Surprise For Tommy

As Tommy has finished buying the groceries for his wife he slowly steps down to the road and starts thinking of how he would leave Reefside , the place where he met Conner, Ethan,Kira and Trent the Dino Rangers and also the love of his life . He sighs as he opens the door of his house.

" You don't like moving from Reefside do you ?" asks Hayley as she takes the groceries from his hands and places it on the table.

"Yeah Atleast I am happy I did not get the transfer somewhere in Panorama city" says Tommy with a dull expression

"Its gonna be okay, the dino's can come and see us often its only a 3 hour drive from here " Hayley says placing a kiss on her husband's cheek " There's a letter from Jason" Hayley says giving it to him .

Now Tommy was surprised he had not heard from his dear friend ever since the Red Ranger mission. He tears the envelope and starts to read

Dear Tommy ,

I know I have not spoken to you for a long time , I am sorry for the delay its just there has been so many things happening here. I have come to give you an important news , Your cousin Alexandra and her husband Andrew are no more they were killed in a car crash three years ago while they were going to Alaska. They have their only son Troy who has been left as an orphan Alexandra has said that the guardianship has to be given to you and Hayley. Hope you accept it Troy is right now in Angel groove adoption agency.

" No way this is crazy , totally crazy" Tommy starts shouting in utter confusion and nearly losing his balance hitting the sofa .

" what happened ? " Hayley askes coming out of the kitchen surprised.

Tommy gives her the letter and Hayley is all the more surprised. "It can't be I have not met Alexandra for the last ten years she has met me only once and her husband has never met me at all and she and I never went along together only both of us had a good martial arts background that was the only thing in common and she given me the legal guardianship of her son and what's worse I don't know her son " Tommy says and finally takes a long breath .

"Woah ! Tommy calm down its okay we can ask Jason about it " Hayley says trying to calm him down.

At that moment the door bell rings and Hayley opens the door to find the Dino Rangers .

"Is it true you guys are leaving to Harwood County?" Conner asks

" Yes Conner" Hayley says with the sad expression "and also we got this other problem "

" What is that " every one asks in Chorous "Is it Zeltrax or something"asks Trent

" No " Hayley says turning to Tommy as if to ask permission . Tommy takes a deep breath and starts saying ... " So your cousin has left her son to be under your care?" Ethan says finally stretching his legs and hands over Conner making Conner give him a death glare .

" But how did your cousin do that only with just one meeting " Kira asks, surprised at who would do such a silly thing.

"That's exactly what we have to find out , Hayley and I will be going to Angel Groove to find out this from Jason you guys wanna come and meet the ex- rangers" Tommy askes putting up his graceful smile. " would love to " says everyone in chorous .