Just something silly. I can't remember if Pops' Diner was in FusionFall, and thanks to Cartoon Network, I will never know, so I just decided to add it because I can.

Grim's accent is rather strange, so please bear with me on that.

It's quite obvious by the way I complain about the end of FusionFall that the game is and was never my property.

It had become something like a nightly ritual for the two of them to meet up at Pops' Diner in Bravo Beach. It was one of the few quiet places to meet in the entirety of Downtown. It may have been a long walk for Reaper who had his dungeon portal set up in Eternal Meadows, but they made it work without much complaints from either skeleton.

Both entered without a word to each other. The regulars of the diner didn't bother to glance at the two skeletons as they entered; the fear of seeing the two cloaked-wearing beings had long since passed. They sat in their usual spot, not bothering to look over the menu since they always ordered their usual. Pops took a quick look at his newest patrons, gave them a friendly wave, and went to work on getting their orders done.

"So did you have any takers today?" Grim asked, beginning conversation with Reaper.

"Not as many as I used to," Reaper replied. "Not many of these fighters want to go into a dungeon to receive the Marauder gear. Yourself?"

"Still doing ma reaping job," Grim responded. "I swear dese kids don't care about their own health, not when dey know I will just resurrect 'em."

Reaper nodded in understanding.

"That is rough," Reaper responded.

"On top of dat, me Zuni heads are still missing," Grim complained. "None of those kids found them yet. I'm starting to get irritated."

"Can't you look for them yourself?" Reaper asked.

"I would if it wasn't for da fact that I need to stay in Orchid Bay and assist the brats in this war," Grim explained. "If it wasn't for da fact that Fuse broke off my personal vacation, I would not be involved in all dis mess."

"I hear ya," the lich responded, giving a nod to Pops when the older man dropped off their usual orders of vanilla-flavored malts. "I'm only in this whole thing for the sales and sending fighters to the dungeon. Otherwise, I'd just ignore all of this."

Grim also gave a nod to Pops, taking a sip from his malt. It was surprisingly one of the few things that somehow didn't go through the skeleton bones for the two of them (and no one was really willing to ask them).

"The only thing I'm excited for is for the end of the war," Grim stated. "My spa business requires my attentions, and how can I succeed at dat when I have to deal with snot nose brats wanting something to do, having to resurrect 'em, and handle da business?"

"Isn't that one loud mouth human trying to buy it from you?" Reaper asked. "I remember the last time we met you mentioned her."

"Who, da Morbucks girl?" Grim asked before shrugging. "She's harmless. She can offer all da money she wants, I'm not selling."

"A spa business was the smartest thing you could do," Reaper commented. "Many of those fighters use it as a relaxation from the war."

Grim nodded, taking another gulp from his malt.

"It is, but I just want to focus on da business more than on dese irresponsible brats," the Grim Reaper sighed. "Wishful thinking, I guess."

Reaper gave a grim smile and raised up his glass.

"To wishful thinking and a speedy end to this war," Reaper toasted.

Grim matched his grim smile and held up his own glass, clinking them together.

"To a speedy end."