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Raven's POV

I sat on the U couch in the main operation room, huddled and carefully holding my teacup to avoid getting burned. I took small sips of tea as I watched Cyborg and Beast Boy playing one of their many racing video games. They were sitting extremely close to each other, so close you wouldn't be able to put a hair in between them. Every time someone was in the lead, they would try to shove the other out of the way: both in the game and in real life, to drive to victory. I wrinkled my nose in disgust at their loud shouting. Why are they so addicted to this game? At least Robin isn't.

Robin. Boy Wonder. Number one sidekick. First to break away from his mentor, the one and only Batman.

Robin truly is a boy wonder. I mean, he is a boy... and I guess he too is a wonder. I really like the guy. But "like" really isn't a word in my vocabulary.

Robin entered in through the door and took a seat next to me. I felt Starfire's envious eyes on the back of my head. A couple months ago, we both admitted to each other that we liked the same guy. Recently, she was rejected by Robin and I could sense her dismay even now. I shifted around, still uncomfortable under her gaze of jealously and envy.

"Yeah?" I asked, trying to distract my self from Starfire who was currently making her own concoction furiously out of anger.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight,"

Again? Recently he's been asking me to go out with him all the time. Doesn't this seem strange to you? Sure I liked him, but it doesn't make me stray from the fact that he obviously doesn't like me. He's probably just trying to be a good leader, trying to pry me away from the comfortable darkness of my room. I'm sure of it.

I gave Robin one of my small but rare smiles. Hey, I could dream right?


"At seven?"

"At seven." I confirmed. At this Beast Boy turned his head to us and abandoned his game, actually letting Cyborg have the advantage to win (but he paused the game because of his great sportsmanship).

"Oooooh, little Robbie-poo is bringing Raerae on another date?" Beast Boy teased.

Robin was bright red, embarrassed, by what though? He wasn't actually being convicted of anything bad, most likely untrue, but not necessarily bad. Probably being called Robbie-Poo, bringing back memories of Kitten. I shuddered. But really, I should be the one that's getting embarrassed; Beast Boy does know that I have a crush on him.

"It's not a date! It's ... just... a one to one outing!" Robin stuttered, waving his arms around dramatically as if he had to come up with some sort of excuse.

"Haha, good one Rob," Beast Boy rolled his eyes. "You were never really good at expressing your feelings anyways, well you still aren't." He added thoughtfully.

Before Robin could protest even more, Cyborg used his large hand to cover Beast Boy's mouth to stop his teasing, "Shut up Grass stain," he said. "Go have fun, little sis," Cyborg winked to me. OKAY! So, Cyborg know too! I know! The whole freaking world knows, except Robin himself!

"Thanks Cyborg," I started to go to my room. Before I walked through the door, I turned.

"Oh and don't call me 'Raerae'," With a flick of my wrist, I brought Beast Boy flying out the window and falling into the water around Titan's Island.

As I walked to my room I heard Robin and Cyborg erupt into laughter.

What I didn't notice was Starfire dumping her new mustard concoction into the trash and rushing to follow me.

I heard a knock on my door. I quickly walked towards it and let it slide open just enough to show my face. There, I was facing Starfire.

"Friend Raven? I wish to speak with you." she asked. She walked into my room silently and slowly, still a little frightened by the darkness of my room and what lied in the shadows. Though, she came into my room quite often she still inspected every object in my room: my pentagrams, the masks, my meditation mirror, and all my ancient books. The brightest thing in the room right now would probably be Starfire's eyes and my eyes too if they weren't covered by my hood.

She delicately sat down on the edge of my bed. "I do not quite understand Friend Robin's actions. Why does he do the asking out on you yet denies it is a date? Strange, is it not?" She asked this question with such innocence, and her eyes wide.

"I don't know Starfire, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't see them as dates. I think he's just trying to get me out of my room." I deadpanned and pulled up the hood so Starfire couldn't see the disappointment on my face. Starfire sat there thoughtfully.

"But that doesn't mean you cannot view this outing as a date!" She said too cheerfully to my liking. I looked up questionably, but before I could answer, she grabbed me by my wrist and set me down on the chair in front of my mirror. Starfire flew to my closet and squealed, "We will make you so pretty that you will seem like the edible foods! A Tamaranian would think you are the Spudlings and devour you!"

"Uh... sure Star,"


Robin's POV

I was already dressed up, well... I guess kind of. I was just wearing a black button down with some black jeans with some supras. C' mon, everyone loves supras. I paced back and forth, running scenarios through my head on what could happen tonight in the OP room but of course Dumb and Dumber were here to annoy me.

"Awww... Robbie-Poo's having a little wittle date with my sis," Cyborg teased, shoving his face above my right shoulder.

"Where are you bringing her? To the graveyard to have a meditation session? Or a make out session?" Beast Boy wriggled his eyebrows, as he popped out of nowhere onto my left shoulder.

"SHUT UP GRASS STAIN. THAT'S MY LITTLE SIS YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!" Cyborg yelled, grabbing Beast Boy and almost strangling him. Beast Boy shied away sheepishly and muttered a "sorry".

"Honestly Robin, I don't get why you don't like her. Bringing her out on all those dates and stuff and leading her on just to crush her dark little heart..." Beast Boy rambled on.

"THEY. ARE. NOT. DATES." I growled through my clenched teeth. "I never said I didn't like her. Besides, Raven has a beautiful heart that cares about her friends," I said under my breath.

"Oh what did you say Robbie-poo? You should know by now that as part animal I have quite good hearing." Robin blushed at this. "But if you believe that these are just 'outings' as you say," He placed his green hands onto his hips and stared at me. He started to smile mischievously. "You wouldn't care if I did this?" Beast Boy cupped his hands around his mouth and sucked in all the breath his lungs could hold and started to scream/sing,


Before he could finish, I masterly flipped over the couch that separated us and landed on Beast Boy to cover his mouth before he finished the oh-so-famous lyrics.

While wrestling, the door to the room swished open to reveal a pale girl wearing a short violet dress with white converse bickering to Starfire. I looked up seeing her beautiful amethyst eyes.

"Are you sure you do not wish to engage in the wearing of the highest of the heeled shoes?"

"No Starfire, I am not wearing heels-"

"But don't you wish to do the wooing?"

"Raven-" I stuttered. Okay, she's beautiful... annddd I'm... relatively nervous. I love her amethyst eyes; did I mention that they are beautiful?

She looked down after I caught her attention. She raised an eyebrow at the sight of Beast Boy and me. I quickly realized it looked like I was straddling him, but I was too shocked to move.

"Get a room,"

While Cyborg started boisterously laughing along with Beast Boy's high-pitched protests, I just started to blush. Okay, Robin the Boy Wonder blushing again? Okay, so this is just starting to get really embarrassing.

I quickly got up and brushed off my shirt, hoping it didn't get too wrinkled.

"Ready Raven?"

"Sure Bird Brain, let's go,"

I looked back at Cyborg and Beast Boy, who were wriggling their eyebrows. I sighed.

Starfire squealed, "The best wishes to your one to one outing on this night. May the two birds have the most fun!"

With that I linked my arms with Raven and led her to the garage.

"The two birds?" I questioned her as I handed her a helmet.

"I like it, it's cute..." She muttered while she blushed. Raven using the word cute? Raven blushing? Wow...

"Yeah, I do too,"

I got onto my motorcycle while Raven had a questionable look at me.

"Ya coming?" I asked.

Raven seemed to have an internal argument but then shrugged and nodded. She climbed onto my motorcycle after me. I may or may not have planned this... I smiled deviously to myself.

"You know, if you don't wanna fall off you're gonna have to hold on tight," I smirked. I started to zoom off into the the Californian-summer night, with the stars above us and the city still awake.

Raven hesitantly wrapped her arms around my waist, and quickly tightened it as I increased our speed.

"I am so going to regret this," I heard her mutter. I just chuckled.

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