AN: Here is part one my Christmas Exchange fic for StormOfImagination. Sorry it's late, FFN was being completely evil. And I had to rewrite the entire thing, but that's a rant for another day :)

"Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock" Spencer Reid hummed along to the song on the radio as he made his coffee. Since it was Saturday, and a rare day off, he planned to relax and read a few books (or ten, or twenty). However, as he went to sit down, his cellphone rang. Looking at the caller ID, he smiled as JJ's face filled his screen.

"Hey, Jayje. We have a case?"

"Hey Spence. No, but I need a HUGE favor."

Reid could hear the exhaustion and something else – sadness, maybe? – in her voice.

"Sure, what's up?"

"Can you watch Henry for a few hours? I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet, and I -"

"Jay, of course I'll watch him. I'll be over in fifteen minutes."

"Spence, you are a lifesaver. Henry's going to be so excited that you're coming! I'll see you soon."

After they said their goodbyes, Reid poured his coffee into a to-go mug, grabbed his keys and a jacket, and made his way out of his apartment.

As Reid parked his car in JJ's driveway, he noticed that Will's car was absent.

Well, he's probably at work. Which is why JJ called you to babysit, dummy. Stop overanalyzing things.

His inner monologue was interrupted by a shout of "UNCLE SPENCE!"

Henry stood in the doorway, his eyes shining brightly at the prospect of spending time with his godfather. As Reid made his way to the door, JJ appeared behind Henry. Reid could immediately see that something wasn't quite right with his best friend.

"Spence. Come in." JJ smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes. Reid wanted to ask what was bothering her, but Henry grabbed his hand and proceeded to drag him into JJ's living room.

"Come on, Uncle Spence! I have a new Star Wars Lego set!"

"Henry, be good for Uncle Spence! And Spence, you know all of the emergency numbers. I'll be back in a few hours!" JJ called as she made her way out the door.

Reid's worry took a back burner as he helped Henry build the Lego Death Star. After an hour of diligent work between godfather and godson, the Lego masterpiece sat complete on the coffee table.

"Awesome job, Henry! Do you want a snack?"

"Yes, please!"

Soon, Henry sat at the kitchen table with a sliced apple. Reid took a moment to look around and realized what was off about his surroundings.


"Yeah Uncle Spence?"

"Why are there no Christmas decorations up?"

"Mommy's been busy. She talks on the phone a lot."

Alarms were going off in Reid's head. "Do you know who she's been talking to?"

"A law guy."

"A lawyer?"

"Yeah, that guy."

Reid's heart sank. "Do you know why?"

"Daddy said he don't wanna be my daddy anymore. He went away before I got into Kindergarten. Why doesn't he love me, Uncle Spence? Was I bad? Will Santa not come?"

Reid's heart shattered at the tears in Henry's eyes.

THAT SONOFABITCH. He's not going to get away with this. Not by a long shot.

"No, Henry. That's not it at all. You have been very good, and Santa knows that. Your daddy is the one who has been bad."

"Oh. Okay." Henry went silent for a moment. "Uncle Spence?"

"Yes Henry?"

"Can we get the Christmas decorations and surprise Mommy? Maybe she'll smile."

That's actually not a bad idea.

"Sure, Henry. Tell you what, go wash your hands and come back down here when you're done."

"Okay, Uncle Spence!" Henry scampered up the stairs. As soon as he was out of earshot, Reid grabbed his phone and hit a speed dial.


"Hey, Ethan, it's me. I really need your help."

"Sure, man. What's up?"


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