Chapter Five

Finnick POV

It had been a day since Clove and Cato had gotten together. Everyone, after constantly teasing both of them, had gotten used to the idea and now we were all fine about it. We had also gotten back into studying mode.

"Apparently Glimmer was taking the girls to go shopping," Peeta told me after school, while we were studying in the library.


"I think we all need to get some new clothes too!" I shout, suddenly realising what a great opportunity this is!

Peeta frowns, confusion marring his forehead. "What are you talking – wait." He says, realising what I'm shouting about.

"No!" That's Peeta.




"Yes – wait, no!" I smirk.

"Nu-uh Peeta, you said yes, I recorded you so I have evidence, and you can't lie to me." I say as I show him the video I took on my phone.

He sighs. "Fine, we'll go. But first I gotta finish this maths homework."


After Peeta has finally finished his maths homework, I call the other boys over and tell them the plan. They listen carefully, grinning, and then agree to go. Like Cato said, "Who wouldn't want to see them?"

Peeta looks annoyed now. "They're gonna think we're stalkers!" He shouts, frustrated.

I reply, saying, 'Well are they lying?"


Glimmer POV

After school finishes, I round up Madge, Katniss, Clove, and Johanna and force them onto the bus that takes us to Capitol Mall. We hop off the bus and walk into the mall.

"Okay, so I've given each person a budget of $100 –" I say before Katniss interrupts me, looking shocked.

"$100?" She almost shouts.

"Yes, Kitty, $100. Anyway, back to the point. You will each chose a type of clothes you want to get, and I will help you get the right ones. Be warned, Johanna, I am not letting you choose a crap style." They nod.

"Okay then, let's go!"

First of all, I start with Clove. She wants workout gear, so we head over to The Arena, the one and only workout gear shop in town. We all walked inside and I started to get Clove some good clothes. After a couple of minutes, I have already chosen, with the help of Clove of course, some workout gear perfect for her. I got her a pink and black gym bag, a pink headband, tangerine Nikes, and a water bottle. The total price comes just under my budget, so I'm happy.

"Okay!" I shout, turning to Madge. "What style do you want?" I ask her.

She thinks for a moment, and then decides she wants a casual look.

"I know they perfect place!" I shout, slapping a hand to my forehead.

"P.R.E.P" P.R.E.P is the best shop for casual clothes in Panem. They have great clothes for not too much. All of us walk inside and look around. This time, I grab Madge and take her around the shop, looking for something that would look great on her. After a while I find something that both Madge and I like. It's a shirt-style dress, with a tan belt. I grab a matching flowery headband, and a pair of sandals to go with it. Just as I'm about to leave, Madge timidly pokes my arm.

"Hey Glimmer," She asks me, "What about that bag?" Katniss and I turn our heads over where Madge is pointing.

It's a big beachy-style bag, tan coloured as well.

"Perfect!" I exclaim. "Good eye there Madge."

She just smiles as we purchase her stuff. Johanna moans, "Can we stop for a coffee break?" I agree.


Katniss POV

After we stop for a coffee break, Glimmer turns to me.

"What do you want?" She asks me.

I stop and think. "I want an office look," I reply.

She just grins and heads off to Trinket's.

Johanna mutters to me, "Do you think we should've gotten that one a coffee?"

After the rest of the group catches up to Glimmer, she pulls me aside to look for my outfit. First off, she grabs me a matching dark grey blazer and pencil skirt. Then, she picks up a creamy white blouse to put under the jacket.

It looks great so far, I think.

For shoes, Glimmer chooses a low heeled cream pair, and a black clutch for my purse. After that, she picks out some pearls for my jewellery. We head to the cashier and pay for my stuff. My total is just over, so Clove lends me some of her money that's left over.

After that, is Annie's turn. She, of course, goes to the swimwear section of the mall and lets Glimmer pick out a cute pair of swimmers for her.

Last of all is Johanna. She is dragged into Cinna's Creations by Glimmer, and then gets a purple knee-length dress with matching heels, a gold clutch, and gold earrings. Finally, to finish it off, Johanna manages to get something she picked out, a gold bracelet.

"Whoa. That took forever!" I shout, looking at my watch.

"No it didn't," Madge says dismissively, shaking her head.

After that, Madge, Johanna, Annie, Clove and I all sit down and watch as Glimmer buys a pair of leather sandals, a leather school bag, a gold watch, and a pinky-orange dress with a belt. She pays for her stuff, then comes running out to meet us.

"Well, how are you lot?" I hear Gale's voice from behind me.

I spin around, smiling.



We all greet each other, and then make our way over to the coffee shop we were at before. Clove and Cato head over to a separate table beside us and hold hands, grinning. The rest of us sit beside them at a large table. For the rest of the afternoon, we talk to each other. At some point Cato and Clove go missing, but when they finally get back, Clove's hair is messed up and her lips are swollen.

"What did you guys do over there?" Johanna teases them.

Clove replies, without any sign of a blush, "Kissing."


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