Well StrawbrryX3 got it right, Shiro is speaking Welsh! To any uber nerd, the Elves in Lord of the Rings...mostly speak Quenya, which Tolkien created from studying Welsh. :3 Well we shall carry on!

Chapter 2: Slavery

At first, Shiro thought the family that had bought him would be kind, but it turned out that his assumptions were wrong. The master of the household was a harsh, cruel man that enjoyed having him beaten, and as for the one who purchased him...he gave him the cold shoulder. "Wyf am fod yn rhad ac am ddim ..." He whispered, staring out the window in a moment of free time.

"Will you please quit speaking gibberish? It's grating on the ears..." Shiro turned and scowled at Ichigo, whom was sitting on the bed.

It's as if his personality was a mask...or is this the mask? He wondered. He couldn't help but try to read his new master. "It is not gibberish! To many of my kind, the language you speak is gibberish."

"My language is normal."

"But your kind invaded our lands, where my language is normal...then again they have blended together...even some humans can speak dragon tongue." Shiro explained. "It is difficult for humans to pronounce correctly however." He felt Ichigo's eyes on him and grinned mischievously.

"I bet I could do it." He said, his voice full of confidence.

"Oh really? Then repeat this: Yr wyf yn Ichigo, dynol dwp."

"What does that mean? I have a feeling I know what dynol means now..." Ichigo mumbled. He sighed and did his best, but Shiro laughed at the accent. "What?!"

"Too nasal and you didn't roll yer tongue." He chuckled. "Nice try however."

"Tsk, scolded by garbage..." Ichigo huffed and looked at him. "Go clean my bath and prepare it." He saw Shiro's face, once warm and comfortable, now harden and gold eyes go cold.

"As you wish...master." He growled and walked briskly off. Ichigo placed his book down and frowned. He watched and listened quietly to Shiro hum as he cleaned and filled the tub with hot water.

He's a strange dragon...he thought. He hates me, I can tell. But he seems...tired. And he speaks almost as if he's higher than me.

"Your bath is ready master." Shiro walked in and bowed, flinching slightly.

"You disobeyed again." Ichigo stated, walking forward to check Shiro's back. Shiro flinched before shrugging. "Why do you do this?"

"Why do you care?" Shiro countered, turning around and pinning Ichigo with his golden gaze. Ichigo didn't reply, simply turned Shiro around and saw the cuts and gashes left from a whip with spikes. "This is nothing to me. I have endured far worse." Ichigo looked up to see pain flash briefly in Shiro's eyes before they hardened and moved aside. "I will guard the door. Call if you need me master." He said before shutting the door, leaving Ichigo in the bathroom.

Yup...strange indeed...Ichigo thought and sighed.

Shiro stood outside the door and sighed. Three months here...and I cannot figure him out. He thought. I can tell there is something...unsettling in his heart, a deep scar. And he has this look in his eyes when he looks my way... He clenched his chest as his heart beat rapidly. We dragons...such creatures bound by fate we are...He closed his eyes, listening to the heartbeat of the boy behind the door. Ichigo...have you not noticed? Our heartbeats oddly match...a sign of our bound fate.

"Shirosaki, bring me a towel please! I forgot one!" Ichigo called from behind the door. Shiro sighed and shook his head.

Though how we are bound...yn ddirgelwch i mi. "Yes master!" He called. He walked to the closet and pulled out a nice, fluffy white towel. He opened the door and hung the towel on his white tail, slipping it in. He didn't feel the towel lift off his tail and he opened the door. His eyes widened as he saw Ichigo. His bare body was lithe and toned well, the only flaw was a burn mark on his chest, a mark Shiro recognized. Dragon fire marks...

"H-hey! Get the fuck out!" Ichigo shouted and shoved him out the door. Shiro stumbled and fell as he stood outside the door, stunned.

"Dragon's fire..." He frowned. "I see...so that's why he hates us." He sighed and stood up, brushing off his white pants. "I feel your pain as well, Ichigo Kurosaki." He said outside the door. "You are not alone in your suffering."

Shiro sat out in the sun as he watched Ichigo play with his little sister, Karin. They were playing hide-and-seek. He looked up at the lovely blue sky and sighed in content. "I'm glad to be outdoors." He said. "Mae'r haul yn wirioneddol wych heddiw ..."

"Um...mister Shiro?" Shiro turned to see Karin's twin, Yuzu, look at him with big eyes. In her hands was a small instrument. "Can you...play the ocarina?" She asked. Shiro smiled kindly and took the small, red instrument from her hands. "It's made of unicorn bones! My Papa said that they make the best ones."

"Indeed they make a beautiful sound un bach." He said and brought it to his lips and began to play. The sound floated on the peaceful breeze, making Ichigo stop and turn their way. He wanted to stop Shiro, seeing Yuzu so close, but as he watched, he couldn't help but feel at ease.

He isn't like others of his kind...sure he hates being a slave...but he's so kind to my sisters...and much nicer to me than I deserve...He thought and frowned. Perhaps...I should treat him a little better. When he finished, Yuzu and Karin, who had walked up behind Yuzu, we clapping in happiness. Ichigo walked over and sat next to Shiro, a smile on his face. "Can you play more? Do you know more songs?" He asked.

"Umm...yes master." Shiro nodded, his face slightly red and flustered. "Do you command me to play more?"

"No...but I will ask you. Please? Play another tune for us?" he asked. Shiro's eyes widened in shock before a soft, tiny smile appeared on his lips. Ichigo instantly decided that his smile was nice and warm.

"Very well...Ichigo." He said before putting the instrument to his lips and the sound of the music swirled around the family.

Up on the castle rafters, two cloak clad figures watched them. "They are guarded by that White Dragon."

"White...thought they were wiped out. Apparently not." The other said.

"Killing them all will be difficult. But we can still do it. Three days time." The two looked at each other and nodded before disappearing.

Chapter 2 end

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Welsh Translkations~! :D

Wyf am fod yn rhad ac am ddim- I want to be free...

Yr wyf yn Ichigo, dynol dwp- I'm Ichigo, a stupid human

yn ddirgelwch i mi- I don't know

Mae'r haul yn wirioneddol wych heddiw -The sun is nice today

un bach- little one