Author: ForeverFox13

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I don't own Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Harry Potter, Dantalian no shoka, or Kingdom Hearts. And multiple other mangas, games. Or any songs used in fic.

Summary: Dalian became the Biblio-Princess thousands of years before she came to be with Huey. But why do the Potters say she is their daughter? Time turners, Mafia and magic were never meant to mix, especially concerning a demon with the ability to destroy the world enter Dalian or should we call her Henrietta Jamie Potter? Fem! Harry.

Warnings: Fem! Harry, WBWL, AU, Language. Semi-Dark! Fem! Harry, Fem Harry is Dalian! Heterochromatic eyed Dalian (fem Harry) Demon! Henrietta/Dalian

Pairings: Dalian(Harry)/ Multi (Huey will be first)

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"So few beginnings, but so many ends."

The girl whom looked barely 13 read from the book in her hands, standing watching from above over the bloody and corpse ridden field.

"A click a clack a circulation of fallen empires and human failures"

The words flowed from her lips.

"Yet in all this gore and shameful history my faithfulness in humanity has yet to fail"

A man stepped onto the fields and carefully walking to the child on the top of the bloody hill.

"Their idiocy gives me hope that my plans to purge the sin shall succeed"

The man started to jog from his previously relaxed pace.

"I have devoted my life to end war and my health for peace but all root to the deadly sins"

The man broke into a frantic sprint still to far from the hill.

"Death to those who oppose" the dual eyed pre-teen finished, snapping the book shut.

The man slowed down and came to a stop.

"Demon, are you the archive?" The blond on the other side of the field asked with a hesitant and fearful tone.

Shadows pulsed around her responding to the offense of disrespect as the bodies on the battle ground rose, the power of the words spoken from the phantom book taking hold.

"Nay, Human I Am it's creator!"

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Hello me lovey love loves of love likeness, this is my first actual story and of you haven't watched or read dantalian no shoka I recommend you do

Dalian: whatever

Huey: Dalian be nice

Me: it's all good hues, it's allll good.