High School Horror

AU. Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Madge, Johanna, and more go to Panem High. There, they encounter the 'Careers', homework, detention, and worst of all, PROM! Will they survive? Characters and shippings explained in prologue.

Hello! This is my new story, an AU Hunger Games fic. Hopefully this will be my real decent sized story that I keep updating every fortnight, maybe even more often. We'll see. That was my New Year's resolution. More writing! Anyway, this chapter is just an introduction and stuff. ^-^ Enjoy! Oh, before I forget, line breaks will be high school themed quotes. Okay!

"High School is like a spork: it's a crappy spoon and a crappy fork, so in the end it's just plain useless." – John Mayer.

Full Summary: High school isn't easy. Especially when your best friend is a freakin' lunatic. Watch as the Hunger Games characters try to survive going to high with each other! AU.

Characters: Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Madge, Johanna, Finnick, Annie, Cato, Clove, Glimmer, Marvel, Rue, Prim, Thresh, Foxface (Elizabeth).

Ships:Everllark, Gadge, Clato, Glarvel, Finnick/Annie.

Rating: T rating. Rated for scenes, etc. (It's a high school, for goodness sake!)

"True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country." – Kurt Vonnegut.

Quick Excerpt from Chapter One:

Johanna POV

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz.

I groaned as my alarm went off. I probably shouldn't of stayed up late last night planning my plans regarding getting my friends a decent boyfriend, A.K.A, Stop letting my friends become 'Independent Women'.

Yeah. Probably not.

Oh well. I will be able to get through this year somehow.

I stand up and head over to the bathroom and take a quick shower. Wrapping myself in a towel and feeling refreshed, I head back into my bedroom and look into my bedroom closet.

While my family isn't rich by any standards, they aren't broke either. My bedroom is nice enough and I have enough money to get some good clothes every now and then. So I grab a pair of washed out demin shorts and a baseball tee that has, "Mary Sues with die by my spork!"I'm not exactly sure what that means.

Oh well, I think, and head downstairs after changing. I eat my breakfast and hop in my car to go pick up Katniss and Annie to take them to school.

"I had a terrible education. I attended a school for emotionally disturbed teachers."– Woody Allen

Clove POV

I woke up early to go to the gym, and while I'm there, my thoughts wander to the day I spent with my friends. Katniss, Annie, Johanna, Madge, and Glimmer have been my friends since the first day of high school.

Glimmer and I used to hang out with the Careers. They were Cashmere, Gloss, Brutus and Enobaria. They were the high school's "IT" couples and children of our mother's friends. But when we met them, they dissed us then expected us to carry their stuff around. Later, we met Johanna and she introduced us to her friends and we hit it off right away.

Soon I had to head back to my house and get ready for school. I had a quick shower and washed my hair. I changed into red high-waisted shorts and an elbow-length white shirt. I checked the time and raced downstairs to grab an apple and drive to school. But first, I had to pick up Glimmer.

"I'm a Ph.D. Passed high school with difficulty." – Unknown.

Primrose POV


I jumped as my phone rung loudly, startling me. I looked over to the phone and saw that it was Rue, calling me. I picked up the phone and hit answer as I went over to my cupboard to pick what I was going to wear for the day. As I chatted to Rue, I picked out a knee-length light pink dress and laid it down on my bed.

.I hung up after eating my breakfast, an orange and some toast, and then headed off for a shower. Katniss came out, with her long hair curly. She smiled at me then headed to her room.

I had a shower and then waited for the bus to drop me at school. I was really excited about school this year. Yay!

"Clapping the longest during assembly because you're a fearless bastard." – Unknown.

AN: So how did I do? I'm planning to pre-write as many chapters as I can then slowly update them in case I can't write them the day I update. Anyway, tell me what you thought! I don't mind flames; I'll use them to roast marshmallows on a stick. – RosesandThorns11.