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Chapter 1

She hurried to her feet, "Come on, Link! Let's go already!"

The blonde rose to his feet slowly and carefully, "What's the hurry, Melody? There is still plenty of time before the coronation."

Melody turned to face him, clasping her hands behind her back, "I know, but there is still so much to do before that."

"What are you talking about?"

She saw Link's face redden, "Don't play dumb. We all know you fancy the princess."

He looked away, "Not like it matters. I'm just a simple herdsman."

Melody scoffed, "No, you're a swordsman who happens to be good with animals."

Link rolled his eyes, "It still doesn't matter."

Stepping toward him, she asked, "What happened? You were so excited yesterday. You're not nervous are you?"

He nodded, "What if I make a fool of myself?"

"You've done it a hundred times; you'll be fine." When he stayed silent, she reached forward, grabbing his hand, "Come on!" Smiling, she pulled him along.

Soon he was smiling, "Where are we going?"

"To buy you some clothes. The others won't take you seriously if you look like a poor herdsman."

"I am a poor herdsman."

Melody rolled her eyes, "If you want to impress Princess Zelda, you have to at least look like you want to join her guard."

Link nodded reluctantly, "I understand, but I really don't need much."

Melody nodded, "I know. There are only a few things we need to buy."

***In the Market Place***

"Here, what about this one?" Melody held up a set of leather armor.

Link shook his head, his blue eyes smiling, "No, I wouldn't be able to fight in it. It is too different from what I'm used to."

Melody frowned slightly, but shrugged, "It'd probably be best to stick with what you're comfortable with."

Slightly confused, Link asked, "If you thought that, then why did we come here?"

Smiling, she answered, "You'll find out soon enough."

Link shook his head, but followed as Melody led him through the growing crowds. "Where are we going?"

Hardly glancing back, she answered, "Mike and Jen are waiting for us at the hideout."

"But I need to get ready."

"Mike has your clothes."


Melody turned to him, stopping, "I told you already: You can't go dressed normally." Seeing his rising anxiety, she assured him, "Don't worry. The outfit we put together isn't much different from what you normally wear. Trust me."

"Alright, let's go." He started to walk again.

After a moment's hesitation, Melody caught his sleeve, "Link…I…I need to get something. I'll meet you there. Okay?"

***Some time later***

"Where is she? Melody should have been here by now." Mike shifted back and forth on his feet.

"Relax, she'll be here. She had to get ready, too, you know." Jen ran her fingers through her short, blonde hair as she tied it up. "She is late, though."

"Are you sure this looks fine?" Link stepped out of the small house behind his friends. He wore a brown tunic with light brown tights. It was different from the usual grey shirt and brown pants we wore, but the weight wasn't much different and it didn't seem to restrain any of his movements.

"You look great, Link."

All eyes turned to the new voice. Jen was the first to speak, "Melody! Wow, you look amazing!"

Melody wore a dark blue dress with long sleeves and a modest neckline that ended in a V. The dress hovered just below her knees and a floral design decorated the borders in gold thread. Her long, dark hair was pulled back with two braids that met in the back while the rest hung loose and her long bangs were brushed to the left and a clip shaped like a crescent moon held it in place. Around her waist was a black belt with a single pouch.

Her eyes fell on Jen whose hair was tied up in a ponytail. She wore a simple dress of similar length, but instead of dark blue, it was a darker shade of green.

Mike wore the outfit of a hunter: mismatched browns of a patched up tunic and vest, a bow on his back and a sword on his hip, his shoulder-length black hair tied back with a leather cord.

Shaking his head, Mike said, "That's quite a change from shirt and trousers. Next you'll be wearing heels." His eyes fell to her feet and was surprised to see she did wear shoes with low heels. Shaking his head again, he added, "You've gone straight up proper on us, haven't you?"

In their small circle of friends, to be called proper or noble was offensive. The nobility and others of wealth didn't pay low-borns like them any attention, leaving them to fend for themselves starting at a young age.

Link had been a simple herdsman. Jen, Mike and herself had grown up together on the streets, stealing when they needed to. They had had nothing but each other. Mike later found an apprenticeship with a swords-smith and learned how to use weapons, later becoming a hunter. Jen became apprenticed to a healer. Melody, on the other hand, became a minstrel. She could play almost any instrument.

Jen took a few steps to stand between Melody and Mike, "Now, Mike, you shouldn't be so rude."

Before Mike could respond, Melody said, "They want me to perform."

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