This chapter is very…criminal minds/ the bridge like… they try to work out the killer and his motives … enjoy!

When I woke up, all I could see was white. Not like the white you read about in books when someone wakes up, but a sickly, pale white that only hospitals seem to have. That is because when I woke up after nearly being blasted to bits, I was not in a dream-like state, I just… woke up.

I was surprised to see, Crystal was by the door nervously looking around as if not sure if she could come in.

"Well don't just stand there. Welcome to my humble abode." I say sarcastically, my throat is raspy and dry.

She jumps. "Xav! Anika is awake!"

I wince and take a needle out of my hand. "Ah, ah, ah, none of that! IV stays in." Xav says as he enters the room.

"What exactly is wrong with me? When can I get out? Was anyone else hurt? How is Will?"

"One question at a time cupcake" I glare at him, for the use of cupcake. "You are fine, couple of bruises, burns, nothing too serious, I healed you up and then brought you here, you are to be released today, only you and Will were injured and he is fine."
I snarl. "Never, ever call me cupcake Xavier Benedict!"

Crystal laughs. "Told you European woman don't like being called cupcake!"

"Why, what is it like in America?"

Xav shakes his head. "Doesn't matter. You're leaving now so… I leave you to… uh, get changed and stuff….."

He leaves and Crystal grins at me. "It's good you're awake, we were all getting worried. Here's your clothes, got them from your apartment, hope you don't mind. I'll leave you to it then"

And with that she smiles and leaves the room. I liked her and Xav, annoying as he was. They were the jokers who kept everything light and easy. For some reason I got on well with them, despite having a completely different attitude to them, unlike another Benedict.

I realised then, that I considered them…friends almost. About as close as I had to friends anyway. It was a nice feeling.

For the first time in…forever, I had friends.

We took a cab to the office.

I had said I would go to the office and if they wanted to, they could join me and they had decided to join me. To be honest, they were growing on me, besides Will, I got on fine, even well with them.

Will, was fine, like me. A bit scratched up but he didn't seem shaken. Although we were oil and water, our gifts suited each other for the case as did our personalities. We were both calm and were not shaken easily. We could sense and see the danger and from what I understood, Will was the best brother to have on your side for a fight.

I still hated him.

My office, was small and clean enough. I wasn't fanatically clean, unlike Baer, but I wasn't messy, just...cluttered.

So we pulled in various chairs and sat down to work and it hit me how often I had done this. How often I had seen cases, plotted where the murderer might strike next and what we could do to stop them. Yet this case felt...different. Maybe it was because I now had a Savant family to help me but I didn't think so. Something about these murders made me uneasy.

"So… what do we do during these meetings, Victor works for the FBI but the rest of us are kind of lost…" Xav says awkwardly.

I rubbed my hand over my face. "We put out ideas together, try to figure out who the killer is, what they are like and try to find some leads. A bit of profiling, like criminal minds, y'know? So, statistically, the killer is male and is either very smart or very stupid. Most likely the first, unfortunately. Starting with Lucie, she was moved, why? She was killed in a busy dock, so the killer is very confident in their abilities, his savant gift is manipulation and he is confident with it, how else would he be sure she couldn't break free? So he has done this before, most likely. She was then moved. How and why? To shock people maybe."

"How do you know to shock people?" Zed asks.

It was Will who answered. "Because she was in an abandoned dock yes, but a busy apartment block was right outside, when they woke up and went out their front doors, what did they see? A dead body of a girl brutally murdered. Pretty shocking if you ask me"

I nod. "He is right. Then Pieter. Taken from a busy place, why? He lived alone. He could have easily been taken from his home but instead from a busy street. Again to shock people, a favoured member of your community is killed? Well that's not so nice. But the killer knew. He knew that we would go in. that's why he set the bomb. Not to get rid of evidence essentially, to kill to detectives or policemen. He is looking for attention. He wants people to see. My bet is that next time, he will strike somewhere bigger with more witnesses."

Will looks at me. "So what? He is smart, attention seeking and confident?"

An ugly idea was burning at the back of my mind. "I think he knows 'bout us. More than just Victor, about our gifts. He knows how my gift works."
"And how does your gift work?" Yves questioned, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

I sigh. "Essentially, I can see everything you have seen. But there is a catch. I can only see what you have seen. Nothing else. It is from your point of view. That is for the past and present and the future depends on a thousand decisions, it is not always clear and can change in an instant."

"So that's why you think he knows about you. You didn't see Lucie's killer because she didn't see her killer."

"Remember also, Will didn't sense the bomb and I didn't see it. We won't know until the bomb is analysed but I'll bet he donated it didn't make a decision to turn on the timer until we were well in the building. He only would have known that if he was nearby. Really nearby or he had a camera of a sort in the warehouse. Will can you're gift be blocked by shields?"

He gives a nod, confirming my suspicions.

"So, you think he was there? Someone in law enforcement then. Who has access to our files and was there." Will asks.

I sigh. "I wouldn't be surprised to be honest. It's only a possibility but still. We have to bear it in mind."

That was when Baer burst into my office.

I growled. "BAER! What have I repeatedly said about knocking?"

He glares at me, "I was getting more info on Lucie and I called her parents to tell her about the death…."

"You only told them now that their daughter was murdered…" I shut up quickly because Baer looks like he is about to throttle me.

He continues. "And they told me something quite interesting. Lucie is still in Lyon. We have the wrong girl. We have the body of her twin sister, Alice"


sorry for the delay. I was on a school exchange in Lyon, France!