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Chapter 1...

Dr. Temperance Brennan walked in the Jeffersonian Institute with a big grin on her face. The reason was, Angela stood before their office with her little son Michael.

Temperance loves her godchild.

She saw to their swollen belly and smiled. The Baby began to kick her. She put a Hand about their stomach.

Temperance took a step faster on Angela and first greeted the little man. "Well my little...how are you." stroked the little one over his head and then looked at her best friend.

"He is doing well so far sweety, and yourselves? " and looked at Temperance baby bump.

"So far everything is fine. Come with me in the office. "

Together went the friends into the office, and sat on the couch.

Bones stretched their hands after the baby out, to close him in her arms. Angela grinned literally and gave her son happy at her best friend.

It was so incredibly how Brennan has changed in recent months.

Temperance was now with her partner and best friend Seeley Booth together and the best part was the two expected a child...Angela had tried to find out the sex of the baby.

Temperance and Seeley didn't want to betray the sex of the Baby. It was a secret!

Bones brought their godchild to giggle. They tickled him slightly.

"Tell me Sweety! where is your knight in shining FBI armor?"

"I don't know...he was gone this morning early without a note and I suppose he is already in his office. I think...I nerve him..."

"What makes you think that you nerves Booth?"

"Angela...look at me...my hormones go haywire and I am often bitchy and moody. You have to know it ... how pregnant women are." She pointed to the little baby. And the Pretty artist began to nod.

"I agree with you. I was not easy ... I have driven him to madness. "

Now they both laughed.

A knock at the door tore both women out of her thoughts.

Booth stood there with his typical smile. He walked over to the small group and sat down beside her. Seeley took the baby away from Temperance and gave her a kiss.

At the sight you could get used to. Booth with a little Baby in his arms.

Long it would take no more then held Booth and Bones their own baby in her arms.

Angela und Bones had to laugh.

The little spat at Booth.

"You did it..now." Angela said only, took her baby and went into her office. Seeley and Temperance smiled after her...

"I'm fine but hungry."

"Okay, then let's go."

He helped her to her feet and together they left the Jeffersonian.

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