Chapter 18: Just as Before

The hurls of the wild winds, deafen the ears to where in distance, there is only a silent where the glow of colorless nor'easter vacant terms. Their screams, blended in the gale, left in a scarlet flood will come soon as the screams come to a halt.

Frozen they were, still as dumb, plastic, mindless dolls, never to ever be moved, again.

A cold hand, dark and grim as it grip in defending what it means. Never disobey. Never forget what the power in one hand. Never spare those who will destroy one's creation.

In void blue eyes that are lost, dead, and obeying to those of the whispering chant. Shoulders slag near the being, of who promised all petty wishes of what a lone soul sought. That was once only seen in dreams.

That grip so tight, far from a father's touch, nor a friend. Far from a foe that would kill, only for so long, until needed. It was a hand of master, praising the ward that did well. And would do again, for just that praise alone, as before to forever now, in what was the future life was.

Fend off those who dare that away. It would do them harm. To themselves and those who granted it. Comes easy enough to voice it, that it just as so.

Crave the taste to never lose it, for fleeting at times those imaginings may ever be. Don't let it go, hold it, obey it. In thought, it is just that easy, for those who know that feeling, if they only try to give in, to that temptation of must and wish.

"Good little wind bender, don't let that feeling go, if they come. Fight them, as they don't understand what you want . . . don't let anyone near that frozen dome, you dared yourself to come it, a heart. For we both know, little blizzard hazard, you don't have one."

The other remains still in body, a nod was fine enough.

"Not even that boy; you call in foolishness in being in a questionable affiliation. He made be a problem for all the time you have been with him. Do not think, I haven't notice, 'tis only a warning for now, Frost. Don't temp me in seeing this as a mistake."

A fair in moment, there was no reply. Only having the sickly sweet silent between the two in hazy world, made from passing memories that were only seen as forgotten once before. Now so real, ice and copper drowned the young spirit.

"Do I make myself, clear?"

"Yes, master, he wouldn't a problem anymore. I'll make sure of it."

Clenching as those words were, they slipped out, easy as a poison that was hazily choked mid-swallow. But they were firmly said. On bitter terms or not; spoken done.

Though those eyes lived only enough, in being what his outside life knows him as. False now as it is, it meant only to ruse it enough, blending the facts.

"What does that thing has such a grip on you?"

No reply was given.

"You say you'll take care of it. I know you. Little Frost, you have done well in proving it. How can you on this one? In; establishing your vow to me and only me, hmm how in so, of this."

Frost gave a shuddering breathe, faking, that he was as well thinking of a plan. Common move, that has never failed it him much, let this be one of the best.

"I'll debate on this. Soon I'll reach you again, this was only luck now. That fat man his so-call guardians will be on me soon. Best you do the same, boy."

"They won't even be an issue, I'm very sure of that, not even the rabbit is aware of it. I can handle it."

"Yes, as it worked so well before. That dome that block me out, says otherwise, you lousy trickster."

"I promise, master, I'll take care of it. I know would never want to get your hands dirty. I'll take care of it."

"I can hope you can so much, Frost. And I know, you're weak . . . you'll break. As before you did and will do so who knows how long in the distance future."

"Master, I won't fail you. Just give me this chance."

Soundless mindful ways took place, short enough to feel long enough, being an eerie world of thought that can belong in this indistinct realm.

"Don't fail me."

"I won't . . ."

The words came and stopped, as they sounded far more loudly than before. Coming in shock, that Jack was awake. So warm that ice sleet melt down his face, as sweat. He rose up from his resting place, in the treetops, miles from the village and nowhere close where he trained.

Another flitch in his resting place, racked the shepherd staff to hit in the head, which hooked above a branch over and nearby where Jack was. In a moment, rubbed where the staff hit his head, rubbing his temple to numb the shadow pain, even it only worked for a moment.

"What was that . . . what? Who is that sinister?" Jack asked to himself, rising up to his feet, snatching his staff and stated to pace on the large branch.

He ponders on how that voice knew him, along that world he was found himself in.

"That's why about the dome. It has to vastly be, there is no other way. Also that dust, that's why it felt familiar, I have seen it before. But from whom is able to make it? Pitch . . . no . . . he's . . ."

Jack let the words dropped. Not wanting to come true. As in passing, North and others have spoken about him, in hopes of understand that being, understood for the most part. But in real thoughts, knew nothing before the dome and during that time in the dome.

He looked to where the village was sadly located. Only having dread fill him. In sudden choice, turn his back to it, maybe in hopes in calming himself. Even for just a second in a falsehood notion.

"It really is not this time; it is far out of my hands. No, no, no, no, no!"

Jack launched out of the tree, forward to where he facing, needing to breathe in air that wasn't choking. Lack of chances it just the guilt.