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So this is my series of one-shots based on the characters of Eight and Two from my other story, The Second Chance (If you haven't read it, look it up on my profile or follow this link: s/9976345/1/The-Second-Chance). The Title for this story and chapter headings come from the song "The Call", by Regina Spektor, and I think it perfectly fits their story.

So here is chapter 1...

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"It started out as a feeling…"

People say that twins share a special connection, that they can sense each others pain, understand their sorrow and share their joy on a deeper level than anyone else.

Kiara was sure something was bothering Joseph.

She had sensed that something was off the second she had seen him for the first time that day, when she had walked into the kitchen for breakfast. Grandpa had looked up from his paper and smiled at her when she had wished them all a good morning, and Grandma had - as usual - commented on how she really ought to brush her hair.

But Joseph had barely looked up from his toast, giving her a fleeting smile before dropping his gaze and continuing to play with his food. She had frowned and glanced quickly at her grandparents, who had gone back to what they had been doing before.

Something was bothering Joseph, and Kiara was sure she was the only one who had noticed.

She stared at him as she took her place at the table and helped herself to some cereal. Grandma had finished at the stove and served up a tray of hot waffles, announcing that she had to go run some errands and would be back in half an hour, before grabbing her coat and heading out the door. Grandpa finished his coffee and lumbered out to the backyard to work on his new project, leaving the twins alone at the dining table.

"Joseph?", Kiara asked and her brother looked up from his food. Seeing that he wasn't going to say anything, she continued, "It's a beautiful day today. Do you want to go play tag with Rose and …. ?", she asked and he quickly shook his head before jumping down from the stool and leaving the room. She stared at his back as he left, shocked that he would turn down a chance to play his favorite game and realized that whatever it was, it was serious.

Something was seriously bothering Joseph, and Kiara wasn't sure what it was.

She thought back, trying to match his reactions to something she had seen before. This was definitely not anger, the last time he had been angry at her his face had turned red and he had ripped her new book to shreds. He wasn't bored, or he would have driven her mad trying to get her to play with him, and not turned down her offer. This was in no way a sleepy Joseph, or he wouldn't have even gotten out of bed and he wasn't exactly sad either. That led her to one conclusion.

He was worried about something, he was afraid. Now all she had to find out, was about what.

She left her cereal untouched and wandered through the house searching for her brother, finally finding him curled up in behind the sofa. "Joe?", she called out to which he responded, his voice shaking slightly, "Go away Kia, stop following me". Her face grew worried as she approached him, and he scooted away into a corner yelling at her to leave. "Go away! How many times do I have to tell you? Go away before it starts happening to you too!", he shouted and suddenly she was confused, "What happens?", she asked kneeling down next to him.

He looked up and their eyes met, his worry mirrored in hers as he replied softly, "Before you start breaking, like me". She looks down at his outstretched palm and sees a small white object lying in the centre of it. "It broke off today while I was brushing", he explains, pointing to a hole in his top row of teeth, his voice shaking. "It felt like it was getting loose all week, I was going to tell you but then today it just broke! Kiara what if my hand falls of tomorrow?", he exclaims, now nearly in tears and Kiara laughs. Joseph stares at her confused, did she not understand? He was breaking!

"Kia!", he shouts, now annoyed at her apparent lack of understanding and concern and she finally stops, catching her breath as she says, "Joseph you are not breaking!". "What?", he asks, now really confused, "But my tooth just broke!", he complains and she shushes him before continuing. "It didn't break, silly! It just fell out! Mommy told me about these things last week, after the same thing happened to Lira at school the other day!".

"My tooth just… fell out?", he asks, still confused and she shakes her head at him, amused before she continues, "Joe, people don't have the same set of teeth all throughout their lives. As we grow up, we outgrow this set and so they fall out to make place for a bigger set that grows in it's place! It's just like how you outgrew your old jeans and Grandma had to buy you a new pair? This is you outgrowing your old teeth and now you are going to get new ones!", she exclaims, proud that she can remember everything her mother had explained.

"So my hand isn't going to fall off too?", he asks, getting the idea but still wanting some confirmation and she shakes her head, now giggling. His face brightens at once, and he jumps up, holding out a hand to pull his sister up. "Well since that's the case, what are we still doing here when we could be playing tag?", he asks and she groans. Just when she wanted to get back to her book.

"What? It was your idea!", he protests, grinning slyly and she sighs and is about to follow him out to the backyard when they hear a familiar jingle coming up the drive. They quickly glance at each other before dashing to the kitchen to grab a few coins out of their piggy banks before running outside to the ice cream truck.

Because whatever you happen to be feeling, ice cream always makes everything better.

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