Chapter 1- She looks like and Elephant in a suit.

Friday, 11.40am

I can't believe that we're finally moving out of Essex and into , Sean and Dad are all set to move and are just having a look around the house. On the way in me accidently bumped into a couple of girls and they offered to help with the boxes. As we were putting the boxes in my room when we started talking and getting to know each other.

"So, are you going to St Marias? The girl called Jas asked.

"Yeah, I start on Monday, how is it? "I asked hoping that it wasn't going to be too bad

"OH, its fine, sticks with us and you'll be fine". Rosie (I think) jumped in.

Same Day 1.40pm

Swapped digits with the 'Ace Gang'. They seem nice said they would come get me and walk with me on Monday to make me feel less nervous about my first day.

Saturday, 12.30pm

Dad came in just when I was about to start taking my life out of cardboard boxes.

2 minutes later...

YESSS Result!

Aren't you as happy as me? Of course you're not you don't know what happened. I shall tell you dear chum, my dearest father has just handed me 100 squids to spend on my room.

5 minutes later..

Wonder if the Aces will come to help they will.

Monday, 7.30am

Rosie phoned last night to say that it would only be her and Jas as the rest of the ace gang are getting dropped off.

10 minutes later...

Rosie is such a laugh! We've just pushed Jas into a bush and ran away from her. My sides hurt from laughing so much.


Met the rest of the Ace Gang at the school gates and got squashed in the middle of a group hug.

I heard some boys shouting over "Oi,oi" and the rest of the gang ran over and started snogging all these all the boys at the same time you silly billy each of them were with what I think were there boyfriends.I felt a little weird standing on my own until I noticed that there was a boy standing looking the exact same as me.

5 Minutes later…

The boys have finally left, the left out boy (As I cleverly renamed him).He looked like he wanted to come over but then decided not to.I didn't know what to feel about that I just decided to play with my hair.


I don't know how they have sat through this for 6 years I want to go home and im just in the door. After it was finished (Thank God).I had to go to the Heads office to get properly registered and all that jaz.I has just noticed the head she looks like and elephant in a brown suit. Dear lord!