I'm back and just note the battle scene is very long and I gave charizard mega punch and seismic toss because I think that was too good of a move for Charizard to forget and apparently Charizard knew mega punch but when Ash commanded it to use the attack he didn't listen so I wanted to use it in the fic

Guest: Ash did tell Snivy to listen to Tristan

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Ash and co had walked out of the building looking for somewhere to battle and after walking for a while Cilan noticed a field in the centre of the festival "This should be a nice place to have a battle" Cilan said to which Ash and Trip both nodded while Charizard quickly growled at Serperior who retorted with a quick hiss "Okay you two the battle hasn't started just yet"Tristan said hoping it would stop the large pokemon from going rogue and started fighting "I'll be the referee" Cilan decided and cleared his throat "The battle between Ash and his Charizard versus Trip and his Serperior shall now commence, aand BEGIN!" Cilan declared.

"USE DRAGON TAIL!" both trainers commanded and Charizards tail glowed light blue and prepared to hit with a strike going downwards while Serperiors tail glowed a dark blue and prepared to hit with a strike going to the side. The attacks clashed and a large glow formed while both pokemon kept pushing their dragon tails forwards until both pokemon were sent backwards.

"Serperior use frenzy plant!" Trip commanded and several spiked roots came out of the ground and started to hit Charizard repeatedly dealing a good amount of damage "Charizard use a double slash to cut through the roots!" Ash yelled and the claws on both of Charizards arms grew longer and shined white and it used the claws to cut through every single root and then ,without being given a command, ran up to Serperior while his right hand glowed Crimson red and he threw a right hook at the snake-like pokemon which was sent far back "Charizard! I didn't say to use mega punch!"Ash yelled in shock.

Serperior then formed a emerald green sphere on the end of his tail and launched it at Charizard who was sent a few metres up in the sky but managed to steady its flying and growled at the regal pokemon which hissed back at the flame pokemon.

"Why aren't they listening?" Iris asked "It appears they want to sort this rivalry out themselves... Ash,Trip! Let your pokemon decide what they do!" N yelled "Charizard is that true?" Ash asked to which said pokemon nodded "You too Serperior?" Trip asked to which the regal pokemon nodded and both pokemon started shooting daggers at each other "Well if that's how it's going to be I now declare that neither side will give orders to their pokemon" Cilan declared "Aaaaand BEGIN!"

Charizard then started flying circles around Serperior really fast and the regal pokemon started to try and keep an eye on the orange dragon but do to its speed this only resulted in Serperior getting very dizzy. Charizard then took advantage of this by using wing attack on it and launched it in the air and then flew above the falling grass type and used flamethrower which sent it down at an even faster speed creating a large explosion "looks like that's that" Ash said smiling "I wouldn't be too sure" Trip retorted and the dust cleared to reveal a perfectly fine Serperior.

Serperior suddenly made a whole storm of leaves surround it and launched them in the shape of a tornado at Charizard! Luckily Charizard flew to the side to avoid it but this was part of Serperiors plan...

The regal pokemon suddenly stretched into the shape of a spring and bounced up in the air right in front of the flame pokemon. This caught the fire/flying type completely surprised which left it vulnerable to being ensnared by Serperiors long snake-like body.

"Charizard!" Ash yelled as said pokemon flew around at high speeds trying to shake the grass type off while Serperior increased the pressure on its wrap attack. Charizards head was starting to go purple like Pikachu's head when wrap was used on him. Serperior formed an energy ball in its tail only this one was larger than the last and Serperior was about to hit it with the attack!

who's that pokemon?

a snake like silhouette is shown

it's Serperior!

Charizard looked at the energy ball that was about to hit it in shock when his eyes opened wider as if he realised something and narrowed his eyes wearing a smirk on his face and suddenly made a nose dive towards the ground at super speed which shocked Serperior so much that it accidentally threw the energy ball upwards towards the sky.

When Charizard was about to hit the ground it did a forward flip making its back and ,more importantly, most of Serperiors body including his head smash into the ground! After colliding with the ground charizard flew upwards and after a few seconds ,do to being crushed by Charizard on solid ground, Serperior let go of its grip and started to fall only to have the end of its tail grabbed by Charizard. The flame pokemon stared into the regal pokemon's eyes angrily which was responded by an even angrier glare by serperior now I see why their glare can scare pokemon into not fighting Charizard thought and ,still wearing that evil looking smirk and started to spin around while still holding the grass type who ,by now, was really dizzy. But ,unknown to the flame pokemon, the leaf-like structures on Serperior were glowing yellow.

Charizard finally launched Serperior into the unforgiving solid ground which created a large dust cloud and Charizard ,thinking it was over, roared in victory with his arms flexing only to be hit by a large yellow blast which knocked Charizard out of the sky and he then fell to the ground creating minor dust clouds around the base of his body.

When the giant dust cloud which was created from Serperiors fall cleared Serperior was seen barely keeping its head up with eyes slightly closed with a small smile and when Charizard got up a little it returned the slightly closed eyes with a little smile expression "(You're not that bad)" Charizard complimented "(Neither are you)" Serperior replied "(That sssolar beam at the lassst minute wasss revenge for cccelebrating before I was done)" Serperior said "(hehe well played)" Charizard chuckled and both pokemon fainted but still smiling.

"And it is a tie!" Cilan declared and both pokemon were returned "Serperior was pretty good" Ash complimented Trip who nodded "So was Charizard" he said

Nurse joy is seen handing Trip and Ash two pokeballs "I am glad to say that your pokemon are fully healed"Nurse joy said with a smile "Thanks" Ash and Trip both said simultaneously.

Both of the trainers released their respective pokemon and they nodded to each other in respect "what do you make of this N?" Tristan asked"I think it is amazing how enemies can become allies, how rivals can become friends and I feel in my heart that they were meant to be great friends"N lectured and Cilan and Tristan nodded in agreement "sounds like a bit of a long way to say they're gonna be friends"Iris said blankly making Tristan fall over anime style and he glared angrily at Iris "You just had to ruin the moment didn't you!" Tristan yelled slightly shocking Iris.

Tristan stopped shooting daggers at Iris and looked at Charizard smiling "It'll be so fun when I win that Charmander egg"Tristan said quietly but Iris and Trip heard him "HEY! IF ANYONE IS WINNING IT'S ME!"Iris yelled "Don't forget about me!" Trip yelled which started a big argument which made Ash and Cilan nervously smile while N chuckled.

wow! even I didn't think I'd be able to make such a long story with 80% of it being one battle so yeah thanks for reading