding a still- sleeping Anna, exchanged a look, and it seemed as if a decision was made at that very moment.

Flashback ends

Elsa was so lost in her thoughts that she did not register the alarmed shouts outside her door immediately. Slightly curious, she pressed her ears against the wooden surface. She could hear voices outside, but she didn't know whose, and a brief scuffle, which consisted of a grunt and a thud on the floor. Now scared of her mind, Elsa started to back away, but then the doorknob started to turn, and the door opened. What Elsa saw was nothing she had ever seen before in her short life.


Meanwhile, a pair of guards who managed to escape the invaders were now full-out running towards the king's study. They barged in unceremoniously, earning a half-surprised, half-annoyed look from His Majesty. "What is going on?" he demanded, looking up from his humongous stack of paperwork. Business trades, no doubt. The guard swallowed nervously. How was he going to put it in a way where His Majesty wouldn't fly off the handle? "Well?" he asked impatiently. "Well… um… y-you see… we have a…" the guard's voice faltered under the gaze of the king. "Is there something going on, Kiel?" the queen asked gently, almost putting the guard at ease. "Queen Emily! There are invaders in the castle!" the guard informed, surprising the royal couple. "Really? Did you see who they were?" asked Emily. The guard gave a significant look, and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

The moment he was done, the kind look on the queen's face vanished, and all the colour was drained from her face. Without a word, Emily blindly pushed past the guards and ran down the hallway. "What is happening?" the king asked. For a moment, the guards forgotten he was even there. "Your Majesty, it's about Princess… Elsa," the other guard had some difficulty getting the word out of his mouth. The king's eyes widened. "Why? What happened to Elsa?" the king asked tersely. Again the guard hesitated. "Your Majesty, the queen might not have told you before about them, but…"

"The Suppression Squad is here. And they are trying to capture Elsa."


Elsa had to pinch herself before fully believing what was standing before her: a humanoid hedgehog and fox. Elsa was in awe, she had never, ever seen animals like this. In fact, this was practically an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her! Still, there was something wrong about from their posture to the identical smirks on their faces to the way their eyes surveyed her with interest. So in the end, she kept a safe distance away from them and allowed herself to take in their appearances. "Well, well, well. If it isn't the Princess of Arendelle. Greetings, Princess." He sneered, the last part being said with evident sarcasm. The wonder Elsa had about the strange creatures vanished. "Who are you?! Why are you here?! You are going to get arrested for trespassing, you know!" Elsa said, somewhat hiding the fear in her voice. "I'm here to help you with your problem, Elsa," he said, ignoring her first question. Elsa gasped. How did he know her name?! He ignored it, however, and continued. "I know you have trouble controlling that damn power of yours, so I'm here to help," Elsa frowned but refrained from telling him off about his use of language. "How?" she asked warily. The hedgehog took a set of what seemed to be gold bracelets from the fox and showed them to her. "These are Inhibitor Rings, they can help you to restrain your ice abilities. If you wear them, you can have fun with your sister again. So?" Elsa stared at the rings. Should she trust this stranger and wear them? The hedgehog and fox didn't exactly struck her as the helpful kind. And he knew so much about her life, should she take the risk? Maybe she shouldn't. But…

She looked up at the hedgehog, who gave her an encouraging smile that seemed to say "go for it". Maybe… just maybe… the stranger was telling the truth and that the rings could actually suppress her powers, thus allowing her to play with Anna and not harm her in the process. Gingerly, she reached down for them, and felt the cold metal against her fingertips. Her tiny fingers enclosed around them, and she slowly clamped them around her wrists. Elsa stood there, unsure of what was supposed to happen next. Was she supposed to be feeling something inside of her? The hedgehog said, "Go on. Try to make something." Cautiously, she cupped both hands and lifted them into the air, expecting small flurries to escape from her. There was nothing instead.

Elsa felt happier than she had ever did during the past three years. The Inhibitor Rings actually worked! The hedgehog was telling the truth! Now she can go and play with Anna as she pleased.

"Scourge!" a familiar voice yelled, snapping Elsa out of her daydream. She looked up to see her mother panting slightly, her hair askew and her face with an expression so furious that Elsa was stunned to silence. The hedgehog, whose name was apparently "Scourge", simply leaned against a wall and smirked. "Mama!" Elsa squealed, rushing towards the queen. Elsa stopped with a jerk that nearly threw her off-balance, and looked down to see Scourge's gloved hand wrapped around her arm. Painfully, she might add. "Emily, what a surprise to see you here," he said, his grip not relenting. "I could say the same thing about you," Emily said icily. "What business do you have here?" Elsa looked at the both of them in confusion. Do they know each other? "Oh, me and Miles were just picking up a little package before we leave your lovely kingdom," he said.

With that, he curled up into a ball, spinning straight towards her mother.

Elsa cried out in alarm, but the queen calmly held out her arm, as though she expected that to stop him. Elsa started to tense up and waited for the inevitable collision. But it never came. The rolled-up Scourge started to slow down, and stopped altogether just before her palm. The queen flung her arm violently to one side, and he smashed into Elsa's dressing table. Elsa took this chance to run to her mother's side, narrowly evading the fox's attempt to grab her. She clung to her mother's gown like a lifeline, and did not resist when she picked Elsa up and started running.

"Mama," Elsa murmured. The queen sighed, and stroked her daughter's soft braid as they ran. "Elsa, listen to me. Your powers may be restrained at this moment, but they may break free from the chains that hold them down. Do not let your emotions run loose. Control it," she said, and planted a kiss on Elsa's forehead. "I love you." Elsa wanted to ask more questions. Who exactly were those animals? How did they and her mother know each other? What did they want with her, a mere nine-year-old girl?

But she was given no time, as a strange purplish pink light enveloped her. The last thing she saw was the shocked expressions on her father's and Anna's face, and the livid ones on Scourge's and Miles'.

Then nothing.

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