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Jedi Temple, Coruscant, Skywalker Family Apartment, two years later . . .

"Tell me about the planet Merica." Mara Kryze Skywalker told her Padawan Pter Rivers.

"The planet Merica is Class M with a planetary axial tilt of 23.4 degrees, multiple different climates and seasons that vary in intensity and length depending on the location. It has a population of roughly six billion beings; roughly 90 percent of the populous are native Mericans. Mericans are near humans, their skin is striped: the shades vary from white to jet black, their hair and eye color are varied from pale blue to a deep brown.

"Merica is separated into seven regions: Iasa, Rarifca, Roupe, Traulias, Ticara, and Dacana and Azomona. Each region has its own governments with different views; they have lived in relative harmony and have agreements to have each other in times of need.

"The history of Merica is fairly average with all the upheavals that all societies go through as they develop.

"A few years after the end of the Clone Wars a Rebel Cell murdered several high ranking Merican diplomats in an attempt to assassinate high ranking Imperials. When the news of the senseless murders reached Merica the whole planet became hostile towards Rebels and more than one Rebel Recruiter and Sympathizer lost their lives to 'mob justice' and family members of the deceased diplomats. The Over Government of Merica begrudgingly recognizes the New Republic as the rightful government but some wounds run deep." Pter recited.

Mara nodded, pleased that Pter had done thorough research on the planet they would soon be paying a professional visit to.

"Can you tell me why we are going Merica?" She asked.

"We have been asked to be neutral mediators in several internal matters on Merica since they do not trust mediators from the New Republic to have pure or ulterior motives or to be in league with the other side.

"They view the Jedi as unbiased even though Palpatine and the Empire viewed the Jedi in a highly negative light and after the Galactic Civil War we became connected to the New Republic.

'Their view on the Jedi is one of the reasons they recognize the New Republic as the legitimate government even if they do not like how the New Republic came into power." Pter answered.

"What are the internal matters they have asked us to help mediate?" she asked him.

"They have refused to disclose why they wish to have mediators. However looking at some of the recent and past events on Merica it most likely has something to do with the murders of their diplomats during the early years of the Empire and some recent civil unrest in Dacana. This being said there still could be different reasons why they have asked for neutral mediators." He informed her.

"Good," she told him.

A clang from the kitchen had her wincing, both at the sound and the reminder that her father would soon be leaving them for whatever place the Force Ghosts went during their downtime.

She knew it was coming since the Vong War had ended but still she had hoped that they would have more time. The time they had had together would never be enough. Maybe there was still enough time to learn some of his recipes.

A slight shift in the Force had her turning her attention to her and Luke bedchamber but the sleeping mind within just drifted back into the realm of dreams.

Relieved that her son was still sleeping she turned back to her Pter. "Anything else that you think is important?" She asked.

Pter was silent for a moment before he spoke. 'We should be relatively safe during our time on Merica but there are citizens that might see our connection to the New Republic as a threat or view us with suspicion. Depending on the exact nature of the situation some might view us as a threat to the status quo and try to prevent the mediations from succeeding. We should be careful and pay close attention to those around us and what they say." He told her.

Mara couldn't help the smile that came to her face. He had come far since he was first assigned her six years ago.

The door to the apartment opened and Luke came in looking tired.

"Is everything alright?" she asked him; knowing that Luke had been in a meeting with the Jedi Council and other Masters.

"Pter, can you go get Beru, Luka and Ilona from their classes?" Luke asked the Senior Padawan; whatever the answer was he wanted to share it without others listening.

"Yes, Master Skywalker," Pter said as he stood; no doubt Sensing what she had Sensed.

Luke waited for a few minutes; whatever the meeting had been about he would rather not have anyone below a certain rank knowing about it.

"Vergere is dying. Cilghal believes that it's a combination of old age and stress of being confined to the Gray Room and restricted access to the Force; our research backs this up. We are considering the possibility of removing her from the Gray Room and taking her to the Halls of Healing to give her some comfort in her final days." Luke told her.

Mara grimaced at the thought of removing the Fosh from the Gray Room and taking her to the Halls of Healing. What if she tried to escape or made a recovery and then tried to escape?

"We have also discussed the possibility of temporarily turning a cell into a medical room so she's still secure but will still be able to receive care. Most of us are worried about students gathering in curiosity if we move her and them trying to find a way to speak to her because they are curious about her even though they know she was working with the Vong and would have gladly stood by as we were killed." Luke continued.

"That might be the best decision." She told him.

They were silent for a few minutes, contemplating Vergere's impending death and the future of the Jedi Order.

"How are you doing?" she asked him after twenty minutes of silence.

Silence stretched again between them as Luke weighed answering her question.

"The whole Sensing what's happening on the other side of the galaxy and being Aware of those around you is not as bad as it has been and happening less and less." Luke told her. "At least I don't See how my actions or the actions of others can affect those around me and the possible futures." He continued with a slight smile.

If Knowing when disaster struck a planet somewhere was bad then Knowing the possible consequences of the words and actions of yourself and others had to be worse; Leia was plagued by that.

"Has Leia weighed in on the situation?" she asked her husband as she collected the datapads on the low table in the sitting area.

"We haven't asked her but when I dropped by to tell her she told me that Vergere could destroy us from within if given a sliver of a chance." Luke told her.

At that point, Luke went to start on supper, leaving her to organize her and Pter's datapads.

Not long after that Pter returned with the younger girls how started talking about their day.

The door chimed and Luke answered the door before she could stand. She watched as Luke spoke with Ric Shiva in low voices. Luke sighed after a minute, radiating relief before he nodded before thanking the other Master.

Luke didn't look at her as he walked back to the kitchen but she knew what Ric Shiva had come to tell him: Vergere had died.


Life went on of the inhabitants of the galaxy. People met, built friendships, married and had families. Warlords rose and fell, governments came and went.

The Jedi were not immune to the changes; some changes were for the better and others were for the worse but they emerged from each one , sometimes limping and other times they walked away with no visible damage.

The future is bright.




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