Challenge Words: Soak and flip (different POV drabble)

Warnings/Spoilers: early 4th season drabble, spoilers for Lazarus Rising

100 words per MS Word Count

Fire and Brimstone

By Swellison

Hell was always hot but this was excruciating. "Hot," Dean felt soaked. "Hellfire…burns…" Nothing new about that. The damp rag that suddenly cooled his forehead was different.

"Dean?" The black-eyes were messing with him again, with another faux-Sam. The voice was perfect, but they never got Sammy's eyes right.

Dean flinched as he met his brother's compassionate hazel eyes. "Nooo…Y'can't be here, Sammy…"

"I was—for four months. Hell on Earth. Then you came back…"

That's Sammy-all emo… Dean's glance flipped from his maybe-brother to the amulet resting on his exposed chest. Touching it, Dean knew he was home.

A/N: I'm trying to make good on my New Year's Resolution to tie up loose ends, so here's my flipped point of view drabble, from several weeks ago. The original is below.

To Hell and Back

By Swellison

"Hot," Dean moaned, tossing his head restlessly. "Hellfire…burns…"

Sam stroked Dean's sweat-soaked forehead with a cool, damp washcloth, trying to reach his fever-ridden brother. "Dean?"

Glassy eyes stared at him, then Dean flinched. "Nooo…Y'can't be here, Sammy…"

"I was—for four months," Sam confessed brokenly. "Hell on Earth. Then you came back…"

Sam watched as Dean's gaze drifted from his face down to his own exposed, sweaty chest and his brother touched the amulet hesitatingly, as if afraid it would disappear on contact. "Sammy?"

"Fever, Dean. Singed by a fire demon, remember?"

"Fugly fire demon. Glad you wasted it."