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He glared down at the man who knelt before him. This man had taken everything from him: home, family, livelihood, honor. And yet he had the gall to look terrified? To plead for his life as he looked down the barrel of the shaking gun in his executioner's hand? This was justice. He wasn't a hero. No, he was an avenger. He tightened his finger on the trigger, ready to release the bullet that would simultaneously free and bind his soul.

"Alfred! Stop! Don't shoot!"

"Circle Academy: Where Great Minds And Solid Relationships Are Cultivated." Alfred F. Jones read aloud the name written in elegant script on the envelope lying on the expensive marble island in the middle of the insanely large kitchen. Even though he had been living with his uncle for a month now, he still hadn't adjusted to the extravagant lifestyle of his English relatives. He was just a simple boy from New York, not an aristocrat!

"That is correct," his uncle replied excitedly, "I managed to get you into the most prestigious international school in the world. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time there!"

Alfred sighed as he glanced at his uncle. Charles Kirkland, the current Prime Minister of England, was a kind man. He was middle aged and attractive, though he had very large eyebrows, which, unfortunately, had been passed on to his six sons. He was obviously wealthy, if his mansion was anything to go by, and though 'Uncle Charlie' had been nothing but hospitable and kind to him ever since he arrived, Alfred still felt lost and out of place.

Charles noticed Alfred's reluctance and his gaze softened. Alfred was like his mother in so many ways: his unruly golden blonde hair, his lightly tanned skin, his clear, twinkling blue eyes, his wide friendly smile. However, what pained him the most was Alfred's optimism and flamboyance. Catherine had been the complete opposite, refined and gentle, and so very fragile. It must be inherited from that unruly American she eloped with, Charles thought bitterly. He had nver felt so betrayed. He hadn't spoken to her again. Charles snapped himself out of his musings with a sigh. It was no good to think of the past, now. It only riled him up.

"I'll give you some time to look over the packet. If you have any questions, ask Arthur." Charles ruffled Alfred's hair and left the room.

"Thanks, Uncle Charlie!" Alfred called to his retreating uncle. Seating himself on a stool, he adjusted his glasses and began reading the packet.

"Aren't you excited, Al? We're going to a new school tomorrow! We'll officially be in junior high!" Eleven-year-old Alfred looked up from packing his Captain America backpack to look at his twin brother, Matthew, who sat on their shared bed hugging his stuffed polar bear. Matthew had slightly longer hair than Alfred and different glasses, but otherwise they were identical. However, they differed greatly in character. Alfred was loud, boisterous and fun loving, while Matthew was calm, polite, and mature. Nonetheless, they were as close as brothers could be, and each other's best friend and staunchest supporter.

"Sure, Mattie. I'm pretty excited. I wonder how many friends I'll make. You want to have a contest to see who gets more friends?"

Matthew sighed. Alfred didn't mean any offense by it, but Matthew was always rather jealous of how Alfred was able to hold the attention of everyone around him. In comparison, Matthew seemed to blend into the woodwork. He was even sometimes mistaken for his more popular brother. Matthew knew he could never hate his brother. He meant well, but he really was just clueless.

"You know there's more to school than hanging out, Al. We go there to-"

"I know, I know. We go to school to learn. I've heard that whole speech plenty of times Mattie, but if there's no point in school if we only focus on the learning or we might as well be home schooled."

Matthew laughed. "That's so like you. But you know, you're really a genius at some subjects. If you put a little more effort into your schooling, you could get into any college you wanted for engineering or technology or even international relations."

Alfred waved his hand dismissively. College was too far away to worry about. All he was concerned with was having fun right now. "You're pretty smart yourself, Mattie, so don't bother with me. You can be the brains. I'll be the brawn. After all, I'm the hero!"

Matthew just rolled his eyes. "You get that silly hero complex from dad, you know. But you don't really know what a hero is. If you did, you wouldn't want to be one."

Alfred snorted in response. "I don't want to hear that from my crybaby little brother. Who's the one who always beats up your bullies? Besides, I've read so many more superhero comic books than you!"

The quiet blonde couldn't help smiling at his brother's naiveté. "Sure, you've beaten my bullies, because you're crazily overprotective, and you've definitely read more hero comics than I have, but that doesn't make you a hero. A hero has to have a certain mentality."

Alfred blinked. What was Mattie going on about this time?

Matthew smiled at his clueless brother. "You have to be willing to sacrifice anything to protect those you love. Anything. You have to be willing to give up everything you have for the greater good. Could you really do that?"

Alfred nodded resolutely. "Of course I could, Mattie! I would do anything to protect you."

"What if the thing you had to give up was me? Could you go on? Could you still be a hero?"

Alfred blinked the tears out of his eyes. He didn't realize he'd fallen asleep on the school information until he looked down at the slightly drooled on papers. Reading did that to him, sometimes. "I'll just ask Artie all about it." Alfred declared, making his way up the extravagant winding staircase to his cousin's room.

It wasn't hard to find. Even if the mansion was a maze, all he had to do was follow the shouting that led him to a large oak door. He took a deep breath and opened the door- only to be bowled into by the mischievous twins of the house. Shamus and Liam were having fun tormenting their younger brother, as usual.

"That'll teach you to draw a mustache in indelible ink on my unicorn! The curse will activate at midnight! You're in for a world of pain!" A red and fuming Brit wagged his finger warningly at the retreating twins, who did naught but laugh. Alfred just blinked. He didn't even want to know.

"Heya, Artie!" He called up to his angry cousin, who seemed rather embarrassed to be seen in such a state by Alfred.

"My name is Arthur, and what do you want?" He ruffled his (clearly bleached if his dark eyebrows were anything to go by, Alfred noted) spiky blonde hair and glared defensively with burning Emerald eyes and indignant, thick eyebrows as Alfred rose from the floor. Arthur didn't like to have to look up at his taller, though slightly younger, cousin.

"Just wondering if you could tell me about this Circle Academy I'm supposed to be attending. I kinda fell asleep reading the packet, and thought you would explain it better anyway."

Arthur gaped. "You got into Circle Academy? I don't believe it! Father must have pulled a lot of strings to get an uncouth idiot like you into the best international school. Fine. Come in."

Alfred pouted. Arthur really didn't like him for some reason. His pout dropped when he got a look at Arthur's room. He had never been in it before, as Arthur spent as little time as possible around him. The place was huge! A massive king sized bed was set up against the wall with a huge flat screen TV on the opposite side so he could watch 'telly' from bed. There was a walk in closet, a sofa, bookshelves full of books covering a whole wall and a snack bar across from it. How frickin' rich are these people?

Arthur lounged on the sofa and Alfred settled himself on the floor in front of him.

"Well," Arthur cleared his throat, "The first thing you should know is that, even though it is an international school, it uses the American school system. The founder of the academy was greatly inspired by American schooling, it seems. Strangely enough, I don't know of a single American in the school. Probably too stupid to get in." Alfred glowered but held his tongue. "You will be a sophomore in high school, and though we will undoubtedly share classes, I refuse to interact with you while we are at school. Understood?" Arthur waited for Alfred's nod and continued. "Another very important thing you should know is that Circle Academy covers all grades, from preschool through university. You may think this unimportant, but it will affect your school life greatly. The truth is, the founder, Romulus Vargas established the academy almost thirty years ago, so it is still extremely young. However, it has thrived so well because of his connections. He is a very wealthy man and he has many well-to-do friends who put their children in his preschool. Of course, when some of the most influential people from all over the world put their children in one school, it gains a reputation and grows. My brothers and I all grew up there since child-hood, as did the majority of the students, so we all know each other very well. I'm afraid you will quite stick out. Not only will you be the only American, you will also be practically the only new face since kindergarden. Good luck!" He smirked.

"That's fine!" Alfred tried hard to keep his nerves from showing, "I like a little attention. I'm sure I'll fit in just fine."

"Hmm." Arthur didn't seem so convinced as he glared down skeptically at his 'commoner' cousin. Alfred, in his jeans and t-shirt didn't even fit in on the expensive oriental carpet. How did he expect to blend in with a whole school of aristocrats? Arthur huffed out a laugh. Not like it mattered to him! What happened to Alfred was his own problem. "I've told you about the school. Now leave." He pointed to the door.

"Wait, isn't there more?" Alfred gazed in confusion.

"The founder will tell you on your first day, now go away." Arthur glared.

"Fine, fine." Alfred mumbled, slouching out of the room. He had a week. One week before his life at Circle Academy would begin, and he had things he wanted to do before he died.

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