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Unexpected Encounters


The inn was full of people. The perfect place for a little raid. Everybody was occupied and most were drunk. Actually Brynjolf had already completed the quest he had come for to Markath. The small golden statue for some collector was safely hidden in his backpack. He did not find it appealing at any point, but for the gold it would bring the guild. Currently they had a bit of a rough time and gold wasn`t coming in as smoothly as it once had. So that was why, he Brynjolf the second in command, had to take care that this job was done. He didn`t mind. A little traveling could be fun and it was nice to get out, since the mood has been rather depressing lately.

Snapping out of his thoughts Brynjolf looked around the inn. Grabbing his mead, he leaned back and looked out for potential victims. With their current line of failures, it would be useful to grab a little extra coin while staying.

For some time he watched an old man, probably a merchant. He looked quite wealthy and was obviously tired, because his eyes were closing every now and then for some time and he was having a hard time to reopen them.

On the other side there was a group of mercenaries sitting and celebrating. From their shouts and laughter Brynjolf found out, that they just made a lot of coin by destroying some sort of bandit group for the jarl.

But he dropped the idea of robbing them. They were heavily armed and drunken worriers tended to be aggressive. No need to take such risks.

Suddenly behind those guys, in the far corner, he spotted a girl, a dunmer girl. She sat on a bench with her back against the wall. Her features were quite delicate, but with strong cheekbones like many of her race. Brynjolf actually preferred Nordwoman, but he thought for that girl he could make an excuse. Especially since her green tunica with embroidery indicated that she wasn`t poor at all.

So taking another sip from his mead, Brynjolf rose from his place and walked casually towards her. On his way he grabbed the gold purse of the merchant, he was watching earlier and secured it at his own pants.

When he nearly reached her, he made eye contact and produced the most charming smile ever seen.

"Well, what do we got `ere?! A lass, like you, sitting all alone in a full tavern, what a shame…"

Meanwhile, Brynjolf sat down on the bench next to her, leaning a bit back so he had a better view on the girl, who eyed him back very closely and took her time to examine him. When she was done, and obviously pleased with what she saw, there formed a smug smile on her lips, while saying:

"Most people in here seemed too dull, to be a pleasing company" With that she crossed her arms in front of her torso. This pushed her breasts a bit up and Brynjolf`s gaze dropped somewhere under her face for just a moment. But the girl didn`t seem to mind. Her smile only grew a bit wider and she said nothing, waiting for his response.

"That is a very pessimistic estimation of the situation. Let me proof you the opposite…"

And so Brynjolf engaged her in a meaningless conversation. Literally throwing insinuating phrases at her, to which she responded giggling. She seemed to enjoy his attention very much and Brynjolf found himself proudly realizing that he had quite an aim when it came to women.

Leaning closer in the progress of the conversation he had the chance to examine her inconspicuously. She was probably a bit older than he thought at the beginning. Her eyes gave away that, but still a few years younger than him. She was slender, but not looking malnourished. She was a bit taller than would be expected from a Dunmer. Also her shoulders and hips were quite broad, what gave her very feminine curves.

And she knew how to play with that, god she knew… By know she sat in front of him, their knees touching. She had put on leg over the other and had tuck her ebony hair behind her ear. Now she was leaning on one arm, while her elbow was resting on the back of the bench they were sitting on. Looking suggestively at him.

Brynjolf had to admit, she attracted him far more than originally thought. So there was a voice in this head saying that he could spend the night with her and only depart tomorrow. After all, that was obviously what that lass had in mind.

But sadly obligations waited for him in Rifton, he could not delay his departure any more. With that thought, he laid one hand on the girl`s thigh, inching as close as he could get. Meanwhile the other hand searched in her belongings, which were stowed on the floor beneath the bench.

Just when he thought he found her purse, he felt something cold pressing on his groin.

"…and just where exactly do you think your hand is at the moment, my charming thief?" , she said again with that smug smile and the in most sweetest way she could, while still pressing her dagger on this groin.

"Woha lass, relax…" Brynjolf said, very much unnerved by that dagger, and slowly raising the hand that was rummaging in her stuff, the other still rested on her thigh.

"I am probably the worst person, you could have chosen to rob and only because I take a very personal interest in it, I leave your manhood unharmed", she said smiling like won a prize and removed the dagger.

Brynjolf was speechless. That didn`t happen often, actually he couldn`t remember the last time.

"So, where were we…?!", she said suggestively, while she slid an arm around Brynjolfs neck and climbing on his lap. "Or, did you got cold feet, now?"

Brynjolf, who was still afraid to be unmanned, couldn`t quite process what was happening and just stared at her wide eyed. The girl took that as a sign that she, well her body, has never been of any interest and stood up. The smug smile was gone, instead she looked quite sour.

"I am disappointed. I expected more, thief. Make sure the next time you take a better look at your victim for I won`t let you get out of this so easily a second time. "With that she turned around and grabbed her stuff, ready to go.

Brynjolf, the so considered master thief, sat still motionless on the bench. But his brain was working. When she had stood up, he had got a full view at her for the first time. Beneath her light tunica she wore black leather pants, black with red seams.

Fuck… He just messed up with an assassin of the dark brotherhood.

In an attempt to save this encounter from becoming a disaster and hopefully saving his life also, he sprang on his feet and grabbed her from behind, sliding an arm around her lower torso and pushing her back against his body.

"I was just a bit unnerved by that bloody dagger. I would never ever let an opportunity to … get to know… a lass like you slip away from me. ", he mumbled in her ear and it quickly lightened her mood. She turned around in his embrace, leaned on him a bit, so that they were just barely touching and said:" I am not totally convinced, but I am willing to give you a second chance. Just make sure you don`t muck it up again. That could end very badly… for you." With the last sentence, she looked up at him and her eyes got something very icy, completely different to her to her playful behaviour. It left no doubt that if he crossed her again, he wouldn`t ever see the sunlight again.

Surprisingly the expectation of his possible death did not scare Brynjolf too much, it was more a shiver that ran down his spine and excited him. This air of danger made his skin tingle and he had to admit: it aroused him. Damn his obligations, after all he could claim that she forced him. Well, no, he wouldn´t tell anyone that.

"Well, you haven`t revealed your name to me up until now, my gentleman-thief", the lass said to get the conversation going on. When she saw his sceptic glare, debating if it would be wise to trust an assassin with his real name, she said:" People call me Missy"

"Missy,…", he asked chuckling "that is a rather strange name for an assassin, isn`t it?! Mine`s Brynjolf, by the way"

"No victim ever complained", she answered with a shrug of her shoulders. "So, Brynjolf…", she was pronouncing his name like an obscenity "Why don`t we relocate our… conversation to somewhere more private ? I got a room rented for the night…."

Brynjolf, wouldn`t have been Brynjolf, if he`d let down an invitation like this.

When the door of Missy`s room closed behind them. She shoved him against it, pressed her body on his and started kissing him. Brynjolf let her take the lead. He still wasn`t ultimately comfortable with the events of this evening and it unnerved him that his performance in bed would be the key to surviving this night. It doesn`t do any good to pressure men…

But Missy was eager, and very soon he couldn`t bring himself to care anymore, actually any thought at all was wasted energy, especially since the blood was needed elsewhere. So he let his hands, which had rested on her hips, roam and explore the body in front of him.

His hands went first down to her firm butt and grabbed it, pressing her even more against him. Meanwhile Missy`s hands explored his torso and started to unbuckle his armour. She didn`t want to waste any time, it seemed…

Her mouth moved from his to his neck. Kissing and biting all the way from his throat to his ear. His much needed intake of breath became a barely supressed moan, what made her giggle again. How un-assassin like, he thought.

In the meantime his hands moved from her butt to under her tunica. Caressing the soft skin of her lower back and then her belly. One hand started to inch up slowly to find her breast. This obviously did not happen fast enough for with one fluid motion, Missy let go of Brynjolf and pulled the tunica over her head. She took a few steps away from him, dropping the tunica on the floor there and then sitting on the edge of the bed. Brynjolf stalked after her, on his way sliding the already opened armour from his shoulders.

For a moment both examined each other's body, him standing in front of the bed, her laying down. Then suddenly Brynjolf climbed onto the bed also, covering her with his body. His mouth found her neck and he started to kiss and suck at it, just like she had done a moment ago. But his mouth soon went down exploring one breast, while he massaged the other with his hand.

That got her moaning and aching. She lifted her hips, grinding them on his and his swollen manhood. In a totally unexpected movement, she changed their places, and sat down on top of him, what made both groan. Her hands resumed exploring his chest. They were soon replaced by her mouth, so the hands could start working on the buttons of his breeches. As if by accident she lightly touched his prick through his pants, which made him wriggle underneath her.

As she finally opened all buttons, she wasted no time and quickly shoved his pants down, so they would pool on his feet and got rid of her own as well.

As if time stood still, both took a moment to appreciate the other naked body, panting heavily. It must have been only seconds, then she climbed on top of him again, and with one movement sank herself onto him, making them both gasp for air.

Brynjolf grabbed her by her hair and pulled her down to a passionate kiss, while she started moving her hips in a merciless fast rhythm. The room filled with the unmistakable scent of sex and sweat and all that could be heard were gasps, moans and two bodies smacking against each other.

Missy was the first one to lose all control. She bit hard in his shoulder, as her orgasm ripped through her. The feeling of her inner walls contracting around him, was what got Brynjolf over the edge. He came hard, spilling into her. Missy still rocked her hips a couple of times, though more gently, before she collapsed onto him.

There they laid, both exhausted trying to catch their breaths. When she rolled off him, laying down beside him, he tried rise from the bed, but she grabbed his arm, saying:" Stay, I appreciate the warmth". So he pulled her in an embrace from behind, one arm supporting his head and the other pulling her close on her belly. And really she seemed cold.

Soon she relaxed and her breath became even. Brynjolf on the other hand couldn´t rest, with his brain working again and processing what just happened. The absurdity of this situation crashed down on him, leaving him edgy.

That was when he spotted the delicate silver necklace, she was wearing. On her lilac grey skin it was nearly invisible. A dangerous idea formed in his head, but hey he was a thief after all, in a way it was her own fault falling asleep beside him…

He leaned down, lightly kissing her neck and ear, what made her mumble in her sleep and he opened the lock of the necklace. Slowly for not waking her, he pulled at it, till it was safely within his hand. He waited another half hour or so until she was without any doubt fast asleep. Then he withdraw slowly and carefully form the bed. Without a sound he retrieved his clothes and within minutes he was outside the inn and getting into a cart that would bring him to Rifton.

When they left the city, a smug smile formed on his face. His honour as a master thief and his dignity as a man were back in place.


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