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Chapter 6: On The Way

Ichigo followed Shiro as they traveled through the forest, their armor clanking in the otherwise quiet surroundings. A dragon sanctuary? Does a place like that really exist? He wondered.

"We should probably stop in a village for the night...and hide yer hair." Shiro said, moving Ichigo from his thoughts. "That way we're well rested and, maybe, I can shift and fly us there faster."

"Hide my hair?"

"Yes tywysog ifanc." He said. "You're too easy to recognize."

"S-so are you!"

"I wasn't with you for long, so my identity is most likely unknown." Ichigo huffed and pouted, Shiro chuckling at the sight. "Don't pout...it's cute looking." Ichigo's face turned red and he laughed. "You're so easy to mess with."

"Shut up!" Ichigo huffed and stomped forward.

"W-Wait stop! There's a-" Shiro watched as Ichigo tripped a small trap, a rope circling his foot and sending him up in the air, hanging him upside down. "Trap..."

"Ugh this is just great!" Ichigo struggled in the trap, trying to get down. "Can you do something?"

"I could try to burn the rope...but my flames are strong and I may burn your leg with it." Shiro sighed. Shiro heard hoof beats and drew his sword, ready for the owners of the trap. He just barely blocked a spear being thrown at him and then stopped another from piercing his neck. He stared into gray eyes of a centaur, slightly in shock. "A centaur?! I thought you all had migrated from these lands..." She withdrew her spear and stared at Shiro.

"You...are a White Dragon." The centaur stood down and kneeled. "Your Highness, I-"

"Shiro? Mind having her cut me dow-" Ichigo gulped as a spear was held to his throat.

"Silence human! Or your next breath will be your last!"

"Please don't threaten the young prince." Shiro said. "And yes, please let him down." The centaur cut Ichigo down and Shiro caught him, placing him on the ground gently. "There...feel better?"

"Much." He huffed, brushing himself off.

"You Highness, what are you doing with this imposter prince?" The centaur asked. Before Ichigo could retort, he stepped forward.

"Please, help us find a place to rest and I will explain everything."

"So that's what happened?" The centaur asked, passing around a bowl of apples. Ichigo and Shiro both took one and ate slowly. "I am deeply sorry for your loss young man."

"It's Ichigo."

"I...Itsygo?" The centaur cocked her head and chuckled. "Such a funny name." Shiro chuckled at Ichigo's obviously annoyed face. "Anyways, I am sorry for earlier Itsygo. I was simply hunting, hoping for a deer."

"No it's my fault." Ichigo said, surprising the young centurion woman. "I should've listened to Shiro."

"You refer to his first name or nickname I should say, so casually. Are you two a mated pair?" Both Ichigo and Shiro turned beet red and shook their heads quickly.

"H-hell no!"

"No way!" The centaur laughed at their obvious embarrassment.

"Sorry, I was kidding. Anyways, my name is Neliel Tu Odershvank. But you both can call me Nel." She nodded her head. "So you wish to rest with my tribe tonight?"

"We are on our way to Sanctuary." Shiro explained. "But also, we need to find someone to remove these bindings from me." Nel took his pale hand and observed the markings carefully.

"These marks cannot be removed by normal means. Who had these placed on you?" She asked.

"I did...but my Father showed me how." Ichigo said. Nel glared at him but remained silent. "I'm sorry...this whole thing is a mess and I didn't want him hurt..."

"Well these markings are very...unique. There is only one way to remove these." Shiro and Ichigo cocked their heads.

"How so?"

"...By admitting your love to the other."

A tall, brown haired man walked in the quiet, obsidian hallways of an old, abandoned castle. "So then the last White Dragon has been found after all..." He whispered. "The White Prince...Ogichi Shirosaki Zangetsu." He chuckled to himself, hands sliding on large handles and opening two doors, once majestic and now decrepit with age and evil. "It has been awhile since I last heard that name..."

"My Lord, we found the bodies of the royal human family, but the Prince is still missing." A hooded man said, his voice monotone.

"Ah, then Shirosaki must have escaped with him." The man sighed, rubbing his forehead. "Together they are troublesome. I need to be rid of them both." He walked slowly up a staircase, and reached out for a large, magnificent throne, blackened by his own tainted soul. "But I need Shirosaki alive..."

"Perhaps we can use the human boy?" The servant asked. "Shirosaki remains bound in the chains of his enslavement...we could use the little knowledge they have of it against them."

"Possibly...but I have a slightly better idea...one I need you to carry out for me." He pulled a chess table towards himself, the black army on his end and the white army on the other side. "You must lead them to me and away from Sanctuary. They cannot reach that place."

"What do you wish of me My Lord?"

"Use what you can to bring them to me...eliminate the boy if you must, but try to use young Ichigo Kurosaki to your advantage." The servant bowed and then stood, his hood falling to reveal a pale face, green tear marks tattooed into white skin below his green eyes. Black hair was hidden beneath a helm of bone and horns. "I have faith you will not fail me, Ulquiorra Cifer."

"As you command My Lord...it shall be done." Black wings appeared from his back and he flew into the night. The man chuckled, moving a rook forward two spaces.

"Our game continues, young Prince...I wonder now how you will play, with someone growing ever closer to your pure heart?" He laughed, the sound echoing off the large, darkened walls. His brown eyes turned red briefly and he grinned. "Now then...your move...Prince Ogichi Shirosaki Zangetsu..."

Chapter 6 end

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