All Hiccup Haddock wanted to do right now, was to stay out of trouble. But he was a trouble magnate, so the chances of that happening were unbelievably slim. Another dragon raid had recently happened, and so to stay out of anyone's range, he made a beeline for the forest.

"Uh, uh, uh, where do you think you're going, useless?" Snotlout's greasy, beefy hand grabbed his tunic and lifted him into the air, preventing him from running.

"To the woods." He said while attempting to get himself out of Snotlout's strong grip.

"I don't think so." Tuffnut came walking from behind Snotlout, followed by his sister.

"Hey guys, I don't think that we should be doing this." Here came Fishleg's voice of doom.

"He's right guys, much as I hate to admit it, but let him go. He's not worth it."

Those four little words, killed Hiccup. Astrid saying those four little words made his world crash, his limbs to turn to jelly and to bury his spirit in depression. He was lovesick for her, and she said those four little words.

"Come on, let's have a little fun." Snotlout moaned.

"The Chief is going to get us into trouble with this." Fishlegs argued.

While they all argued, Snotlout managed to drop Hiccup to the ground. Immediately made a run for the forest. He ran as fast as his feet could carry him, throwing a glance behind him every minute or so, tears streaming out of his face. Eventually he came to a stop and fell to the grassy floor, crying his eyes out.

"What happened? Why am I always picked on? Why do they hate me? What have I ever done to them? What will it take for them to accept me?" He knew the answer to that one. "Nothing. They will never accept me, so why do I bother? I waste time and get under everyone's feet." He reached for the dagger in his waistcoat, and positioned it on his wrist. "This is for you, Astrid, so you don't have to see this idiotic sight again." He raised his dagger, and swished it down to his wrist.

A bright light paralysed his eyesight, and for the longest time, he had no idea where he was. Maybe he was in a limbo between Valhalla and Hel. He didn't die in battle, so that would send him to Hel, but he died in a battle with himself, so did that count to get to him to Valhalla. Then his vision returned and he found himself on the floor of his village, in front of the Chief's House.

"Where are we?" A familiar voice coughed out.

Hiccup slowly got up and found, that beside him lay all the other teenagers. The one that spoke was Astrid. When they saw him, they all groaned, or hung their heads, or made a sneer comment.

"Um, guys. Where are we?" Fishlegs said looking around.

Their surrounding looked like Berk, but on almost every roof roosted a dragon of some sort. Notice the word, roosting, not attack or raiding or stealing food. The first instinct of every teen was to run for their lives or grab a weapon, but the fact that none of them were attacking and just lying there.

"Ok, this is weird." A grown voice said behind them, strangely with a lot of similarity to Hiccup's deadpan voice.

All the teens looked at the man behind them. He was tall, emerald green eyes, auburn hair and the Chief of Berk belt on his waist. He wore some kind of armour that wasn't the tradition Viking type, instead, made of leather.

"Uh, who are you?" Tuffnut asked.

"Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III." He answered, shock written all over his face at their presence.

All eyes turned to the younger, scrawny, not-so-impressive, Hiccup.