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Epilogue: Three years later

"I love you. And I want to be with you forever, and I hope you want to be with me forever. We've had our ups and merlin knows we've had our downs, but we've tackled everything we've encountered just as I want to spend the rest of our lives—together. These past three years we've only grown closer, and everyday I am reminded why I love you and why I fall more and more in love with you as time goes by. So, darling…will you marry me?"

"Well sure Hare-Bear, but what are we going to tell Fleur and Oliver?"


Harry whipped his head around at the voice in the doorway, the box he was holding flying through the air. He tried to lunge for it as it came down, only succeeding in getting caught up in his twisted robes and fell onto his face.

"Ugh…" Harry groaned. He looked up as he heard footsteps approaching.

"Wow. That was…" said Katie, gesturing to where he was lying, "truly, that was amazing." She was laughing as she said it, so Harry thought maybe she was making fun of him.

"Are you going to help me up or what?" grumbled Harry, turning so he was lying on his back.

Still laughing, Katie offered Harry her hand and helped him stand up.

"Where did the ring go?" asked Harry, looking around.

"Accio ring," said Katie, and the ring, box and all, flew into her hand. "Sorry Harry, didn't mean to startle you."


"Ok, so maybe I meant to, but I wasn't expecting to walk in on you proposing to yourself in the mirror."

"Oh, ha ha," said Harry. "I'm nervous enough as it is."

"You have nothing to be nervous about Harry. She's absolutely going to say yes," said Katie, straightening out his robes.

Harry smiled. There really was no doubt in his mind that she would say yes. If the past three and a half years had taught him anything, it was that he and Fleur belonged together.

After the TriWizard tournament had wrapped up, Fleur and the rest of her classmates headed back to France while Harry stayed at Hogwarts with his friends. Long distance was tough, though it helped that Harry spent most of his summers in France with Fleur and her family, and found the occasional weekend during the school year to visit. After Fleur graduated, she went on to study medicine in France, completing the healer program at the top of her class. With such stellar grades, Fleur had the pick of her choice of which hospitals she wanted to work at. Though she hadn't decided yet—it was mostly hinging on which quidditch offer Harry decided on. He had offers from a few professional teams from all around the world. While he finished school with a love for both Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts, after a lengthy discussion with Fleur, and another with Sirius and Remus, and a final one with Ron and Hermione, Harry decided he had his whole life to pursue academics. Professional quidditch was not something he could do forever.

"So, ready to graduate?" asked Katie. "My god, I can't believe it's already happening."

"Yeah, yeah, don't you go all mother hen on me," said Harry, scoffing. "Sirius already did that and I swear I saw him tearing up when I talked to him this morning."

Harry slung his arm around Katie's shoulder as he steered them towards the entrance of what had been his room for the past seven years. Taking one last look over his shoulder, Harry and Katie made their way downstairs to the common room where the rest of his family were waiting.

"'arry!" he heard, before a silver blur shot towards him as he stepped of the last step and jumped into his arms.

"There's my favorite girl!" said Harry, peppering Gabrielle's little face with kisses. She squealed and he transferred her to his back, her tiny arms clinging around his neck. "Oof, you're almost too old for me to carry you!"

"Excusez-moi," said a voice from Harry's side. His lips curled into a smile as he turned to face the love of his life. "I zought we talked about zis, 'arry."

"What?" Harry asked, feigning innocence.

"Favorite girl, iz she?" asked Fleur, raising an eyebrow.

Harry shrugged. "I don't know what to tell you honey. I knighted Gabrielle the other day after she saved me from the highest tower of the castle by slaying that dragon. She's my protector, therefore—favorite."

Gabrielle giggled from her position, nodding her head and Harry could see that Fleur was trying not to laugh as well.

"Ahh. So zat iz what you two were doing next to ze lake yesterday. You were not, in fact, 'aving a stroke but were playing knights and dragonz," said Fleur, crossing her arms.

Harry smiled at her—that damn Potter grin. He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "Love you too, sweetie."

Fleur shook her head, but a smile lingered on her face as Harry reached down to intertwine his fingers with hers.

"So pup," Harry heard, and turned to see Sirius bounding towards them. "Ready to go?"

"Minnie said to be lined up by 10 am sharp and you're cutting it awfully close, cub," said Remus, joining the group.

"Yeah, I'll be down in a second. Can I have a minute alone with Fleur first?" asked Harry, passing Gabrielle to Remus.

"Ooooh, alone time," said Sirius, using a high-pitched voice. "Now Harry, do we need to have the talk?"

"Oh, leave him alone you old goofs," said Katie, walking over from where she was talking to Fleur's parents. "We'll see you out there. Fleur, I'll save you a seat."

With a quiet, "Good luck," and a wink, Katie ushered everyone out of the room, leaving Harry and Fleur alone.

"So," said Harry, turning to face Fleur.

"So," said Fleur.

"Errr, let's sit for a second," said Harry, leading her to the couch.

"'arry, I don't zink we really 'ave time—"

"Please, I really want to do this now, before graduation," said Harry.

Fleur, sensing that Harry was being serious, sat next to him and nodded her head.

"Well, the thing is…ugh, I had a whole thing planned in my head," said Harry, suddenly standing up and pacing in front of Fleur.

"'arry, what could you possibly 'ave trouble saying to me? We 'ave been togezer for years now. You can tell me anyzing," said Fleur, becoming concerned.

"I know, I know," said Harry. "And that's the point!" He stopped pacing and peered into her eyes, finding that comforting blue he was so used to. "Merlin, you have the most beautiful eyes," he said, cupping her cheek.

Fleur smiled and blushed a bit, caught off guard by Harry's compliment. Harry was always affectionate towards her, doing little things and making little comments like that to show how much he cared. The affection was so abrupt and the tenderness in his emerald eyes was evident, and so she remained quiet, waiting for him to continue.

"I love you," said Harry.

"I love you too," said Fleur, turning her head slightly and kissing his palm.

"Marry me."

"Marry—wait, what?"

"Oh, bloody hell."

"What did you just say?"

"This is why I wrote a speech."


"I had a whole thing but then Katie overhead and I got nervous and—"


"—Hermione helped me pick the ring, but then Ron was teasing me and I know he didn't mean it but—"


"—then I had to ask your parents and your mom cried and your dad shook my hand, but I still wasn't sure it was the right time and—"


"—the point is, Fleur. Darling."

Harry took a deep breath, stopping the pacing he had started right after he had said those words to her. He knelt down on one knee, reaching into his pocket and opening the box.

"Fleur, I love you. Will you marry me, please?"

Fleur gasped, both hands covering her mouth. She knew they would get married at some point, but she didn't know he was going to ask her today. She loved this man—since meeting him, her life had only become better, improving everyday she was with him. She had met her soulmate at 17, a rare feat, but nonetheless it happened, and sometimes she found herself thanking whatever higher power it was that nudged her to enter that Triwizard tournament three years ago.

"Fleur, honey?"


"You uhh- you haven't answered…" said Harry, scratching the back of his neck.

"Oh! Oui! Yes! Of course!" said Fleur, leaning forward and capturing Harry in a kiss.

She could feel him smile against her mouth, chuckling lightly at her reaction.

"I love you," said Fleur when they parted, resting her forehead against his.

"I believe this belongs to you," said Harry, leaning slightly back and grabbing the ring from the box he still held in his hand. Fleur held her left hand out and he slid it onto her ring finger, both admiring how it looked on her hand. "I hate to cut this short, but I do actually have to go graduate right now and I wouldn't put it past Minnie to withhold my diploma because I showed up late."

He leaned in and gave her what was supposed to be a chaste kiss, but she wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened it, tongues tangling together and his fingers running through her hair. They parted with a deep breath.

"Oui, let us go celebrate your graduation and zen," she pulled on his tie and brought him closer to her face, lips just barely touching, "we will celebrate our engagement."

Harry grinned and with a smoothness that surprised even him, reached out and picked Fleur up, carrying her bridal style in his arms. "Well then, soon-to-be-Mrs. Potter, let's get going!"

Fleur's laughter rang through the halls of the castle as Harry carried her out to the grounds, where the rest of his class were sitting, waiting for the ceremony to start.

"I'll see you after," said Harry, putting her down as they approached the edge of the crowd.

"And every minute after zat," Fleur said softly, giving him a kiss.

Harry grinned. "And every minute after that," he agreed, giving her a final kiss on the cheek as he went to find Hermione and Ron amongst the group of graduates.

"Harry James Potter! Of course you would be late to your own graduation," huffed Hermione, as he sat down in the seat she and Ron had saved between them.

"Sorry Mione, I was busy getting engaged."

"Well, I would have thought—wait, what?"

"You did it?" asked Ron excitedly.

Harry smiled and nodded his head yes.

"Congrats mate!" yelled Ron, patting him on his back.

"Oh Harry, I'm so happy for the two of you!" said Hermione, pulling him into a bone crushing Hermione-like hug.

"Thanks," said Harry, returning her hug. He felt Ron wrap his arms around the both of them.

"Aren't we getting a little old for group hugs?" asked Hermione, laughing.

"Gasp!" "Blasphemy!"

"You're stuck with us for life, Hermione," said Ron, releasing the two of them.

"Yeah Mione, didn't you read the fine print of that lifetime best friends contract we tricked you into signing our first year?" asked Harry, feigning confusion.

"Oh, you two!" huffed Hermione, leaning over to swat them both but smiling as she did so. The three laughed, continuing to joke around until they heard Dumbledore's voice.

"Quiet down please, students and guests," said Dumbledore. "Today we're here to celebrate all of the hard work and success these students have shown in the past seven years. Please help me in congratulating our graduating seventh years for a job well done, and welcome them to the very beginning of the rest of their lives!"

As Dumbledore continued with his speech, Harry looked around at the crowd and his fellow students, spotting his family sitting near the front of the stage. He saw Sirius and Remus, both looking a little red around the eyes. He saw his old quidditch team, grinning from ear to ear. He saw Fleur's family smiling, Gabrielle bouncing up and down in her seat.

And finally, he saw Fleur, locking eyes with her. Fleur grinned, giving him a little wave with her fingers, the ring catching the sunlight as she did so, making it sparkle on her hand. She winked at him and blew a kiss, and he returned her affections with a full-blown Potter grin.

"It's a beautiful day to start the rest of our lives," said Harry to his friends, but mostly to himself as he winked back at Fleur and turned his attention back to Dumbledore. "Just beautiful."