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Part of my Main Stream AU

Now we are going to get into the NJO Era of the EU. I had originally had decided not to have Lowbacca because George Lucas had said it was rare for Wookiees to join the Jedi Order. But after seeing the Youngling Arc from Season Five I rethought it and decided to put him in.

Some of my personal feelings will come through but I hope that it will be more like common sense than anything else.


Jacen Solo shifted in his seat as Master Djinn Antilles gave a lesson in Origins of the Order. For the last few weeks they had been discussing how different cultures had in some way or another contributed in the formation of the Jedi Order. So little was known about what could have come from which culture and where certain beliefs stemmed from.

At the moment Master Antilles was talking about how there had been divides in the Order at different periods of time ranging from how the Force should be used, what they as Keepers of the Peace should do, if they should be allied with any government and the nature of the Force.

The class itself was interesting and Jacen was trying to see how it could help him as a Jedi but he was a little bored.

"How many of you are aware that some Force Sensitive cultures and different Jedi over the millennia theorized that the Force is an intelligent, sentient life form?" Master Antilles unexpectedly asked them.

Jacen raised his hand along with a few others.

"There is no way to prove whether the Force is sentient, semi-sentient or just exists. However the Jedi of old spoke about the Will of the Force which suggests that they might have believed that the Force has a form of awareness and a degree of intelligence at one point in time."

Jacen raised his hand suddenly curious to know if Master Antilles had done something.

"Do you have something to say Jacen?" Master Antilles inquired.

Jacen lowered his arm.

"Have you asked the Temple Guardians?" he asked the Jedi teaching the class. "They should know what the Jedi of old believed or they could even answer your questions."

Master Antilles gave him a bemused smile. "Oh I asked the Temple Guardians about the Force since they are part of it. They told me that when I die and become one with the Force then I would know all. But they did say that they did believe in the Force having desires but they couldn't decide on why."

The topic turned back to different thoughts on the nature of the Force.


Mara Kryze Skywalker was tired. The Healers had all but confined her to a bed since she had become sick. It had been a simple mission with her Padawan Pter Rivers to the Cryus System. Everything had been going well until on their second night on the planet she had collapsed in the suite assigned to them for the duration of their stay.

The memories were paradoxically seared into her memory and a foggy blur. She remembered eating the food she had been ordered from the kitchen, her evening exercises, a cleansing shower, meditation, the door chime sounding, the confusion she felt at the sight of odd looking flowers, smelling them and finding the smell strange.

She didn't remember falling to the falling to the floor but she remembered Pter kneeling at her side. He had called out her several times using her honorific title and her given name; she barely heard him.

She remembered him using the Force to summon a commlink but she didn't remember what was said.

Mara remembered the medics arriving, she didn't remember being lifting onto a gurney but she remembered the light fixtures passing overhead.

She remembered a medic asking Pter if she was expecting as they entered a speeder bay but she could remember Pter responding.

She remembered the pain that tore through her and that for hours her grip on the Force had been tenuous.

Mara remembered hearing that her body was not only fighting an unknown virus but itself as well.

She didn't remember Luke arriving but she did remember the trip back to Coruscant. Once on Coruscant they had managed to force the virus into hibernation but not before it had wreaked havoc on her body.

They had learned very quickly that the disease would reawaken if a Healing Trance was attempted. The Healers had ordered her not to use the Force too much until they could learn more about this disease.

Mara had been used to doing so much on her own but now she couldn't stand by herself for more than a minute before her legs gave away and walking with the help of another or a medical walking aid would last five or so minutes before she couldn't get her legs to work. She had to use a hoverchair if she wanted to go anywhere outside of the Skywalker Family Suite.

She most likely would never have another child; she would never hold the boy she had seen so often in her Visions. She had learned years ago that the Force could be as cruel as It could be kind.

At the moment she was directing her hoverchair to the Solo's Suite with little Ilona walking beside her. Ilona had wanted to ride in her lap but at two years old Ilona was old enough to walk the reasonable distance from the Skywalker Suite to the Solo Suite. She had lost a lot of weight and a child sitting in her lap or just holding something there hurt more than she liked to admit.

Mara felt a small, thankful smile come to her face. If she thought having to use a hoverchair to go anywhere was bad then Leia who was confined to a hoverchair and was mostly confined to the Solo Suite.

Ilona ran the last three meters to the door but waited for Mara to arrive before she pressed the chime.

The door slid open via the Force and Ilona raced in to play with her cousin Galen. Mara guided her hoverchair through the door and smiled at Leia in greeting.

Leia looked worn but that was expected when one is experiencing problems associated with an unexpected, unplanned and complicated filled pregnancy. As of now Leia and the soon to be second set of Solo Twins were doing well but no one was taking any chances.

Mara glanced around the sitting area of the suite and noted that Ilona and Galen were playing with some Force Puzzles.

Now knowing where her youngest was Mara turned her attention to Leia who was sitting in front of the Hyren Gerbil Habitat and the connecting glass cages.

"Did you lose one?" Mara asked. The Solo children loved their Hyren Gerbils and had been devastated when one died a few months back.

"No but one of the glass cages is missing and has been missing for over a week." Leia informed her.

Mara directed her chair over to the stand with the habitat and saw at once that one of the glass cages was indeed missing.

"Any idea who took it?" Mara asked.

"I suspect it was Jacen because it disappeared the day after he came back from Yavin IV." Leia told her. "I hope it was just flower seeds that he brought back and not an animal."

"Have you checked his bedchamber?" Mara asked as she readjusted her chair's position.

Leia shook her head. "My chair doesn't fit through the door and I would have to clean the bedchamber to find it. I could ask Ani or Kunti or even Anak to go through it but Kunti is my Apprentice, Ani has more important things to do and Anak will just say that he does his part to keep their bedchamber clean and that I should be speaking to Jacen about the state of their bedchamber."

"And you hope that he took the lessons to heart about what happens when you introduce a new species to an environment that has no defenses against it." Mara added and earned a nod from her sister-in-law and friend.

"I don't sense anything alive in there either unless he has been dabbling in things he shouldn't be." Leia added.

Mara grimaced at the thought. It was unlikely that Jacen was learning things about the Force he shouldn't and the only being she knew of that he could possibly learn something like that from couldn't and wouldn't pass that knowledge on.

"Mommy?" little Galen's voice called out.

"Yes sweetie?" Leia asked as she turned her hoverchair away from the Hyren Gerbils.

"Ilona wants to play Hungry Nerfs." Galen announced.

"It's in Jacen and Anak's closet." Leia told him and the two children were off.

"I was hoping that I'd never have to see or hear that annoying game again." Leia groaned. "I hid it there before I was put on basically bed rest and for weeks no one asked where it was. All good things come to an end it seems." Leia lamented.

Mara gave Leia an apologetic smile.


Galen opened the closet door in his big brothers' bedchamber and looked around for Hungry Nerfs but didn't see it among the spare boots. He glanced up and saw it on the shelf over the hanging cloaks and spare robes.

Galen called on the Force and slowly lowered the game into his grasp.

Once it was in his hands he turned and smiled at his cousin when something caught his eye: a light over something.

Putting the game on the floor Galen headed over to the light and pulled the cloak that was partially on it aside to reveal the missing glass cage filled with some strange plants.

"Wha's tat?" Ilona asked.

"Don't know." Galen answered.

Galen felt something against his bare foot and then a sharp pain. He didn't even finish screaming before he was out like a light.


Leia Skywalker Solo's head snapped in the direction of Jacen and Anak's door when she felt Galen's fear and heard both Galen and Ilona scream but not finish.

Without a thought Leia leaped from her hoverchair and hurried for the two small children. Everything seemed to hurt as she opened the door to the bedchamber. She spotted the two children lying crumpled on the floor but before she could enter the bedchamber her danger sense flared. Leia searched the area then felt something brush against her left leg and something sink into her ankle.

She barely managed to get a Mental Call off to the Temple Guardians before she lost consciousness.


Obi-Wan Kenobi entered the Solo Suite with Anakin Skywalker hot on his heels. Obi-Wan immediately took notice of the two empty hoverchairs off to the side of the sitting area and called out to his daughter and Leia.

"Here," Mara's voice called out from where she was partially hidden by a sofa.

Obi-Wan entered the suite searching for the source of danger; he didn't sense anything which worried him.

Pushing his concerns aside he headed to his daughter's side and searched her body for injuries.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Galen and Ilona went into Jacen and Anak's bedchamber to get a game. Not long after that we heard them scream. Leia and I didn't think we just acted. I fell but Leia made it to the door but something most have happened because she called for help before collapsing." Mara reported.

"Call the Halls of Healing!" Anakin ordered.

Mara reached into the pouch on her belt and retrieved her commlink.

"This is Mara Kryze Skywalker, I am in the Solo Suite; Master Skywalker Solo is unconscious and I suspect that Galen Solo and Ilona Skywalker are as well. We need help." Mara informed the Healers.

"Healers are heading for your position. Are you alone?" A reassuring masculine voice asked.

"No, there are two Temple Guardians with me now." Mara answered.

Obi-Wan stood and headed for the bedchamber where Leia was lying in the doorway with Anakin at her side.

"How is she?" he asked his friend.

"Something bit her. She momentarily regained consciousness but passed out again. I don't like what I am sensing from her and the little ones." Anakin reported.

"Did you check Galen and Ilona?" Obi-Wan asked.

"They were bitten by something as well but they seem to be doing okay." Anakin answered.

Obi-Wan nodded.

A few moments later a team of Healers arrived and the Living were loaded onto hover gurneys and taken to the Halls of Healing.


Padme Skywalker sighed as she readjusted the settings on her datapad as she sat in Galactic History Class. A minute ago she had Felt her mother's fear and that worried her; but she had checked on her mother and discovered that she was fine just upset about something.

She wished her father was still on Coruscant but he had left for some place with Knight Kyp Durron and would be gone for some time.

Padme Felt a warning through the Force and slowly scanned the room with her eyes and the Force and found nothing.

She took several cleansing breaths and started to organize her notes when she heard a bloodcurdling scream. Several mechanical things sparked and a few of them exploded. A moment later Padme found herself among a heap of desks, chairs and other students.

"Get them off! Get them off!" A hysterical feminine screamed.

Padme looked towards the source and saw Aditi Grunewald, a near human female Padawan, standing in front of the remains of her desk thrashing around in blind panic.

Padme watched as a Healer raced in and touched the screaming adolescent and she relaxed.

A Temple Guardian came in and carefully removed two things from Aditi. There was a hissing noise and Aditi started screaming again.

"Chaos take the Slitherers!" Aditi screamed as the things were put into a box. "Take them Chaos!" Aditi screamed as her Master Karai Shade hurried in and escorted her Padawan away.

"Ophidiophobia," Coris Nyte whispered, "fear of snakes or slitherers."

"How did they get in the Temple and on her?" Padme asked.

"I don't know how they got in the Temple but I believe they fell through the open vent in the air pipe in the ceiling." Coris told her.

Padme looked at the ceiling and saw that the air pipe in the room ran over the center of the room with a missing vent over the spot where Aditi Grunewald had been sitting.

"So they were in the ventilation system." Padme commented. "That's comforting."

"I'm guessing that the snakes came off world which means that someone brought them to the Temple." Coris commented.

"They are going to be in so much trouble." Padme commented.


So it begins. I will be cutting/altering different things.

Oh yes, Jacen is going to be in so much trouble in the next chapter.