Half the orphanage was shocked at the fact that, all time lonely, moody, 16 year old Troy Burrows was getting adopted. When the news reached, Sister Mary, she was more than happy. She was happy about the fact that somehow she had managed to make that young man overcome his fear for love: even if it was only for that moment. She smiled contended.

No one was more shocked about Troy's adoption more than Troy himself. He was sitting in the meeting hall just a few hours away from being claimed by his unknown uncle and aunt. All the formalities had been cleared. He had agreed to it and now he was awaiting their arrival with Ms. Hillard by his side. He wondered if life could get any crazier and decided that he had pretty much hit the rough bottom.

" Any thoughts you want to share Troy ?" Katherine asked noticing the slightly nervous expression on Troy's face.

Troy simply shook his head.

"It is understandable that you are nervous." Katherine said.

Troy simply nodded. God ! He was behaving pathetically. He quickly resolved to be confident, and keep a straight face. He wasn't going to run away like a coward in last moment. Besides, he had nothing to loose, but however, much he acted like he didn't care, a big part of him was still curious as to how his aunt and uncle really looked like and how they would like him and treat him. Sure. He had seen them at the court hearing, but only from a distance. He knew all the grounds under which the adoption was being made. Ms. Hillard had told him everything about it. He knew that this aunt and uncle of his would be taking care of all his expenses personally. They would be his legal guardians and all his needs will be met at their expense and not from what little was left of his parent's funds for him. That gave him a little hope that, he wouldn't be cheated. Unable to pass the time he started counting the passing seconds, the moment he reached 92, the sound of the horn was heard, and Ms. Hillard stood up.

"They're here Troy." she said as she went forward to welcome them.

Just as much as Troy was interested Tommy and Hayley too were interested to know all about their nephew. It was quite a long drive from their hotel, and by the time they reached the Center , it was almost one and a half hours. Tommy was feeling grateful at the moment. Everyone knew the importance of this day. Even Conner had woken up early by keeping an alarm in everyone's phone making sure that it all rang at the same time to wake him; which he did, though it did offer a bonus issue of waking their neighbor, but that was an entirely different matter. Jason and Kimberly had decided that they were going to be till the end and Jason had even postponed a meeting . Kira had insisted on a breaking the ice party with Troy before they left Angel Groove and had made preparations for that with the help of Kimberly. Ethan had bought for Troy a new phone and Trent had decided to finance Troy's first school fees in Harwood High despite Tommy's repeated protests; well he was protesting even now. And Hayley and the others had gone shopping for Troy and Kimberly had bought all stationary. He felt a new surge of confidence. He could do this, and with a reassuring grasp from Hayley and encouraging look from the others he went towards the meeting hall where Katherine was waiting for them with a broad smile.

Troy readied himself by taking deep breaths and composed his mind. And then he got his first proper look of his Aunt and Uncle. His Uncle was a tall man, with a good build and a firm chin. There was a woman standing next to him whom Troy guessed must be his aunt. She had nice red hair, and a beautiful face. Behind them, Troy noticed there were a few other people. A man in a red polo shirt was laughing, then he noticed there was another man shorter than the man in red, he was wearing blue, and a lady in yellow tank top and dark grey jeans, a man in white full sleeves and blue jeans; this man he remembered was at the hearing. Then he saw a man in a business suit just like his uncle and another short haired woman in pink.

Somehow, the faces of his uncle and this other man next to him seemed familiar. All their faces except for his Aunt's seemed familiar in some way or the other.

He tried recollecting where he had seen them before, an image seemed to flash in his mind, but it seemed vague. Had he actually met them before or was it just his imagination. Then it seemed to strike him like a hot iron, he remembered ! He remembered six years ago shaking hands with one of the judges in a martial arts. He remembered the other man talking to his Master Grayson congratulating all the other students and appreciating his Master. He remembered his Uncle bending down and telling him that he was a natural.

"Troy ! Troy ?" Ms. Hillard called breaking Troy out of his reverie.

"you okay ?" she asked slowly and softly only for Troy to hear.

Troy nodded . He felt confounded. He decided that his earlier judgement on hitting the rough bottom on this crazy life was wrong and now at this particular moment he felt that he had finally hit the rough bottom.

Troy slowly approached his uncle. Tommy gave him a small smile.

"Hey Troy its good to finally meet you" Tommy said and then with a little thought he added "again."

"Its good to meet you again uncle." Troy said, he knew who this person was yet at the same time he felt like he didn't know him and Troy guessed his uncle was feeling the same way.

At that moment both Troy and Tommy knew what was running in each other's mind. Tommy slowly took Troy's hand in his and said "Troy, I am Thomas James Oliver. I was your mother's cousin, and this is your aunt Hayley."

Hayley smiled and went forward to give Troy a small hug.

"It's finally good to meet you Troy."

Troy smiled back. He felt he found something he hadn't found in a very long time; warmth.

Katherine who was standing right next to Troy smiled. She had finally felt contended that one of her children was going to have a chance at a normal family life.

So, when it was time for Troy to leave, Katherine pulled Troy aside for a moment and handed him a small double packed present. One was slightly smaller than the other.

"Open the first one." Katherine said.

Troy obeyed. In it he found a hard framed shiny card laminated on it where the words " Never let the fear of failing keep you from playing the game."

Troy stood speechless for a moment and then he said "Tha...Thank you Ms. Hillard . I really don't know what to say ."

"This is just a reminder to find yourself even in the darkest of times, Troy . Open the second one later." saying so Katherine kissed Troy on the head and saw him as he headed to start a new life.

"Ok. picture time" Ethan said.

Tommy, Hayley, Katherine and Troy posed.

"Okay now say. Cheese !" and Ethan clicked

Katherine looked on as Troy got inside the van and just as the van was about to start, she saw Troy getting out. For a moment she thought Troy had changed his mind.

"Troy ?"

But before she could say anything, Troy hugged her.

"Thank you for everything Ms. Hillard. I know I wasn't exactly a proper student and that I have given you a hard times. Thank you."

Katherine was wordless. She saw as Troy got into the van and he waved until the van turned into the distance. Little did she know how great he was going to be.

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