A Warm Red Reunion

I looked around for a moment and decided on a small room to the right. Blood was smeared across the planks leading to the door. I took a deep breath and put my plan into effect.
I popped up into at raced toward the open door. It snapped it's head toward me and I froze in the doorway.
The monster rushed at me. I dodged, causing it to charge past me. Quickly, I slammed the door shut.
"You can come out now," I called to the man behind the dresser. "I took care of-"
He stood up and I fell silent.
It was Pewdie.
We stared at each other for a moment.
"Loftwing?" He breathed.
I grinned and nodded.
"You're back," His face broke into a smile. "Bones is going to freak..."
"Bones is here?" I pressed.
"Yeah," He replied. "I went to look for food and... Well that happened. We should move before it comes back."
He rushed over to the door and dashed through to the next hallway. Pewdie looked around a corner and motioned for me to follow. I quickened my pace and he fished a key from his pocket. He halted at a door halfway down the hall and shoved the key in the lock. Pewdie entered the hideout.
I followed and my forehead met with cold metal. Cry held a shotgun to my head.
"Cry stop!" A female exclaimed.
"Lofty?" His eyes widened.
Skullbones pushed past Cry.
"Lofty!" She cried.
The hideout was a living room, two sofas, a table and a fireplace. Another door on the left lead to a bathroom.
"What the f- Lofty?" Cry said I disblief. "You're back!"
"You're still here?"
"Yeah," Skullbones sighed. "When did you go?"
"I... I don't know," I said honestly. "I thought you escaped too."
"We've been stuck in this goddamn mansion for- for who know how long after you left," Cry sighed.
"But it was all a dream," I looked down at the grimy floorboards. "I thought-"
"There was no way you could have known," Bones agreed.
"Well there's not much else any of us could have done," Cry huffed. He went off to the table.
Bones sighed and Pewdie went to sit with him.
"What happened to you guys?" I frowned.
"After you disappeared, we got stuck here," Skullbones started, sitting down on the couch. "We have scoured as much mansion as we could and truth be told, it feels more like a castle. We haven't found a way out yet."
"Oh... I didn't mean for this to happen," I fought back tears.
"I know," Bone replied. "And so does Cry. He's just a bit shaken. A monster got into our last hideout and we were forced to move."
"What happened?"
"Cry had to shoot it, but it still wasn't safe to stay," Bones clasped her hand together. "He was our leader, so to speak."
"Well since you're back," Bones looked up. "I thought..."
"I think I've lost my authority, being gone so long and all," I replied, sitting in front of the couch.
"Yeah... I guess," Bones looked down.
Skullbones thinks I'm the leader? What Pewdie? And Cry?
We sat silently in the warm glow of the fire. The whole room seemed warmer in comparison to the rest of the mansion. This must be one of the higher levels of the house.
"Where'd Cry get that shotgun?" I broke the silence quietly.
"It was over the mantle," Bones gestured above the fireplace. A large coat of arms hung on the brick of the chimney.
It was a shield split four ways, the top left and bottom right were solid crimson and green, A golden cornucopia, overflowing with fruit, grain and vegetables, in the top right corner stood across a great lion, rearing up on it's back paws, mouth open wide and full of razor teeth.
REICHE UND STOLZ was transcribed on a banner at the bottom.
"What does it say?" Bones broke my silence of thought.
"I don't know," I replied.
"Pewdie didn't find anything today, so we'll just have to pick up the scouting tomorrow," Cry addressed from across the room. "Bones and Pewdie have the couches tonight, Loftwing and I will take the floor."
I nodded solemnly. I saw no point in arguing, Cry already hated me enough.
"Sweet!" Pewds cheered. "I call the red one!"
"Aw c'mon! The red one way fluffier!" Bones frowned.
"I had the green couch last time," Pewds replied.
"No I did."
"Hey, Lofty," Cry called. "Pewdie told me you saved his life," He said, softly as so the others couldn't hear.
"Heh, again," I smiled. "It was nothing,"
"Pleeeeeeease?" Bones begged.
"In your dreams I'd give up ma couch!" Pewds replied.
"Pewds and Bones missed you," He added.
"Just them?"
"Okay, I did too," Cry smiled slightly.
"You what?" I asked slyly.
"I-I missed you too," Cry replied. "There! Now get out of here before I twist your arm!"
I giggled and dashed off to the fireplace. Pewds and Bones were now in a boxing match over the red sofa. I seized my chance and flopped down on the green couch lazily.
"Hey that's-" Pewds turned.
"Mine!" Bones jumped on the red couch.
"No fair," Pewdie whined, arms crossed. "Damn..."
"Alright, alright! You got me," I mockingly sighed.
"Yes!" He dived headfirst into the couch cushions.
"You got me with those adorable, sad puppy-dog eyes," I cooed, pinching Pewdie's cheek.
"Hey, come on!" He reared back.
Bones and I laughed.
"Okay, settled down," Cry said, tossing a blanket at Pewds.
"Fine," He replied, then muttered. "Bird-brain."
"Couch-hog," I mumbled back, sitting next to the green sofa.
"Cheater," He whispered, passing a blanket to Bones.
"I can hear you," Cry raised an eyebrow, sitting down on the floor next to me, throwing a blanket over my head. I pulled it off and stuck my tongue out at Cry.
"Real mature," Pewds smiled smugly.
"More mature than you."
"Shut it!" Cry and Bone said together.
Pewds huffed and I rolled my eyes. I pulled off my red Canada hoodie and used it as a pillow. I laid down and stared at the coat of arms on the mantle for a while as I drifted off to sleep.

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