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The sharp, German accent of my Boss interrupted my hazy daydream. "Wake up girl, too many late nights"

I rolled my eyes, refraining myself from pointing out that the reason I was so tired was because I was up all night trying to finish a case he assigned me. Klaus Baer was a tall, balding man in his late fifties, with grey hair and sharp green eyes. The most striking feature about him? The long ragged scar that ran down the side of his face. I assumed it was from a fight. Thirty years of catching criminals and busting drug raids, well, I'd be surprised if he didn't have a few scars. He could be rude and inconsiderate but then I can hardly say much.

I looked up at him and smirked "Something you need?" I drawled, knowing it annoyed him. We mostly spoke English in the office. Amsterdam was the centre of European Savant Police Services. Meaning about five languages were commonly used. That's not saying everyone in the office was a savant, some didn't know anything about it. I was a savant, my gift: I could see the past, present and future.

Baer glared at me, "Watch the tone kid" he said knowing it irked me when he referred to me as younger. Sure, twenty one was a bit young for my position, but I had more experience with criminals than most.

He went on "Some Americans are staying over to help with the latest case. I will tell you more about that tomorrow. They're working with you."

I went very still. Working. With. Me.

"I work alone, Baer. You know that." I reply, my teeth gritting together.

"No! I will not work well with these…Amerikanen!"

"ANIKA" Baer slams his hands on the desk, sending my pens reeling of the desk. "It wasn't an option." He held up a hand to silence me. "I know you work well alone, but this case is… unique. Trust me you will need them."

He turns to leave my shoebox office. As he reached the door he turns back to me "Their flight arrives at three tomorrow. They are staying in the apartments next to you. They are also Savants, I have their files and information here. Oh and by the way, try to be civil." He tosses me a white envelope, pristinely white and folded and calmly walked out the door

The next day, at precisely three, I stood in the arrival section of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, awaiting my (unwanted) guests.

They were going to be late. Half an hour late. My lips thinned, the only sign of my annoyance. I long ago learned to control my emotions.

Half an hour and many songs later did the gates open. It wasn't a large flight but still. They were all obviously tourists with cameras, excitedly squealing over how fun this was going to be and all the sites they were going to see.

I scowled. I hated tourists. They got in the way of everything. You could be doing a drug raid and flock around like flies, to see what is going on. Nosy buggers.

Damn it. I saw them. I was hoping they would miss their flight. They were hard to miss. Eight hulking men and five women, who, bar one, were about two feet smaller than the men. Most of them were still obliviously looking around for someone who I presumed was me.

I sighed. Sometimes I hated my job. Straightening up from my post against the wall, I took my earphones out of my ears, flicked my long, blond braid over my shoulder and stalked up to them. I reminded myself not to sound to angry.

Tapping one of them on the shoulder I said goodbye to my lovely life of loneliness, at least for the time being.

"Hello? I am Anika Poelman. You are the Benedict's ja?"

They had far too much luggage.

There was thirteen of them but still. Each suitcase was huge. After awkward introductions, which I was forced to put on an unnatural feeling –and probably looking- smile on my face, I called a taxi to bring us to the apartment.

After squeezing all of them into various cars and telling the driver the address, we finally got to the apartment where another problem awaited.

Dutch apartments are tall and narrow with small, thin staircases and in mine, no lift. Obviously judging by the suitcases, there not like that in the USA.

It took much shoving and pulling before they were in their apartment, which was next door to mine. Really they had rented a few apartments surrounding each other and unfortunately all around me.

The noises from next door stopped and I knew that like me they were getting ready for bed.

Quite frankly I didn't care about whatever Baer has planned, I live alone, I work alone and I do not make it my business to make friends.

They won't be here long I told myself they will be off on a plane back to wherever the hell they're from soon and I can live peacefully again.

With that thought in my head I fell into a dreamless lull and sleep overtook me.

Ever since I was fourteen I drank coffee.

So every morning, before I get dressed I stand in my kitchen and drink the warm, soothing yet strong beverage, while staring out my window. If you stand in the corner of the kitchen, you can just see the canal. So I drink my coffee whilst looking at my little piece of typical, Amsterdam scenery. Or as much that I can afford. Houses with a direct view on the canal cost more.

This morning was no different. I stood, bleary eyed from sleep by the kitchen counter when a voice came out from behind me. "Not much of a view"

Before he could say another word I had whipped around and grabbed a kitchen knife, pointing it straight at him.

It was one of the American giants, that much was obvious. Slightly smaller than his brothers but still tall, broad shouldered, with curly dark hair and green eyes that were currently wide open in shock.

"You idioot, did you want me to kill you? Engerd…."

He stared at me, lips parted slightly "Do people often sneak up on you? You look like you have experience with knives"

If only he knew.


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