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XX Flashback: Forest on Nagi Island XX

A nine year old Naruto was absently whistling as he and Raven enjoyed the calmness that settled around their campsite. Both were sitting around a fire as their stew slowly cooked. If there was one thing Raven made sure Naruto could always do, it was to be able to feed himself.

"Say dad?"

"Yeah m'boy?"

"Why are we even here? The other week we were enjoying the hot springs of Yugakure but then some guy says some weird phrase and we book it here."

"Oh my poor heart! Has my little Naruto-chan forgotten his lessons on espionage so easily?" Raven cried dramatically while he clutched his chest and made an exaggerated pose. Naruto instantly understood and nodded to himself, easily ignoring his father after having grown used to his antics.

"So when will your contact arrive?" Naruto asked curiously. It was always interesting to meet his dad's or uncle Jiraiya's contacts….

"Actually, here he is now…" Raven said seriously as he stared at seemingly nothing until a tall figure appeared with a much smaller one. Raven's face became incredibly grim as a shift was noticeable in the air. The new figure tensed as he realized something was wrong…

"Zabuza… Why didn't you send me card or letter informing me that you were now on the wonderful path of fatherhood!?" Raven exclaimed with a fire burning in his eyes at this 'injustice'. Zabuza felt the tension instantly disappear as he willed the urge to punch Raven in the face away.

"Dammit Raven. I'm not here to listen to your terrible jokes!" Zabuza replied as he approached the camp and sat down. He then beckoned the smaller figure forward as Naruto gained a better look at her. She was roughly his age with straight black hair, porcelain skin and large, adorable eyes. She would definitely be a knockout when she was older.

"Hey Naruto, how's about you go make friends with Zabuza's kid-" At this, Zabuza squawked indignantly. "… while he and I talk?" Raven said as Naruto shrugged and grabbed the new girl by the hand and walked away.

"So what's your name?" Naruto asked curiously.

"H-haku." The girl said shyly. Not sure what to think of this strange blonde boy.

"Cute name. Mine's Naruto." Naruto said cheerfully to the suddenly befuddled girl.

"Umm, Naruto-san?"

"Yes Haku-chan?"

"You do know that I am a boy right?" Suddenly Naruto stopped mid-stride as he digested his words. "Are you alright Naruto-san?" Haku said nervously as Naruto let go of his hand and slowly turned around.

"You're a trap!" He suddenly yelled and pointed at Haku, catching the attention of both Zabuza and Raven (who stopped in their conversation to listen in). "Just like dad and Uncle Jiraiya talked about. Wow, I never thought I'd meet a trap in person." Naruto said in wonder as Haku looked confused.


"Yeah! A trap is a boy who's so pretty that they can be mistaken as a girl! Hence, a trap." Naruto said with a wise nod as he repeated the knowledge imparted to him via his father and uncle. Back at the campfire both Zabuza and Raven were now laughing their asses off while Haku's face grew red in anger.

"I. Am. A. BOY." Haku said with a huff and a fist to Naruto's gut before he walked off, leaving the blonde boy clutching his gut in pain.

Much to the surprise of everyone, from this encounter would bloom a friendship as strong as the greatest earthen rampart…

*Nami no Kuni, Zabuza's hideout*

Naruto sighed as he sat with Haku and the wounded Zabuza, thinking deeply over the details for what they had been hired for and the kind of person their boss was. Suffice to say, he didn't like what he had heard.

"Isn't this kind of job a little, I don't know, unscrupulous for Kirigakure?" Naruto said while rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"Of course it is. But we need the money to get back on our feet." Zabuza replied. It was unknown to everyone outside of Kiri except for a select few, but the civil war had ended several months ago. However , due to years of war, the hidden village was in dire straits both financially and strength wise; so in order to avoid any forces from invading, they perpetuated the rumor of an ongoing civil war to buy enough time to get everything in order.

"Still… I find it hard to believe Mei-chan would get behind this kind of mission..." Naruto said as Zabuza and Haku both refused to meet his inquisitive stare.

"… You dumb bastards are doing this without her knowing aren't you?" Naruto said with an incredulous tone. Pissing off a kage who had two bloodlines capable of giving anyone who annoyed her an insanely painful death was just plain stupid, even by Naruto's standards. At least with A, Naruto knew he was too valuable to be killed. Probably…

"She won't have a problem with this if we pull it off! She especially won't have a problem with this if we bring you back with us to explain…" Zabuza said as a spark of madness appeared in his eyes.

"… Right. Because I can just up and abandon my job for Kumo to save your sorry asses." Naruto said with a deadpan stare at the slightly crazed Zabuza. "However, I would feel terrible if I didn't at least try to help you two." Naruto sighed out as Haku gave a small smile and Zabuza sighed in relief. "So who are we dealing with that could mess you up so badly Zabuza?"

"At first it was just a single Konoha jonin, Kasumi Hatake, and her team. This would have been fine but, in the middle of our fight, a second team arrived lead by the snake mistress Anko Mitarashi and Konoha's genjutsu mistress Kurenai Yuhi. It wasn't much of a fight after that." Zabuza said seriously. He may be an A rank nin but that meant nothing when outnumbered by enemies that were at or close to one's level.

"Well shit. At least now I know you aren't losing your touch in your old age." Naruto said as Zabuza felt the need to throw him through a wall. Unfortunately his wounds and Haku prevented that. "But don't you think you're going about this wrong?"

"Wrong?" Haku asked. If there was one thing that he had learned about his friend, it was that he had a frightening amount of cunning.

"Of course. Zabuza here is too entrenched in his seven swordsman way of thinking." Naruto then gave a predatory grin that reminded the mist duo that Naruto was still a scary bastard when he wanted to be. "Let's call for a meeting with the Konoha team, convince them to help us fake the old man's death and then kill off Gato when he gives you your money. After which, we rob him blind and I get a nice bonus from all this before having a 'talk' with whoever is in charge of this place after that."

"And what about our contract brat?"

"What about it? You're a 'rogue' nin right? Just say Gato pissed you off or something." Naruto said with a nonchalant shrug. Zabuza and Haku merely gaped at the blonde and his uncaring feelings for their contract. Naruto was a complex guy at times and no one really knew what he would do at any given point in time…

"You know, I'd hate to ever be on your bad side." Zabuza said seriously as he looked Naruto in the eyes. Zabuza would never admit it, but he knew had he and Raven ever truly clashed then it would be the bow wielding flirt that would be the one walking away. And Raven had taught his son incredibly well…

"Then it's a good thing we're all friends here, ne Zabu-chan?" Naruto said as he adopted a goofy smile reminiscent of his father and even used Raven's favorite nickname for the Kiri swordsman.

"Tch, stupid brat… Hey! Where are you going?" Zabuza yelled at the suddenly leaving blonde.

"To set up a meeting since I'm the most diplomatic here." Naruto said with a serious air that radiated authority.

"… You just want to flirt with the Konoha kunoichi don't you?" Haku said as he and Zabuza both adopted deadpan stares.

"Absolutely! Uncle Jiraiya told me how beautiful Konoha kunoichi are and now I have a chance to judge for myself in person!" Naruto said with a perverted and excited grin as he easily discarded his serious façade. As he left, Haku and Zabuza could only shake their heads. Like uncle, father and son they supposed.





"Yes Haku?"

"He forgot to ask for directions, didn't he?"







"Do I really look like a girl?"



"Snore snore." Zabuza desperately said as he feigned sleep. Haku merely had a tic mark appear on his head as he headed outside to relieve some stress on the nearby trees…

*Village streets*

'It seems that I may be a bit lost.' Naruto thought to himself as he had wandered the woods for a while before somehow ending up in the village proper (an incredibly impoverished and depressing village he added to himself). Now he was just looking around as he wondered how he would find the Konoha shinobi to talk with them… A small tug on his sleeve interrupted his thoughts as he looked down only to see the dirty and ragged form of one of the many orphans wandering the streets. The little girl looked no older than six and had her hand out as she looked at Naruto with hopeful eyes. Making a snap decision, Naruto looked around until he saw a small empty plot of land.

"I want you to go get your friends and come to that little plot, okay sweetie?" Naruto said with a gentle voice and smile as the little girl looked at him with confusion in her eyes before giving a small nod and leaving. "Well, at least there's one thing I can do." Naruto said as he rolled up his sleeves and enacted his plan…

*Village streets, roughly an hour and a half later*

Tsunami was grocery shopping while being escorted by two of the Konoha kunoichi hired to guard her father. Although, she wished they were a bit more proper…

"When do you think that bastard Zabuza will be back Anko-sensei?" The younger of the two kunoichi asked (who was provocatively clothed in tight and tiny shorts with a mesh shirt that left her midriff bare with an open lavender jacket finishing it all off). This was Hinata Hyuga, the fiery heiress of Konoha's most noble clan.

"Meh, probably not for a week or more at the very least. We really fucked him up bad, heheh." Anko replied as she enjoyed a stick of dango from the stash she kept on her person at all times.

As they continued walking and making idle chatter, the trio noticed a commotion coming from a bit away. Hinata and Anko looked at each other for a brief moment before nodding and deciding to investigate. As the trio approached the source of all the noise, they noticed that it was a rather large group of kids, orphans from the looks of them, surrounding a handsome blonde in purple as he was telling a story and handing out food he seemed to be cooking over a nearby fire.

"…and then, before he fainted in shock, he made me promise never to tell this story to anyone." Naruto finished with a chuckle as all the children around him started to laugh.

'Holy shit…' Hinata thought to herself as her heart throbbed and her cheeks started to redden at the sight of the blonde in purple. She didn't know why, but she suddenly found herself speechless while staring at him… As these strange feeling erupted within her, Anko made the first move.

"Hey handsome, you care to share?" Anko said with a lustful grin that hid a calculating mind. Hinata hadn't noticed it, but the aura around this new figure certainly wasn't one of a civilian. No matter how well he disguised it. And for some reason he seemed familiar, yet she couldn't put her finger on why… She was definitely going to ask Kasumi later on and see if she had a current bingo book on her…

"I'd be a fool not to with such a beautiful lady asking." Naruto replied with a cheeky grin as he surreptitiously eyed the Konoha headbands two of the women had… And eyed the kunoichi themselves; so far, Uncle Jiraiya was spot on…

"Thanks." Anko cheerfully said as she grabbed the blushing Hinata and the nervous Tsunami's hands and sat them all down near the smiling blonde man. "So, what are you doing around these parts handsome?"

"Eh, I was traveling with some friends before I wandered off and got lost." Naruto lied smoothly as he handed the trio some well cooked meat on skewers.

"Ah. And this little party you're having?" Anko asked as the three tried the roasted meat and found that it was incredibly delicious.

"Well, I had a lot of excess supplies and decided not to allow them to spoil." Naruto replied with a soft smile that made Anko stumble over her next question as she forced the blush that threatened to bloom away.

*Ahem* "I see…" Anko said after coughing into her hand to buy herself a few much needed seconds in order to regain her composure.

"And what about you three very lovely ladies?"

"Ah, we are grocery shopping." Hinata finally spoke. Having finally gained enough control over herself to be able to deal with the outside world (or more specifically a very handsome blonde).

"I see. Well, you are more than welcomed to have some of my supplies." Naruto said as he directed his warm gaze at Hinata (whose voice once again locked up as she felt a strange tingling in her stomach).

"No, we couldn't possibly-" Tsunami tried to say before being cut off by Naruto.

"Please, I insist." Naruto said in his most charming and warm tone as he handed them a scroll filled with food and spices. At the sight of Naruto at his most charming (unknown to the three, he was secretly employing a technique taught to him by his father…), the three acquiesced and accepted the food.

"I cannot accept this in good conscious unless I offer you something in return. Please come by for dinner at my home tonight." Tsunami said with a grateful tone as Hinata and Anko found themselves nodding.

"It would be rude to refuse such a generous invitation." Naruto replied as he was then given information on how to reach Tsunami's home and at what time he should arrive. At this, the trio of women started to leave before Naruto called out to them.

"Hey! I forgot to introduce myself earlier but my name is Naruto!" Naruto yelled out happily.

"Well handsome, I'm Anko, this is Hinata and Tsunami." Anko said as she pointed at the other two who waved embarrassedly. "Make sure you show up tonight!" Anko finished as she and her group turned and continued to walk away.

Naruto merely smiled as he wondered on how interesting tonight's dinner would be…

*On the path to Tsunami's house, evening*

Naruto was lazily making his way to Tsunami's house as he enjoyed the serenity of the forest that surrounded the path he was using. He had sent a message to Haku earlier (silently thanking Jiraiya in his mind for the method used) detailing what he was about to do. He of course knew that Haku would chew him out later for this (he could already hear the insults to his intelligence…) but hopefully it would be worth it. Besides, Haku worried too much… Soon enough, Tsunami's home came into view as Naruto spotted the three Konoha jonin that Zabuza had mentioned earlier.

'This is gonna be a good night.' Naruto thought to himself as he eyed the three incredibly beautiful jonin.

Suddenly, they exploded into action as the one he met earlier fired a stream of snakes at him while a kunai wielding Kasumi jumped to his left in order to flank him in case the snakes missed. Kurenai herself seemed to have her hands at the ready to cast an illusion.

'I guess dinner will be a little postponed...' Naruto thought to himself as he jumped towards Kasumi and swiftly rolled under her strike before unsheathing his personal dagger and blocking her next attack. In the corner of his eye he saw Kurenai trying to draw him into a genjutsu with little success. 'Too bad for her, genjutsu is nearly useless on me…' Naruto thought with a small bit of smugness before jumping backwards as Anko's snakes erupted from the ground.

"I'd appreciate it if one of you had given me the safe word prior to such rough foreplay." Naruto said with a teasing smile as he saw Kurenai blush red in anger, Anko lick her lips and Kasumi remain surprisingly stoic. Before being able to make another joke, Anko and Kasumi (who had just removed her headband, revealing her trademark Sharingan) rushed him again as he realized he may need to be a tad more serious.

Naruto frowned as he unsealed his bow and a few arrows (Uncle Jiraiya made damn sure he had a great education in the sealing arts) and fired several arrows in their direction. As Anko and Kasumi dodged the arrows, they were notified that the seemingly ordinary arrows were anything but by the large explosion that threw them both backwards. Naruto then drew his bow once again, turned and aimed at seemingly nothing.

"To be able to cast a genjutsu strong enough to almost completely nullify your presence to my senses is truly impressive Kurenai-san." Naruto said with a serious expression as Kurenai's form wavered into existence; her forehead directly in front of the arrow that would take her life if Naruto released it. Kurenai tightly gripped her kunai in frustration as she eyed her opponent.

'If only I had been able to get within a few more inches I could have incapacitated him.' She silently fumed as she kept her face emotionless. "How did you know you were under my genjutsu?"

"I knew of your reputation, so I strained my senses to the max in order to find you in case you had anything up your sleeve strong enough to fool even me. I'm certainly glad I did." Naruto replied as he stared directly into Kurenai's crimson orbs. "Now would you mind telling me why you all felt the need to try and kill me?" Naruto politely asked.

"Well, we were actually hoping we could just knock you out." A husky voice said in his ear as the now recovered (and slightly singed) Anko had a kunai ready to slit his throat if he moved.

"After all, it's not every day you meet someone only rumored to exist eh, Mr. Storm Fox?" An also recovered Kasumi said as she had her own kunai pressing into his back to make sure Naruto knew that he would not be able to escape without injury.

"And you didn't just ask me while we enjoyed a delicious dinner because?"

"We didn't know if you were here to kill our client. Being reckless often leads to death after all." Kasumi said in a low voice.

"Don't worry; I'm not here to kill Tazuna. Just fake it." Naruto said as he gained a bright smile.

"What do you mean?" Kurenai asked through gritted teeth.

"I would much rather discuss this over dinner. It is why I came by after all. Well that, and to see if my uncle was right about the beauty of Konoha kunoichi." Naruto said with a wink to Kurenai. "So far, I must agree with his judgment." Naruto finished in a deeply flirtatious tone.

"Pig." Kurenai muttered angrily.

"Why so cold Kurenai-chan!?" Naruto exclaimed with a mock pout as Anko found herself trying not to giggle. Kasumi, on the other hand, was being reminded of someone else as she gazed at the back of Naruto's head. Why did this blonde look so damned familiar?

"Hey Nai-chan, Kasumi-chan I say we do as he says and discuss this over dinner." Anko suddenly said, much to the surprise of both Kasumi and Kurenai.

"What? Why?" Both her fellow kunoichi asked.

"Well, what other option do we have? Continue this fight and possibly lose one of our own or have dinner and see if we can find some sort of common ground?" Anko said seriously, the memory of her earlier encounter with the purple wearing blonde coming to mind.

"… I guess you're right." Kasumi said as both she and Anko lowered their weapons while Naruto did the same.

"Thank you for being the voice of reason Anko-chan. I'll buy you a drink sometime." Naruto said with a grin that Anko returned.

"Ahem. I think we should move this inside." Kasumi said with a soft cough. This was not the time for flirting. Although, she would admit that the blonde was certainly very handsome…

*Dinner table inside Tsunami's house*

"Thank you for the meal Tsunami-chan." Naruto happily said as he and the others ate. Although, while Naruto ate with gusto and happily chatted with Tsunami and Tazuna, the Konoha shinobi ate their meal in sullen silence. The genin having been informed of who he was (and thus becoming rather nervous, well, most of them) and the jonin were still watching him in case he proved to be a threat to Tazuna. "So Tazuna, tell me about this bridge of yours."

"The bridge? Well to put it simply, once it's completed, Nami no Kuni will flourish and that bastard Gato won't be able to keep us under his thumb anymore." Tazuna said with a fire in his eyes.

"I see… Well-" Naruto started before being rudely interrupted.

"Give me your power!" Was loudly yelled as Sasuke stood up and slammed his hands on the table. He had been seething for hours after having seen the information available on Naruto. And now seeing the blonde in person, just laughing it up had sent him over the edge.

"Power? What power? I am merely an incredibly handsome traveler." Naruto said sincerely as he took a sip of his tea.

"Don't lie to me! I've seen your bingo book entry!" Sasuke yelled in rage before he, and every other shinobi felt an incredibly dark feeling unlike anything they've felt before (Tazuna, Tsunami and Inari being left out of the feeling). It felt like the cold hands of death had reached out and grasped their souls in its unyielding grip…

"What bingo book entry?" Naruto asked in an icy tone that sent shivers down the spines of everyone present. Sasuke found his hand moving on its own as he laid the bingo book down on the table before sliding it to Naruto. Naruto immediately opened the book and found something that made his blood boil as he flipped through the 'Unknowns' section.

Name: Naruto (No known surname)

Alias: Storm Fox (unconfirmed)

Description: Height estimated to be around 5'10-11, suspected to be fair haired with a light tan. Attire said to include a distinctive purple coat.

Associates: Suspected to be somehow related to The Herald of Storms, Raven (origins/allegiance/location/Status unknown).

Allegiance: Possible links to Kumogakure and Kirigakure.

Rank: Thought to be High A to mid S.


Taijutsu- Possibly high jonin

Genjutsu- Unknown

Ninjutsu- Suspected high Kage level (Is alleged to use a strange kind of ninjutsu, highly dangerous)

Other: Reported to wield a bow with incredible skill and is highly cunning.


Konohagakure- None.

Sunagakure- 150,000 Ryo for verifiable information.

Iwagakure- 500,000 Ryo dead, 1,500,000 alive.

Kumogakure- None.

Kirigakure- None.

Course of Action: Do not engage.

On the outside, Naruto looked perfectly calm as he read the entry but on the inside he was both seething and filled with confusion. 'How the hell did they get this info on me and manage to publish it? Dad, Uncle and I spent years making sure we bribed and blackmailed the right people to stay relatively unknown…' With this information now out in open, even if it was mostly speculation, Naruto was now in the spotlight and it would be much more difficult to enter and stay in any country with a shinobi village. Naruto's guise as a mere traveler was starting to unravel…

"How new is this edition?" Naruto finally asked after calming himself. Being rumored to exist was fine. Having that rumor put onto paper in the bingo book where it would be taken seriously was not. 'I need some stress relief…'

"As new as can be." Kasumi answered as she sent a commanding glare at her genin to make sure they stayed quiet.

"I hate having problems pop up so unexpectedly." Naruto said with a sigh as he started to pinch the bridge of his nose. He would have a 'talk' with quite a few people concerning this after his current mission. "I'll brood later. Right now let's get back to the bridge. Tazuna, I'm gonna need you to die." Naruto said after a few seconds of trying to think of the best way to phrase this.

"What!?" Evidently he did not as the entire room erupted with a roar.

"Calm down, I didn't mean permanently. I meant I need to fake his death." Naruto replied in a placating tone before he was attacked again.

"And why do you need to do that?" Tazuna asked with suspicion entering his eyes.

"I convinced Zabuza to help me scam Gato. We'll fake your death, get Zabuza his money and then kill the bastard before stealing everything he owns." Naruto said with a grin and a thumbs up as everyone gave him a mystified stare.

"… That's pretty ruthless." Anko said with respect lacing her tone. Kurenai and Kasumi looked at each other and came to a silent agreement; eliminate Storm Fox if needed. The genin however were awed at such a devious plan, it was exactly what they were expecting to do as ninja! Tazuna, Tsunami and Inari, however, now became even more nervous around Naruto. That kind and carefree attitude seemed a bit wrong after the plan he had just suggested. Even if it was aimed at Gato.

"Yep. You guys in?"

"Well, what do you think Tazuna? It is your life after all." Kurenai asked as she kept her inquisitive gaze on Naruto.

"Well, if it will get rid of Gato…" Tazuna said as he scratched his cheek in thought.

"Excellent! I'll be back in a week to finalize plans before putting them into action." Naruto said with a large smile as he stood and made to leave. "Thank you for the lovely dinner and even lovelier company. Let's do it again sometime and discuss things that are a bit more pleasurable." Naruto said in a husky tone with a seductive smile and wink that caused each woman who saw it to blush. They may be wary around him and possibly want to kill him but he'd be damned if he didn't at least try to flirt with them a bit. And with that, Naruto exited leaving an odd somber and awkward/aroused mood in his wake.

"That was rather interesting." Kasumi said after dealing with her own blush.

"You think he's single?" Anko suddenly and seriously asked as everyone stared at her (except for Hinata who glared daggers at her but was unsure as to why). "What?"

"… Nothing Anko." Kurenai said with a small shake of her head and a smile. Her best friend Anko certainly was great for times like these. Although Kurenai would admit that she wondered the same thing too…

*A bit over a week later, Evening, main hall of Gato's mansion*

Zabuza and Haku had just presented 'evidence' of Tazuna's demise. Said 'evidence' being a torn shirt covered in blood and several pictures taken of the victim. It disgusted Zabuza and Haku at how Gato was almost salivating in delight at thinking of the bridge builder's 'death'.

"You've done well Zabuza. Here's your reward." Gato said with malice in his voice as he snapped his fingers. An awkward silence struck as nothing happened. Gato started to furiously snap his fingers as a cold lump formed in his stomach. "What did you do?" Gato asked in the calmest voice he could muster.

"Not much." Zabuza said as his voice changed into that of a woman before his appearance flickered out of existence revealing Kurenai standing there.

"The fuck!?" Gato yelled as he looked around and noticed that there were spikes of ice impaling each and every one of his guards as Haku was sitting on a nearby chair. Gato noted that he could hear a fierce storm outside and the anguished cries of those being killed rather brutally…

"Genjutsu is a beautiful thing you know. But I don't have the time to go into the finer points of it so I'm going to let my friend here ask you some questions." Kurenai said as she turned her attention to the outside of the mansion. She was a little peeved she wouldn't get to see Naruto in action… Meanwhile, Haku put his senbon to good use as Gato's cries of anguish joined those of the men being slaughtered outside.

*A bit earlier, in the forest surrounding the mansion*

"Alright, the operation starts when Haku gives the signal. Last minute questions?" Naruto said seriously as he, Zabuza, Kasumi and Anko observed Gato's mansion (and more importantly, the impromptu barracks) from a hidden vantage point. Their job was to eliminate the thug army they had discovered in an earlier bit of reconnaissance as nearly five hundred thugs were in the process of gearing up for war as they sharpened weapons and donned armor.

"I don't get why we only get the leftovers. Can't you be a bit nicer Naru-kun and give me more targets?" Anko asked with a cute pout on her face as Naruto chuckled. The essence of their plan (having been changed after learning of the increased number of thugs) was Naruto would demonstrate the storm part of his nickname before allowing everyone else to clean up. Of course they had to wait for Haku to give the signal informing them of Kurenai's success.

"I'd love to. But I'd rather get this done quickly. Besides, I want to show off a bit with such beautiful kunoichi on my side." Naruto said with a sincere smile that quashed any further questions from Anko as she looked away to hide her blush. Kasumi thanked her mask for being able to hide her face as she didn't need to be obvious about hiding her blush. Zabuza merely sighed as he wondered why so many women fell for that damned blonde. "I may as well get ready though…" Naruto said as he stood and made a half ram seal and became quiet. Unseen to the other three shinobi, the sky started to fill with clouds as an ominous crack of thunder sounded off in the distance.

"What's he doing?" Kasumi asked.

"Getting ready. Just watch and you'll understand." Zabuza replied as he felt the unique energy Naruto used for some of his more devastating attacks completely surround the blonde. A few minutes later, they felt a pulse of chakra as the signal was given. Naruto opened his eyes and muttered a single word as an odd green circle appeared at his feet and another at chest level.

"Tempest." As the word left his lips, the clouds exploded with rain as a tornado appeared in the middle of the camp. The tornado quickly grew in size as it sucked everything into it like a black hole made of shredding winds. There was a flash of light as lightning hit the tornado and, instead of dissipating, added a new source of destruction. The screams of men as they were fried by the constant lightning, shredded by the ultra fast winds and flying debris or crushed by a ball of air pressure that had just formed inside the tornado echoed loudly in a cacophony of madness. This would go on for several minutes as the technique raged on like a vengeful god showing its displeasure with humanity. "Huh, I think I overdid it…"

The two Konoha kunoichi said nothing as they observed the devastation. Not too long ago there was half a thousand men getting ready for war and now there was nothing but wreckage and bits and pieces of corpses littering the area. Zabuza merely felt nostalgic as he remembered the times he saw Raven get serious. Or remembering some of the battle stories they traded, like the time Raven told him about his battle with the Sandaime Raikage…

"What the hell just happened?" Kasumi asked in bewilderment. She hadn't seen such a devastating technique since the Hiraishin…

"Well, I'm called 'Storm' Fox for a reason." Naruto said with a hint of pride in his voice. These techniques were taught to him by his late father; anything short of mastery would feel like an insult to Raven.

Anko and Kasumi could only nod at the simple fact.

What do you say to a possible enemy with a storm at his fingertips?


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