Reaction fic to season 3's last episode. The ending was so predictable though. (Hate me if you must!). But I still loved it. This is Moriarty's POV.

And yes, I know they said he was gay on the last season, but lets just say he's heteroflexible, or bi, eh?

Disclaimer: Don't own Sherlock.

I died, then came back. So did Sherlock Holmes.


What I really want to know is how he did it.

I targeted all the people he cared about. Easy, since it was only three.

So, what was the one thing I didn't account for?

Molly Hooper. The only non-boring girl in all of London. Maybe all of Europe.

Yes, even Irene Adler was boring and predictable. And yes, I'm so much a sociopath (high-functioning, of course. Just like Sherlock bloody Holmes.) that I know what and when she will do stuff.


Molly Hooper. I thought conversing with her would be like so many other things, boring. She was funny, with all her dead-body jokes, that no other girl would dream of saying (or making up!) and she was one of the only things I missed from London.

Her, and messing with Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick. Whatever his name was. And killing people wasn't one of my favorite things. Yes, it was high up on my list, but messing with people, after deducing them, learning their deepest, darkest secrets was my favorite thing.

After Molly Hooper, of course.

Hey, what was a high-fuctioning sociopath like me to do? I had to become infatuated with a girl at some point.

Thankfully, it was Molly Hooper, and no-one else.

I enjoyed obsessing over Molly Hooper, but being able to do that while messing with Sherlock Holmes and his lackie?


Not even the family jewels could pay for that.

I checked. *insert signature smirk here*.