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"...and then that word grew louder and louder, until it was a battle cry..."

Kiara pulled the covers over her head and cringed as another blast echoed from above, her new wristband glowing in the semi darkness of her room. She had stayed up to watch the fireworks, but had never expected them to be so loud, and now she was scared. "Joe?", she called out, hoping her brother was awake, and sighed in relief when she heard him reply, "Yeah?".

"I don't think fireworks are supposed to be this loud", she said and he jumped down from the top bunk. "You're afraid! You fraidy cat!", Joseph teased and her eyes filled with tears. "Stop it!", she sniffed and his amusement turned to worry. She never cried when he teased her. "It's ok", he said gently going to sit by her, "I'm sure it will end soon", he told her and she nodded slowly but jumped when the next one went off. She was wide eyed with worry Joseph considered waking his grandparents, that is, assuming that they were asleep. Usually the grown ups got to stay up late on Quartermoon, something he had envied for years.

"Wait here", he told her as he got up to find them, "I'm going to go get Grandma". "No wait! I'm coming with you!", she cried as she grabbed his hand, terrified at the thought of being alone. The two of them tiptoed to their grandparent's room, only to find it empty. "They must be downstairs", Joseph told her and they slowly made their way down the stairs, careful not to trip in the low lighting, and barely made it all the way down before they found their Grandma on the first floor landing, staring out the large window into the city.

Another firework, and Kiara let out a small squeak, alerting her of their presence. She turned to face her two grandchildren, both wide eyed with fear and confusion, and bit her lip to stop the tears from falling. In the one and a half centuries she had lived, never had there been any indication that this day would actually come. Lorien was a peaceful planet, and up until a few hours ago the Phoenix project had been just some words on paper, a plan for a worst case scenario no one could ever see happening.

But now things had changed.

The two young Garde in front of her had no idea how much was expected of them, and how vital their survival was for their planet and their race. "I'm scared", Kiara said and she pulled them both into her arms. I am too, she thought as she pulled away and looked them both in the eye. Time was short, and they would be here in a few .minutes to take them away. "Kia, Joe, I know what's happening right now is scary, but you need to be brave, OK?", she asked the two seven year olds in front of her and they nodded back at her, looking apprehensive. "Now I want you to listen carefully to what I'm going to tell you", she said they stared back, hanging on to her every word. "Some bad people are outside right now", she said, knowing that the concept an invasion wouldn't sit well with them, "and they are going to try to hurt you".

Again, hurt sounds a lot better than hunt you down and kill you.

The twins gasped and gripped each other's hands tightly, getting more afraid by the second. "But Conrad and Reynolds will be here soon, as well as your parents, and they're going to take you away so the bad people can't get you. I want you to-", she started but Kiara asked, "What about you and grandpa?". She swallowed but the lump in her throat refused to reduce as she answered her, "We'll be fine, and we'll see you again one day", she said sadly but Joseph wasn't convinced. "But the bad people!", he protested and sheet she put an arm against his cheek, "We'll be fine", she repeated, praying that it was the truth. Just then she heard someone call her from downstairs and she rushed down, taking the twins with her, where she found her daughter, son in law and husband waiting.

Kiara and Joseph ran forward and hugged their parents, who immediately picked them up. "We need to get moving, Conrad and Reynolds got held up and will meet us later", their father, Marc said and Rhea, their mother nodded in agreement. Nothing more was said, as nothing more was needed. It was clear to all four adults that they might never see each other again, but it would be unwise to discuss it in front of the children. "Where are we going?", Joseph asked as his father carried him out of the house, "You'll see", he replied as he began to run towards the city. Kiara held on tight to her mother as she ran, fighting against the crowds, and took in the scene around her. The streets were filled with people, all with panicked expressions on their faces. As they passed by, she saw some people being hauled out of damaged buildings, and when they were set down, they didn't get up or move.

They're dead, the realization hit her like a ton on bricks and she started to sob.

And then she saw it, huge, covered with scales and approaching them very quickly. A beast. She screamed and her mother whipped around to face the massive monster behind them.

"Marc!", she called out to her husband, who turned around instantly, his eyes widening at the sight before him. "Take Joseph", he said to his wife and she shook her head, "No! Marc, it doesn't have to be like this!". "Rhea, take Joe", he repeated calmly, his eyes fixed on the beast behind him, and she obeyed taking both her children into her arms as her husband looked at them one last time.

"Be brave", he told them and sensing something was terribly wrong, they started to cry. "I love you two, and one day, you're going to make us all very proud", he said and kissed them both on the head before turning back to the approaching beast. "Daddy no!", Kiara cried out while Joseph struggled to free himself from his mother's grasp. "Rhea, go now", Marc said and she nodded, holding back tears as she kissed him one last time before fleeing.

As her mother ran from the scene, Kiara watched as her father charged at the monster with a loud yell, "For Lorien!". She saw him run forward and shoot a blast of blue light from his hands before the crowd closed up and she could see him no more. She sobbed, but knew that no one would hear her over the noise.

Blinded by tears and shaking, she reached for her brother's hand and when she found it, she held on tight. He was just as afraid as she was, and when she looked into his eyes, she was sure he had reached the same conclusion as she had.

They would never see their father again, but the cry for their planet would never leave them, and would be their last memory of their fallen hero.

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