"Yes, there's an intruder in my house right now. I'm staring at her," she told the operator on the other end. "She's armed and dangerous."

"That's a lie!" Luke argued, moving closer.

She ignored him – she'd deal with him shortly – in favor of the little brunette witch bitch from next-door, "How dare you come into my house after what you've done!?"

She moved closer before her son shoved her backward, the phone falling from her fingers as she stumbled, "Stay away from her!"

Her dark eyes were wide as she looked back at him. Ungrateful little-

"We're leaving, Mother, and you can't stop us," her son swore lowly.

"The hell I can't," she returned, her voice calmer than she felt. She hadn't let Dennis leave and she wouldn't let Luke. If she had to remove his new little girlfriend, she would – either her way or... with help. But she'd prefer her way since she didn't exactly want to be 'in debt' to that blonde devil again. "I'm your mother. I made you and I can unmake you."

His eyes weren't focused on her face, though, instead trailing down her stomach.

See? Consort with the devil and then you have lustful, incestuous thoughts. She'd fix that with another cleansing after she got rid of-

Pain ripped through her stomach, spinning her to face the window, and she stared at her son blankly. And then the world was going dark around her as she fell.

And nothing mattered anymore. Luke wouldn't leave her – she was leaving him. She was going home to Jesus.

She woke with a gasp, her eyes wide as she stared into the blue-green eyes of a young girl with wild, wavy blonde hair. Her mouth was open in horror even as the girl fell backwards.


That pain in her stomach. It was gone, but... What had happened?

She'd been so sure she was going home to heaven. But it'd just been cold and dark – an empty void with no one. But now she was back. But why?

Her dark eyes found trim, feminine legs encased in black nylons and she followed them up the lean body to the she-devil's face.

Of course. That demon temptress had tricked her into thinking she was dead with her evil magic. And now she was 'indebted' to her again.

Damn it all.

"Welcome back, Joanie," the blonde smirked.

"My son!" she sat up. "Where's my Luke?"

Had he left while she was gripped with the devil's magic?

"No," the blonde started – though she suddenly noticed that the blonde's hair was wrapped in a dark scarf instead of bouncing around her shoulders as before – "he hasn't fled with Nan."

She exhaled, relaxing a bit and laying back again on the hard floor... It was hardly comfortable, though, her nightgown sticky and wet beneath her.

"Get up," the devil continued. "You need to get washed."

"What happened?" she pressed, pushing herself back up as she looked around. "... Oh, God. What happened!?"

The blonde smiled, her smile toxic. "You were dead. And now you're not. You can imagine what that means."

She shook her head, "I couldn't have been. I- it was dark and cold. There weren't angels."

"Aww," her neighbor pouted with false sympathy. "Sorry to burst your bubble, holy-roller, but regardless of where you went, you were dead. Just be glad it wasn't fire and eternal damnation you faced. Now get up."

She blinked, shaking her head as she did finally push herself to her feet, "N- what happened to my house? Where's my son?"

"Go get washed. I'll explain later," the devil repeated.

"But-" she looked down, pools of a dark, red liquid on the floor where she'd been laying. And it stained her nightgown too, splotched across her stomach and the sticky, wet fabric told it her was on her back too. Her fingers shook as she moved to lightly finger the holes in her nightgown, each marked with a ring of red. "How-?"

The blonde threw her arms wide, "Just another debt for you to pay off, Joanie. Now go upstairs. I have memories to modify. All those officers think you're dead. And when you work off your debt, I'd like you to be clean, not blood-soaked. So get."

She obediently, but haltingly, moved to the steps, ascending them as she continued her attempts to work through her confusion.

The blonde devil couldn't be right. Heaven was real. God was real. But if – of course. Naturally the devil would feed her lies. She was foolish to have let her faith waver that way.

She stripped her nightgown off when she reached her bathroom, balling it up and trashing it before removing her underwear and slippers.

Turning the water on, she stepped under the spray of the water. … And that awful witch had cruelly drenched half her body in that liquid that looked suspiciously like blood – but it couldn't be because it meant that the devil was telling the truth.

She washed herself clean of that awful, sticky substance before washing her hair – the ends were matted with that same substance.

Even that awful woman had to tell her where her son was. Surely she'd cave to the depth of emotion a mother felt for her child.

Her hair rinsed, she turned off the water, extending a hand past the curtain and fumbling for her towel. Finding it, she pulled it into the shower, wrapping it around her body before whisking the curtain back. She gasped when she saw the devil waiting for her, holding the towel tighter to her chest. "What?"

"What do you mean, 'What'?" the devil grinned, reminding, "You have debts to work off, Joan. One for having you brought back and one for telling you where your son is."

"Where is he?" she demanded, stepping out of the tub.

The blonde laughed, "Oh, no. You'll be working off both first. Once I tell you, you won't focus. … Better make it three. I don't like to just take during sex. So three debts." She reached for the brunette's towel, Joan clutching it tighter and shying away, making the devil let out a small titter of a laugh, "So modest! Joan, don't bother clutching to your false virtue. We both know you enjoyed yourself last time." She grabbed the Christian's wrist instead, tugging her along. "Which is your room? No; let me guess. … This one has no pictures of Dennis and a crucifix above the bed. Is it this one? Ya know, Joanie, most widows keep pictures up. It's a little incriminating that you don't have any in your bedroom."

She exhaled, closing her eyes, "Please just tell me where my son is!"

"Oh, no," the demon snorted a laugh, pulling her into the master bedroom. "Not until you've repaid me at least twice. Maybe I'll hold the third one – save it for a rainy day – but I'm getting two from you, Joan."

The blonde waved a finger before the door closed, Joan exhaling and closing her eyes again as warm fingers tugged at the top of her towel.

"Please," she whispered. "What happened to my son? Where is Luke?"

"I'm trying to get you into bed and you're asking about your son?" the devil mocked, pulling at the towel again before letting it fall around Joan's ankles. "Doesn't the Bible have rules against incest?"

She opened her eyes, glaring, "I would never do that. I want to protect my son, not defile him. You are-"

"Bored with this," the blonde demon finished. "Start entertaining me or I'll leave without telling you where your darling Luke is."

… May God forgive her, but she needed to know.

She swallowed before raising her shaking hands as the devil turned around, her fingers clumsily working the zipper and tugging it down the track.

"That's a good Joan," the devil chimed, moving her arms so the dress slid down, pooling around her ankles.

Eyes closed, she traced her fingers along the thin straps of the blonde's slip, pushing them down her arms until the material fell in a heap on the floor. She moved her fingers to the bra straps next, trailing along the back of the smooth satin before unclasping the small eyelets. She winced when the blonde grabbed her hand, pulling it around her body to force her palm against her still-covered breast.

"Now, now, Joanie, what kind of woman do you take me for?" the demon told her, mocking, "You have to romance me too."

"... What do you want from me? Y- you're a mother, aren't you? Surely you can understand I just want to know what happened to my son!" she insisted, opening her eyes and glaring at the scarf piled atop the other woman's head.

The devil pressed their hands tighter to her chest, "You know what I want."

"... Oh, can't you just use your damnable devil magic? I don't know what you want. All I know is that I have to find my son!" she returned.

Her neighbor turned, dropping her bra on top of her dress, as she smiled, "You like it. You enjoyed yourself the last time, but don't want the guilt of it, so you want me to use my magic so you can pretend you were forced."

She glared, covering her chest with her arms under the gaze of the other woman – she wished she hadn't let the devil drop her towel. "I do not!" The she-devil pushed her own underwear down.

"I can see inside your mind, Joan," the blonde nearly sang. "No secrets from me."

"I'm not keeping a secret," she hissed.

"You're keeping many," the devil returned. "But not from me. I can see inside your tortured soul. I see your hurt and your anger. I see your desire and your longing. Let me in, Joan. I can take it all away."

She swallowed, shaking her head, "I don't have any of that. I just want my son."

The other woman flashed another toxic smile, "That's not all you want, Joan, and we both know it." She stepped out of the pile of clothes before pushing the brunette backwards and onto the bed, Joan pressing her thighs together and covering her chest.

"Please... Don't make me do this," she whimpered. "Just.. tell me where my son is. Please."

The devil rolled her eyes, climbing onto the bed as well, the Christian flinching when the blonde's knee grazed her thigh. "You're making this very tedious."

She fought the temptress's grip when the blonde tried to pull one of her hands from her chest, "Please... First John chapter one, verse nine: If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. Even you can be forgiven. But you have to stop and repent."

"You are working my last nerve, Joan," the blonde growled.

"Repent, then, and turn to God," she insisted, "so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord; Acts, chapter three, verse n- mmm!" She struggled when the devil cut her off with a vicious kiss, teeth digging into her lower lip.

The demon grabbed the brunette's hands, pinning them beside her head as she straddled her, "Enough, Joanie. I don't want to hear about 'forgiveness.' I've already made peace with my life. The only thing I want to hear from you are your moans and pleas to your fake God while I dismantle your faith."

'Testing of faith develops perseverance; James, chapter one, verse three.'

Gritting her teeth and glaring, she growled lowly, "I. Forgive. You."

The devil laughed before her voice lost its mirth, her lips moving next to the Christian's ear, "You don't fool me." She released the brunette's left hand, smoothing her palm along her arm and over her chest before working her plump breast. Her mouth teased the other woman's throat below her ear. "I know your secrets, Joan," she reminded. "You say it was a sin and an awful trial of your faith... but we both know you've been thinking about it."

"Never," she swore, closing her eyes and biting back a moan when the blonde sucked at her throat.

"You want me to touch you where that 'hellfire' is burning?" the temptress encouraged, her wicked fingers moving tortuously against plump flesh.

She mewled, shaking her head even as the devil continued biting and sucking at her neck, "Please don't... it's a sin. It's- we must flee from sexual immorality." Despite her pleas, she threw her head back as the blonde licked and sucked down the line of her throat. "Ohh..." 'Almighty and most Merciful God, graciously hearken unto our prayers and free our hearts from the temptations of evil thoughts that we may worthily become a fit habitation for Thy Holy Spirit.'

The blonde kissed lower, releasing her other hand so that she could support her weight as she leaned down, coral lips staining her neck and chest before white teeth closed around a dusky rose bud. She released the brunette's breast, looking up at her through her lashes. "Flee later, Joan. Give in to temptation."

"... Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation," she recited, her eyes closed again against the image of the she-demon, "The spirit is willing, but the body is weak."

"So weak," the devil echoed before she moved next to the Christian, leaning and taking the rosy bud between her lips. She kissed and sucked a trail back to her companion's throat, her fingers taking over where her mouth had been teasing a hardened peak. She lightly ghosted the backs of her fingers down an olive-kissed stomach, smirking widely when toned, olive thighs fell open for her. "That's it, Joan. Let me extinguish that hellfire for you."

'Almighty and most Merciful God, graciously hearken unto our prayers and free our hearts from the temptations of evil thoughts that we may worthily become a fit habitation for Thy Holy Spirit.'

She tensed, almost crying, when the devil invaded her, two long digits thrusting in and out slowly and cruelly.

… It was the surest path to Hell. Why did God allow this? Hadn't she been a good and faithful disciple? Sure, she plotted and arranged the death of her husband, but he was an adulterer. And she'd repented!

So then why did this she-devil tempt her? Why did God allow this demon to go through with her seduction?

It wasn't as if she could even say no – her son's location and possibly very safety hung in the balance.

…. It did. And she was supposed to be repaying the devil, not earning another debt.

She let the blonde guide her hand, first following the demon's lead in working a plump breast before forsaking her lead and instead trailing her fingers down the temptress's taut stomach and between her legs.

The demon bit her throat before nodding her approval, "That's the spirit, Joanie."

Exhaling, she pushed the devil's cruel fingers from her, moving and pushing the blonde to her back. She moved between the blonde's legs before leaning down and kissing down the pale stomach, her hands lightly caressing the nylon-encased thighs on either side of her body.

This was for her son. She had to.

The blonde devil was wrong though – she didn't like it. It was just to find out about her son.

"Ohhh, yes," the blonde groaned when she leaned down, running her tongue teasingly along the pale thigh above the lace-covered elastic of her nylon.

Swallowing, she glimpsed up at the demon before kissing and sucking higher up her thigh.

"See?" the demon taunted. "I knew you knew what I wanted. That's it, Joan."

For Luke.

She ran her tongue along the other woman's flesh, drawing it between her lips and earning a sharp gasp. The demon threaded its claws through her hair, guiding her mouth higher. She didn't hesitate this time, though, opening her mouth and running her tongue along her neighbor's slit, tracing circles.

"Ohh.. circles – that's right; you use circles. I like circles," the devil praised.

She continued tracing circles with her tongue, moving her hand from where she'd been digging her fingers into a toned thigh by her ear and instead thrusting her first two fingers into the blonde devil, the other woman groaning her approval loudly.

"Oh- ohh, Joan- y- mmm... Fuck. … I like 'em big, remember, Joan," the demon told her.

And she obediently added another finger, rocking them up as she used the flat of her tongue, switching to long strokes. She dug the fingers of her left hand into the blonde's other thigh, holding her legs open even as she pressed her own together – no, the sound of the demon's moans were not making heat pulse between her thighs.

'Almighty and most Merciful God, graciously hearken unto our prayers and free our hearts from the temptations of evil thoughts that we may worthily become a fit habitation for Thy Holy Spirit.'

"F- ohh- ohh, yeah. F-" the blonde crooned.

She peered up to see manicured nails working a pale breast and she momentarily stopped the movements of her tongue, remembering the way the devil had touched her before.

"I knew you liked it," the devil accused lowly before arching. Claws gripped her hair again, pulling her mouth down, "But I'll do you later. Finish me first."

She obediently moved her tongue again, closing her lips around the blonde's clit and sucking as she flicked her tongue back and forth. The she-demon let out a throaty groan, nodding, before starting to quaver, her legs trying to close.

"F- oh-ohhh! Y- f-yes!" the blonde cried, heat rushing into the Christian's mouth as the demon's muscles tightened around her fingers.

She hesitated, pulling her mouth away and looking up, before licking her lips and exhaling.

… It'd be easier now – finish working off the second part of her debt before the demon could come down from her high.

And she'd be doing it for her son. Not because the noises the blonde-devil made during made heat pound and throb between her thighs. So it was wrong, but justified. And not for personal gain. Because she certainly didn't enjoy it; no, absolutely not.

Moving her fingers rapidly again, she lowered her mouth, licking and sucking at the moist flesh and earning loud groans of approval.

"Oh- oh, fuck- Joan- ohhh- yes!" the blonde moaned loudly, arching and rocking her hips up.

She released the nylon-encased thigh in favor of reaching, her fingers moving tentatively up the blonde's lithe body the devil grabbed her wrist to guide her fingers against plump flesh. Still moving her fingers roughly between the demon's toned thighs, she pulled her mouth away again, watching the blonde curiously as she writhed.

Swallowing, she moved up the other woman's body, leaving scattered, distracted, open-mouthed kisses up her stomach and to the breast she wasn't already working with the blonde's guidance. Licking her lips, she hesitated before closing her lips around a rosy bud, biting lightly before sucking.

The demon curled toned legs around the Christian's waist, squeezing her between toned thighs.

"Is-is it right?" she asked, peering up at the she-devil's face.

"Oh- ohh- ohh, so good- yes- ohh... Joan, you're a natural," the devil praised, digging her nails into the Christian's back.

She leaned higher, sucking at the blonde's throat instead – she used to like when Dennis would do that, she remembered – as she rotated her hand in favor of running her thumb over the devil's clit.

Manicured nails raked her shoulder in response as the demon arched and moaned loudly.

"F-oh- ohh, yes- ohh- ahhh- Fuck, Joan!" the demon purred, her body trembling.

She bit the devil's neck to stamp down a mewl of pain when claws dug into her shoulder again – the blonde-devil's throaty groans cutting off with a squeak, her thighs squeezing around the Christian's hips as she climaxed.

Slowly, the devil's grip slackened and she pulled away from the panting blonde, rolling and laying beside her.

"... You're very talented, Joan," the blonde offered once she caught her breath.

She stared up at her crucifix, saying nothing in return.

"Oh, I know," the blonde soothed, moving to her side to watch the brunette. "You hadn't thought about your God or how it was a sin or how it was for your son that last time. I know. You enjoyed yourself – I could tell; it made it better for me, too."

"... That's not true," she claimed, closing her eyes instead of looking up at the damning gaze from her crucifix. "I was disgusted the whole time. I didn't enjoy myself. I – it was for Luke. So you'd tell me where he is."

The devil moved, pressing her body against the brunette's and starting to kiss and suck at her neck, "Nuh- uh. My turn to play first, Joanie."

She squeezed her eyes closed, tensing, "No..."

The blonde-devil's hand skimmed along her side, her lips still moving against the Christian's throat. "No?" she taunted. "C'mon, Joanie. Tell me what you want. Do you want me to stop? Hmm?"

She exhaled through her nose, her thighs parting when the demon's fingers glided down her stomach and teasingly close to where it felt like hellfire itself was pulsing between her thighs. "... No."

"No," the devil echoed, smirking, "I didn't think so. So tell me what you do want, Joan. Do you want ..." The devil's hot mouth sucked at her throat as her manicured fingers teased the brunette. "This?"

She whimpered, closing her thighs instead and rolling to her side, "Almighty and most Merciful God, graciously hearken unto our prayers and free our hearts from the temptations of evil thoughts that we may worthily become a fit habitation for Thy Holy Spirit."

The blonde laughed, "Is that really what you want? Are you sure? And not..." She pulled the Christian to her back again, leaning over to take a taut, rosy bud between her teeth as she moved her fingers teasingly again, the pad of one of her fingers lightly gliding over the brunette's clit.

"Ooo... n- please – it's wrong. It's so wrong," she insisted even as she spread her legs again at the slightest encouragement from the blonde.

The devil grinned wickedly, waving a finger so that the brunette's head turned to her. "Live a little, Joan" she purred, leaning and kissing the Christian bruisingly.

She shifted, splaying her legs wider, "Mmm.."

"That's it," the demon encouraged. "Give in; tell me what you want." She watched the Christian writhe under her touch, smirking as she reminded, "You thought about what Dennis used to do with you. Do you want me to do it, Joanie?"

"No," she shook her head, mewling and pleading, "Oh, God. Make it stop – make the hellfire stop."

"The one right here?" the blonde started, her pink tongue running along her lip as she watched the brunette tense in response to her fingers thrusting into her. "This one?"

She nodded, gritting her teeth, "Yes..."

"That can only be put out one way, Joan," the devil promised. "Are you willing to give yourself over? I can put it out for you if you'll let me. All you have to do is admit it – admit you like it, Joan, and I can show you things you've only dared to dream of."

She chewed her lip before nodding and rocking her hips against the devil's hand.

"No, Joan," the she-demon insisted, pulling her hand away. "I want to hear it. Tell me."

She nearly cried, nodding again, "Yes. I want it. I liked it."

The devil rewarded her by slipping three fingers into her again, its breath hot against the Christian's throat, "I thought as much. Tell me more. Is it better than it was with Dennis?"

She nodded, "Mm- ohhh... y-yes, oh, yes... ohhh-" She gripped the sheets by her head with one hand, the other cradling the scarf wrapped around her neighbor's head, guiding the devil's mouth to her throat.

"Is this what you want?" the blonde asked, her voice a low purr before her tongue glided teasingly along the Christian's earlobe. Chuckling lowly, she tugged with her teeth as she continued moving her fingers. She smiled widely when her companion let out a whimpered groan. "Oh.. you like when I tease your breasts, right, Joanie?"

She didn't answer, opening her eyes briefly before squeezing them against the glare of her crucifix, panting as she arched.

"That's it, Joan," the devil soothed, nipping and sucking a trail down to one of the brunette's plump breasts. She sucked at the dusky bud as she worked the other breast with her free hand.

"Oh, God," she moaned, arching and tugging at the sheets.

The demon smiled wickedly again, nipping at the rosy bud, before encouraging, "Renounce Him, Joan. And I'll give you everything you want – I'll put out that hellfire a million times over."

She writhed, arching her back and rocking her hips against the brutal fingers still working her closer to a tantalizing peak, "Ohhh- oh- ohh!"

"Do you renounce Him?" the blonde pressed, stilling her fingers and looking up at the Christian, smiling at the features torn in ecstasy. "Do you renounce Him, Joan?"

"Yes!" she cried, throwing her head back, "Please, Fiona!"

The blonde grinned widely, tweaking her nipple before rewarding the brunette by lowering her mouth between toned thighs as she started working her fingers rapidly again.

She groaned loudly, trembling under the ministrations of her neighbor, before covering the manicured hand with one of her own and forcing the other woman to use rougher strokes. "Ohh- y- ohh- oh, Fiona- ohhhh- yes- th- ohhh!"

"You like when I use three fingers," Fiona noted, smiling against her companion's clit. "You like 'em big too. What about four?"

The blonde added another finger, she feeling a dull pain as her neighbor stretched her, before tweaking her nipple again.

She trembled in response, the pain adding to the growing hellfire between her thighs, "Oh- ohhh!"

"Are you close, Joan?" the blonde pressed before rapidly flicking her tongue back and forth.

"Ohh- oh-oh-ye-oh-there- ye- ohh!" she nearly sobbed with her orgasm, shivering beneath her neighbor.

Satisfied, Fiona moved off of her, withdrawing her finger before waving a hand lazily to bring the towel to herself. She wiped her hands before dropping the towel on the Christian. Sighing, she stood, gathering her things before dressing again. She was almost at the door when Joan, panting, pushed herself up.

"Wh- wait. Y- you promised," she protested, grabbing at the sheets to cover herself. "My son."

"Oh, yes," the blonde devil agree, smiling widely.

She swallowed, still panting, "Well?"

The demon's smirk made her wary and a Bible verse niggled to the forefront of her mind, 'Regard not them that have familiar spirits who consort with demons to be defiled by them.'

She had been defiled from all her consorting with this demon.

"Your Luke took a bullet to the head when you were killed – trying to save Nan, by the way; not you. He's in intensive care at the hospital."

She gasped, pushing the sheets back and scrambling out of bed, "You devil! You... carried on with all this while my son was fighting for his life!"

"I'd wash up before you go to him, Joanie," the she-devil chimed, waving over her shoulder as she started for Joan's bedroom door. "Oh; and don't forget: you still owe me."