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XX Flashback: Nadeshiko village XX

Raven and a five year old Naruto were happily walking along as they admired the beauty of Nadeshiko village. It had taken several years of meticulous work and a few friends vouching for him but now Raven had established himself as someone trustworthy enough to conduct business with the all female village. And now Raven was making sure that Naruto familiarized himself with the village so that he too could earn the right to ply his trade here. Raven found that he truly did feel like a father to the young boy and was willing to put in insane amounts of work to make sure that he had as many opportunities as possible. 'Who knew I would get so soft in my old age…'

"Why are we here dad?" Naruto asked as he was gaining many looks from nearby women. With his bright cheery nature and adorable whiskers, Naruto had no trouble ingratiating himself with any older woman (much to the joy of Raven who would then come in as the doting, and very single, father).

"We're here to meet the leader of this village Naru-chan. She and I have some adult things to talk about." Raven said with a smile as Naruto pouted, which caused many women to squeal with joy at such a cute sight.

"That's so boring!"

"Now now naru-chan, I know the leader of this village has a granddaughter around your age that you could probably play with." Raven said with a smile on his face. Due to Naruto's young age he missed the mischievous twinkle in his father's eye…

"Really!?" Naruto asked with a face filled with hope. Whenever Raven said he had to talk 'adult' stuff with someone it usually meant that Naruto would be stuck in a room elsewhere, bored out of his mind.

"Of course. I think her name was Shizuka…"

*Nami no Kuni, two weeks after the assault on Gato's Mansion, Tazuna's house*

Naruto was happily chatting with both Tsunami and Tazuna as they enjoyed a nice cup of tea in the living room after a hard day of work. While they had become nervous and fearful of him prior to Gato's death, the blonde was just too likeable and quickly found a place back in their good graces (although Tsunami had to admit to herself, her feelings were a bit more than just those of friendship…). It also helped that Zabuza and Haku left the day after the raid (being significantly richer than when they had arrived).

It should also be noted that Tazuna had become Nami no Kuni's de facto leader. No one knew exactly what title Tazuna should have so for the moment he was just called boss. It suited the old man fine and often got him free sake. It was good to be the boss.

"That's certainly an interesting tale Naruto-kun. It must be fun traveling to so many exotic places." Tsunami said with a blush at the thought of being able to travel with the handsome young man.

"The best part is making new friends." Naruto said with a genuine smile as he sipped his tea. But, before the conversation could continue any further, an angry Sasuke burst into the room and did something that Naruto had grown uncomfortably familiar with.

"Fight me." Sasuke growled out. After the raid, Sasuke had somehow learned of Naruto wiping out the thug army with a single technique and would now challenge him to a fight every chance he could. At first Naruto found it amusing but that quickly turned into annoyance since Sasuke liked to issue these challenges whenever Naruto was enjoying himself. Like when Naruto was trying to flirt with the three jonin senseis. Or when he was taking a nap. Or when he was trying to eat. And most recently when he tried to take a shower... Really any peaceful moment Naruto had.

"Why do you always ask when I'm trying to relax? The answer is still no by the way."

"Why? Scared?" Sasuke questioned with an insulting tone.

"Scared? Of what? Bruising my knuckles on your thick skull?" Naruto answered calmly as Sasuke was quickly becoming enraged enough to lash out.

"Fu-" Sasuke tried yell out something not meant for polite company when Kasumi appeared with a sheepish expression as she used a lightning fast application of ninja wire to capture and throw the loudly protesting Uchiha over her shoulder. Naruto would later regret the missed opportunity to ask about her thoughts on bondage.

"Sorry about that Naruto-kun. Little scamp slipped away from team training." Kasumi said with an apologetic tone. After Naruto's display of power at Gato's mansion, it was quickly decided between the three jonin that they would not try to engage him in combat again. This decision was helped along by the fact that Naruto had no intention of causing Tazuna or the Konoha shinobi any harm.

"Don't worry about it Kasumi-chan. It must be hard to deal with such a troublesome little rascal." Naruto said with mock sorrow as Kasumi gave a melodramatic nod and wiped away a non-existent tear.

"It really is. But it is the burden we jonin sensei's must shoulder." Kasumi replied as she body flickered away. Kasumi and Anko had both quickly warmed up to the purple wearing blonde while Kurenai was trying to keep him at arm's length with her infamous 'ice queen' behavior. Though, she did seem to be warming up to his presence as time went on…

"I wonder what's under that mask… And that vest." Naruto thought aloud with a perverted grin that had Tazuna laughing and Tsunami blushing.

*After dinner, Rooftop*

Naruto was laying on the roof as he stared at the stars. A sense of serenity hung in the air as a soft wind touched his cheek like the caress of a lover. Naruto loved nights like these. Unfortunately it seemed he had a guest to his quiet time. "May I help you Hinata-chan?"

"Definitely." The now discovered Hinata answered without a shred of embarrassment. She had struck up a friendship with the blonde in order to discover why she would get such strange feelings around him and after spending some time thinking on her feelings, she thought she knew what it was. Now she was going to find out. "We leave the day after tomorrow so I wanted to fight you before then."

"…Well, it would be rude to say no to a beautiful lady. Alright Hinata-chan, I'll give you your fight tomorrow." Naruto said after some thought. Hinata had been oddly out of it the past few days and if a spar could help his friend then why not? Besides, it would piss off Sasuke that he had agreed to fight someone other than him.

"Thanks Naruto-kun. Be ready for an asskicking." Hinata said with a playful tone as she went back inside to sleep. She wanted to be properly rested for tomorrow…

"Why do I get the feeling that this is more than just a spar…" Naruto thought out loud before hearing soft sniggering in his mind…

*The next day, around noon*

Everyone had gathered at a clearing near Tazuna's house after learning of the spar; all eager to see how Hinata would stack up against Naruto, well, almost everyone (Sasuke was fuming and uttering obscenities under his breath). The three jonin sensei's knew Hinata was outclassed but it would be great experience in fighting a superior enemy. Everyone got comfortable as Naruto and Hinata both leisurely walked to the middle of the clearing.

"So, any rules for this little spar?" Naruto asked as he did a few stretches and enjoyed the view of Hinata as she did hers. 'Mmmm, I can think of more than a few ways to put all that flexibility to good use…'

"Not really. Give me your best shot." Hinata replied with a bloodthirsty grin. Naruto gave a gentle smile at that as he unintentionally released a bit of bloodlust.

The two stared at one another for a few more moments before, with the appearance of a gentle breeze, they flew at one another with a flurry of attacks. They were somewhat evenly matched as Hinata had yet to activate her Byakugan and Naruto was sticking to mostly defensive maneuvers as he analyzed her fighting style. He knew of the famed Byakugan and was waiting for it to make an appearance before he got a bit more serious. After a few minutes of this, both jumped back and stared at the other.

"You're holding back a bit Naruto-kun." Hinata said with a small frown.

"Well, I was so mesmerized by your grace that I couldn't help but try to prolong this." Naruto said with a foxy smirk that made the faces of the women present redden (and a pang of jealousy rise within the hearts of some at the compliment to Hinata). "But I guess I can stare at you later." Naruto said as he unsealed his bow and dagger with a flourish of his hands.

At this Hinata smiled and with a whisper activated her doujutsu. Hinata held back a gasp as she looked at Naruto with her Byakugan active; the intensity and amount of chakra within him and actively flowing around him was insane. She knew that chakra could have strange qualities depending on the individual and their abilities but this was beyond anything that her clan had ever mentioned. Although, this merely added to her excitement about this spar and for what would come after…

"Well Naruto-kun let's kick this up a notch." Hinata said brightly as she charged forward.

"So hasty Hinata-chan." Naruto teasingly said as he took a quick backstep to evade Hinata's lunge while simultaneously pulling back on his bow and readying a strangely glowing arrow. As he let it fly, Hinata let out a gasp as she realized that this arrow was made of pure chakra. Getting over her shock in milliseconds, she quickly readied herself to disrupt it with a strong jyuken strike; thinking that it would be like most chakra constructs and be easily destroyed. As she struck the side of the chakra arrow with her right hand, Hinata realized her mistake as it exploded. The explosion was rather small but the purpose for it was soon obvious as Hinata looked at her now chakra burned hand and found that her vision had become incredibly fuzzy.

"That was certainly interesting Naruto-kun. And a little underhanded" Hinata said as she grit her teeth in pain while she studied her hand to see if she had any hope of using it in the spar.

"Thank you. I developed it specifically to deal with kekkai genkai users." Naruto replied with a smile.

"Oh? Do tell." Hinata asked as she cradled her temporarily useless hand and deactivated her currently impaired Byakugan. Hinata had no delusions that she could win after taking a moment to gauge the damage done. Naruto lowered his weapons as he knew the conclusion Hinata would come to.

"Well, kekkai genkai rely on either doujutsu such as your Byakugan, mixing of chakra natures like say Mokuton or some kind of body enhancement like Shikotsumyaku. All of which rely on a delicate balance of chakra. My chakra arrows can disrupt all three and since most shinobi with a kekkai genkai tend to rely nearly exclusively on it to the detriment of all other skills… Well, I think you get the idea." Naruto finished with a knowing smile. Off to the side, the three jonin were nodding their heads in agreement as Sasuke wondered if he could steal the technique to use against a certain someone…

"Smart, handsome and able to kick my ass. Yep, I've made the right choice." Hinata said with a strange smile as she stared at Naruto.

"Eh? Right ch-" Naruto tried to say before his face was roughly grabbed by Hinata who then forcefully invaded his mouth and made sure to map out every little detail with her tongue. Several minutes passed by as Hinata deeply enjoyed herself while everyone else was too stunned to interfere (although Tsunami had covered a protesting Inari's eyes).

"Next time we meet," The smirking Hinata released a rather shocked Naruto, before grabbing his ass. "..this sweet ass will be mine. So visit soon or I'll hunt you down; a girl has needs after all." Finished Hinata as she walked away while giving her hips an alluring sway that glued Naruto's eyes to her behind. Hinata also pointedly ignored the glares she was getting from Anko, Kasumi, Tsunami and surprisingly Kurenai.

In Naruto's mind, the sniggering he heard got much louder.

*The next day, Tazuna's house*

Naruto was enjoying lunch with Tazuna, Tsunami and Inari (the Konoha teams having left right after breakfast, with Hinata and Anko both leaving him a pair of their panties as a 'visit me soon' gift) as he wondered on how to broach the entire reason for his being here. After all, negotiations like these were usually intense battles of cunning and subtlety to make sure that one side came out better than the other.

"So Tazuna, how would you like to do business with Kumo?" Fuck subtlety.

"Eh?" Tazuna and Tsunami questioned in unison at the sudden topic change.

"I may have neglected to mention this while the Konoha nin were here but I've kinda been hired by Kumo to ascertain how willing Nami no Kuni would be when it came to trading with them. So, how about it?" Fuck cunning too.

"Well, trading with two large nations is better than one. You got the terms to look over?" Tazuna asked since it would be stupid to just turn away the offer without seeing what could come of it. Besides, he did owe Naruto for helping in destroying that midget Gato.

"Here you go my good friend." Naruto said as he pulled out a pre-prepared scroll with a flourish. Naruto could already feel those fat stacks of ryo he would get for the completion of this job…

*Roughly half a week later*

It had taken a few days to fully iron out the details for the trading agreement but by the end of it both Tazuna and Naruto were happy. Naruto left soon after, though not before promising to visit and taking a scrolled filled with food cooked by Tsunami. Now he was traveling along and whistling a tune that Raven had taught him in his youth. Despite the problems he would be dealing with after returning to report to A, Naruto felt rather content at the moment.

"I have finally tracked you down, beloved." Naruto felt himself freeze as an indescribable terror gripped him at the sound of the incredibly familiar voice. While silently cursing himself for letting down his guard, Naruto mechanically turned around as he hoped beyond hope that his ears had played a trick on him and the area behind him would be empty. Alas it was not meant to be. Behind him stood a tall beauty with emerald green eyes, a stunning figure and long black hair gathered in a high ponytail.

"H-hey Sh-shizuka-chan. How're you doing?" Naruto nervously greeted his dear childhood friend as he berated himself internally for wanting to take the scenic route instead of just boarding a ship straight to Kaminari no Kuni.

"I am doing well now that I've found you my beloved. Now come along, if we hurry we can have the marriage ceremony on the next full moon." Shizuka said with a loving smile on her face. Naruto felt the blood drain from his face at this. For the past several years, Shizuka had been hunting him down in order to drag him back to her village so that she could marry him. While Naruto wouldn't deny that marrying her had a great amount of appeal to him, he was NOT ready to settle down and be a one woman kind of man (hell, he doubted he could be a one woman kind of man in the first place). It didn't help that before Raven's passing, may his soul rest in between a pair of giant breasts, he had given the girl his blessing to 'persuade' Naruto into marriage.

"About that, could we possibly put off that wedding for a bit longer? I mean, there's just so much left to-" Naruto tried to reason with Shizuka before he sidestepped a wind chakra covered ninjato (a gift from him for her twelfth birthday coincidentally). "Was that really necessary!?"

"Of course. If it means finally getting you to where you belong then I would gladly cleave a mountain in two." Shizuka replied with sheer sincerity in her voice before going on the offensive once again. That sincerity hit Naruto in the gut like a chakra enhanced fist as he continued to dodge her slashes.

"Shizuka, why are you so determined to capture me?" Naruto asked as he continued to dodge. She really could do better marriage wise after all…

"Beloved, sometimes I think there are only rocks in that pretty head of yours." Shizuka said as she landed a powerful chakra enhanced fist to Naruto's face as he dodged a feint from her ninjato. "You have always been the one in my heart. And you have proven time and again that you are a powerful warrior. As a Nadeshiko kunoichi, I can ask for nothing more. As a woman I want nothing less." Naruto took several backsteps as he felt his nose to make sure it wasn't broken.

"Shizuka… You know of my future goal, a goal I may remind you that I have a decent chance of not surviving, and yet you still try to make me yours... Besides, I-I don't even know if I could commit to a single woman…" Naruto uttered out as he unsealed his bow and dagger.

"Do you really think I didn't know about your single woman issue?" Shizuka sarcastically asked as she lunged forward only for Naruto to roll to the side at the last second before rushing in and giving her a powerful roundhouse kick that sent her flying backwards. The Nadeshiko kunoichi managed to contort herself expertly in order to land with the least amount of damage done. Unfortunately, she had lost her grip on her ninjato during the short flight.

"You know about that!?" Naruto yelled out in surprise as he let loose a trio of arrows at Shizuka's crouching form. He knew better than to allow her to get back that ninjato.

"I would have to be blind and stupid not to beloved." Shizuka said in a deadpan tone as she lazily knocked aside the three arrows before launching into her own technique; Nadeshiko-Ryu Shinku Ebu (Deep Crimson Dance Performance) as she unleashed a veritable wave of kunai upon Naruto.

"Then why still chase me?" Naruto questioned with genuine confusion as he frantically dodged the barrage while occasionally using his bow and dagger to aid him in knocking some aside.

"Because to love someone is to accept them. All of them." Shizuka answered with a sincerity that left Naruto speechless as she rushed in with her signature Nadeshiko-Ryu Koha Reppuken (Hardliner Gale Fist). Regaining his senses just in time dodge the blow that would have ended the fight otherwise, Naruto launched into one of his father's own signature moves; Just Like Dancing. With graceful movements that would make even veteran dancers jealous, Naruto moved himself and his weapons in a circular pattern that Shizuka managed to narrowly evade before finding a certain someone's foot wedged into her abdomen.

"Goodnight Shizuka-chan." Naruto softly said as he caught the collapsing Kunoichi. That last attack had been a desperation move that Naruto knew, if failed, would leave him wide open to an attack that could take him out. Shizuka's skill with futon techniques and the speed she could do them was astounding after all… "You can come out now Tokiwa-nee." Naruto called out after gently laying Shizuka on the ground before caressing her cheek for an instant.

"Hello Naruto-dono. It seems you have won yet again against Shizuka-sama." The tall, short haired brunette said simply as she emerged from the ground with ease.

"Yeah… Hey Tokiwa-nee, could you give her a message when she wakes up?" Naruto asked with an odd tone as he looked up into the sky. He had made a decision and was going to see it through.

"Of course." The veteran kunoichi said as she regarded the purple wearing blonde in front of her.

"Tell Shizuka that I have a proposition for her…"

*A forest in Kaminari no Kuni, a few days after the fight with Shizuka, evening*

Naruto was currently sitting at the fire he made for his camp, cooking up a stew after having exhausted the scroll of food Tsunami gave him last night. He was also awaiting the arrival of a friend that he had not seen in a few months. As the delicious smell of rabbit stew started to fill the small camp, Naruto heard the sound of snapping branches. "Took you long enough."

"I found a small band of bandits that needed gutting. Don't begrudge me my hobbies brat." A deep, inhuman voice filled with dark amusement said as a horse sized fox with nine hypnotically swishing tails emerged from the forest.

"You really need a hobby other than finding something that can feel pain and killing it brutally."

"Why?" The fox asked with genuine confusion as it tilted it's head to further accentuate said confusion. If it weren't for the eyes filled with malice, the razor sharp teeth bared in a vulpine grin and the reek of blood wafting from it, it could have been cute.

"… Anyways, how have you been Kurama?" Naruto said as he moved the conversation away from trying to explain the concept of morality to one of his oldest friends.

"Same old same old. Though I have been hearing some rather interesting things from the Oto nin I've been 'enjoying'." Kurama said cheerfully as he licked his incredibly sharp teeth as he remembered the joy he derived from his time with the Oto nins.

"Oh? Interesting in what way?" Naruto asked, having long gotten used to his friends 'hobbies'.

"Interesting in the way that if you sold this info to, say Konoha, you would make out like a horde of bandits." The fox said as it made itself comfortable at the camp.

"Well don't keep me in suspense!" Naruto said as he was almost salivating at the prospect of that much money.

"You gonna share that stew? You know damn well rabbit is my favorite." Kurama said with joy as he intentionally put off answering the question. Naruto knew what the bastard fox was doing and quickly got a bowl and filled it to the brim with stew before handing it to one of Kurama's waiting tails. Naruto fidgeted as Kurama took his time and savored the meal, even going so far as to lick the bowl clean, before asking again.

"Are you gonna give me that damn info or not?"

"You know what goes great with a bowl of rabbit stew? Some Mt. Myoboku sake." Kurama said as a vulpine grin stretched across his face. The fox loved to piss off Naruto and watching the blonde squirm as he tried to decide whether the information was worth losing a bottle of his personal stash of sake was making the fox's day.

"Kami damn it! Fine! One bottle!" Naruto finally yelled out as he made his offer. That sake was his personal favorite and, considering Gamabunta's ever present thirst, was nearly always in short supply.

"Three bottles." Kurama loved how Naruto started spluttering at his counteroffer.

"One bottle and I split a second with you." Naruto said with a look in his eyes that made Kurama wonder if his friend was about to go off the deep end.

"Deal." It was actually a pretty good deal considering the brand of sake, and Naruto's past history with it… Besides Kurama didn't want to break Naruto; that would ruin his future fun. "Listen closely brat, it seems Oto is gearing up for war. Orochimaru himself is putting things in motion and meeting with Suna. Their target is Konoha and the attack is set for the next Chunin exams."

"Holy shit…" Naruto was dumbfounded. This was information of the highest order that could possibly destroy a nation if withheld… He was gonna make soooo much money off this! Which raised the question, how reliable was this? "How positive are you about this?"

"Well, considering the amount of high level Oto nin's that became my playthings to substantiate this I would say that I'm pretty damn confident. And if needed, just ask the toad pervert to back up your claims on Oto's movements." Kurama said logically. He couldn't blame Naruto for his hesitance considering he would do the same if he was in the purple wearing blonde's shoes.

"Alright. I have to get in contact with Uncle Jiraiya anyways. Well," Naruto reached into his coat and unsealed a scroll filled with his most precious items, including his sake. "…let's have a good drink as we discuss the details of… whatever it is you call this."

"A clusterfuck?" Kurama helpfully said as he accepted his portion of the sake. The two would speak well into the night discussing various things. Including the new 'friends' Naruto had made with the Konoha kunoichi.

*The noon the next day*

Naruto groggily awoke with a splitting headache as he tried to remember last night before he felt something furry smack him across the face. "Oww! Dammit!" Naruto rather loudly exclaimed as he heard a familiar voice.

"Good to know you still can't hold your sake." Kurama said with some joy as he continued enjoying the deer he had hunted down earlier. Smacking Naruto with his tails was such a great way to start the day. Even if it was noon.

"I'm human remember Mr. Nine tailed fox? I can't just drink a bunch of super potent sake without side effects." While technically Naruto could drink like a fish and never suffer any long lasting consequences, in the short term he could still get hangovers if he drank enough. And Mt. Myoboku sake was on an entirely different level from any other sake…

"You know what I just heard? 'I'm just a little bitch.'" Kurama shot back with glee at pissing off the blonde.

"Why am I friends with you!?" Naruto yelled before grabbing his head as his headache made sure that he would learn not to act so rashly.

"I'm not sure honestly. I think the old bird just dropped you on your head a bit too many times as a baby." Kurama answered helpfully.

"Stupid fox."

"Well, I'm going to go back to Oto no Kuni and hunt down some more high level nins. If I find anything useful I'll get in contact with you." Kurama said as he gave Naruto a wave with his tails before disappearing into the forest.

"Bipolar fox." Naruto said as he looked in the direction his friend disappeared into. Kurama could go from asshole to serious so smoothly that it was almost like he was never being a jerk in the first place. Naruto stayed in his camp for a little while longer in order to clean up and allow his headache to dissipate.

Knowing that the information on Konoha was time sensitive, Naruto created a pair of kage bunshin (Naruto reminded himself to thank his uncle for teaching him this technique), handed both a scroll and sent one to Kumo and the other to Kiri while he started his trek to Konoha.

*Kumo, some time later*

The Naruto clone managed to easily bypass Kumo's security and sneak into the presently empty Raikage's office before finding a nice spot to wait patiently in. As the clone waited, it lamented the fact that it was merely a clone and couldn't enjoy some time with the ladies of Kumo. And all that other existential stuff about being born only to quickly die and wonder whether it was really ever alive in the first place. But mostly the clone hated that it couldn't spend time with Samui or Mabui or Karui or Yugito… 'Wow, the boss is a real player… Nice.' The clone was cut off from praising the original when the door opened and A walked in grumbling about 'idiotic rappers who never took anything seriously'. The clone was rather amused that A was so into his rant that he didn't notice that he wasn't alone.

"That stupid damn brother of mine!" A finally finished as he sat down in his chair and finally noticed the happily smiling blonde that was skulking about in a dark corner of the room. "Great. Another damn idiot." Raven and Naruto both had habits of dropping in unannounced just to prove they could so A wasn't as fazed as he normally would've been when it came to surprise guests.

"Why are you always so angry A-kun? You need to relax, and I know just the thing to set those old bones to rest." The clone said with a dramatic flair of its hand as it placed a scroll on the Raikage's desk. A rolled his eyes as he opened the scroll and started reading as a satisfied grin settled itself on his face. "This will do."

"… 'This will do'? No 'great job' or 'exceptionally done Naruto'?" At the clone's displeased rant, A merely snorted and continued to read the scroll. "You're such a mean guy A-kun. Anyways, I have something else to discuss with you..." At the sudden shift in the blonde's tone, A looked up from the scroll and knew that his day just got worse. "It seems that there's a leak when it comes to information on me…"

*Kiri, about the same time*

The current Mizukage, Mei Terumi, was working her way through a pile of paperwork and wishing it would just end. Or that an 'accident' occurred that would destroy all of it. Say a miniature volcano erupting and melting it all… Before she could put further thought into the how of creating such an 'accident', her door opened as someone walked in. Assuming it was simply Ao bringing in more paperwork, Mei decided to take out her frustration on her loyal subordinate. Besides, he probably deserved it knowing him.

"You better be here for a damned good reason otherwise I'm melting your balls off." Mei uttered with malice as she used her fire natured chakra to raise the temperature of the room. Not enough to light anything on fire but just enough to make it uncomfortable.

"And here I thought you'd be happy to see me… Guess I'll just go…" A sad voice said as Mei felt her eyes widen as she looked up.

'FUCK!' "W-wait! I'm sorry Naru-kun! I thought you were Ao!" Mei hastily yelled out as the blonde stopped his slow march out of her office. Mei made a mental note to punish Ao for not alerting her of Naruto's presence earlier. What good was that stolen Byakugan of his if he didn't give her proper notice of her (hopeful) lover's appearance?

"I feel rather insulted you'd confuse me with that old man." The Naruto clone said with mock sadness that Mei misunderstood as genuine in her confused and panicky state.

"I'm so sorry Naru-kun. I'll do anything to make it up to you!" Mei yelled with some panic entering her voice. The clone knew he had taken it a step too far at that point and decided to get down to business.

"Calm down Mei-chan. I know it was a misunderstanding. Besides, I'm just a clone anyways."

"Ah… Well, what can I do for you Clone-kun?" Mei said with an embarrassed blush as she recomposed herself.

"The boss thinks that there might be a leak when it comes to information about him…"

XX Omake: On the way back to Konoha XX

"Well that was certainly an interesting C-rank." Kiba said as he walked along with his fellow Konoha nin.

"Holy shit! Kiba!? When the hell did you get here?" Hinata asked as she was genuinely surprised at the presence of her teammate.

"…Kiba has always been here." Shino helpfully pointed out before Hinata's disbelieving eyes were pointed at him.

"Shino!?" Kurenai uttered in disbelief as she finally noticed the presence of her other genin.

"What's wrong with you guys?" Sakura asked as she took a break from ogling Sasuke to wonder on the weirdness of her fellow team. Sasuke himself had a shiver crawl up his spine as he realized that Sakura had been so close for so long without his notice.

"Flat-chest is right. They've always been here." Sai said as his own sensei Kasumi looked shocked at his sudden appearance.

"… You guys forgot about us didn't you?" Kiba asked with some hurt in his voice as the accused looked away.

"It seems we've been relegated to near non-existent roles…" Shino said with a small hint of sadness in his voice.

It was tough not being a beautiful woman or an annoying jerk.


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