Chapter 1: In Need

A light frost had settled in the small island of Berk, a fair warning of winter's gale, for that of any plans made in later dates, best to move them sooner.

It was a faint thought going through the mind of lad, awaking from his rest, glancing to see season's slow change as well, rushing up and out of bed, dressing for the cold weather. Careful, with each step, not defective to trip, wanting the day to start; on a high note, yet it seem not today was the day.

Having to pick himself up from the short fall, while putting on his boot, glaring at his metal prototypical leg, seeing that a lack had come undone while moving about, again. With a helpless sigh, set down near his working desk for the tools to fix.

Wasting a good half an hour of the day already, finished what he was on track to do before, finally racing out into the cold. Rubbing his arms for short warmth needed, calming himself, as he walked about his small village.

Hoping to find his flying companion, when seeing others were already with theirs, he had yet to find his.

"Toothless!" He shouted, not in all worry, but mostly for the fact, his companion might be up to something. For, trying hard to keep the smirk from showing, called out again. "Toothless!"

Before the lad could even try to call out, he was quickly jumped upon. Heavily placed down by a black as night scaled flying lizard, a dragon of a mid-size, happily licking his friend, even though the latter was begging the one named Toothless to stopped, but the laughter was hard to make the words clear to understand.

"Toothless, there are you bud. Where have you been?" The lad tried to ask, but soon gave up, when not given the slightest chance, patted Toothless on the head, giving him enough time to get back to his feet.

Though, the lad could have dealt without the drool.

"Ah, Toothless . . ."

Stopping with only a teasing glare to the dragon, finding nothing else to say, would have been pointless.

Couldn't help it though to spare a smile, knowing without anything, the dragon was ready to get into the sky.

"Hiccup, wait a moment!"

A voice called not far from duo. Said boy looked over his shoulder, to see his teacher and very much like an uncle to him, wobbling over to him. A look that could only mocked that of his father.

"Yes, Gobber, what is it? I was going to take Toothless out for his daily flight."

"I can see that. But your father needs you for something else do, just go speak with him for a moment. With luck, you might get to take your pet out."

Hiccup only glumly gave an exhale of breath, looking to his dragon.

"I'll be right back, bud." Saying to his dragon, before, dashing off in pursuit of his father, wanting to whatever the man needed over and down with.

Upon an hour or so search, found his father, in the grand hall. Inquiring some chat with some other Vikings of only what Odin's knows. When Hiccup was close to them, the chat between the three taller men, two gave their goodbyes, leaving him and father alone, for their discussion.

"Ah, Hiccup, glad you were able to find me. I need you to do something, with how the winter becoming. I am ever needed here. So, I need you to travel to a fellow island up north, for this." His father stated quickly, wanting the other to have little chance of backing out.

"For how long will I'll be gone?"

"Hard to say, I hope to see you back in a few days' time." Stoick, his father, started out with saying. "I would you to also take your dragon, for we need all ships here for ration supplies." With that said, handed the letter to his son.

Glancing over it, taking in what was for the needed to vastly be known. Soon, looking back to face his father; after he was for soon done.

"It's all very last-minute, here, dad."

"I know, I know, but I just the notice before you came to find me. I wouldn't have asked for you, if not knowing of the other problems on the other side of the isle." Stoick reminded Hiccup.

Hiccup gave a sigh. "Alright, I'll get packing and head out. I'm sure that whatever the problem is, I'll be back soon to help.

Stoick placed a hand on his son's shoulder, patting gently, but it still shook Hiccup to almost lose his balance.

"Good. Be safe and return back just the same."

"Bye dad." Hiccup said back, in the same tone as the other, starting to dash out the grand hall, having to quickly pack, and strapped up Toothless in haste.

When finishing up the last bind, saddling himself up on the back of his dark scale lizard, not soon taking off when seeing Astrid rushed up to him, asking where he was off to. Sparing only little detail of what was in the letter. Which; was hidey tucked away in his belts to not be seen by others.

"You'd think you and others will handle things while I'm gone?"

"We'll be fine. Hurry back."

With that said and done. Hiccup had Toothless take off, straight to the lands of the northern islets.