Author's Note

Okay, I know there was some confusion in the first chapter about whether Serena and Darien had consummated before they got married, or if she was still a virgin before they consummated, or whatever the situation was about, so let me clear things up.

Darien and Serena had gotten married after she finished high school and when he finished college, but due to the fact that some enemies of the Negaverse were still roaming around, they had to take some years off and fight their new foes and weren't able to complete their marriage, until now.

So, yes, both of them were already married before the fight and are (were) both virgins.

Hope that clears up the confusion. :D

And also, thank you Roxymoon, CynDLou12, and catty cat for your reviews, and everybody else who read and reviewed the story. I might make this into a series with the other 4 Sailor Scouts, but I'm not sure yet. But if I do write them, any ideas are welcome. :)

Until then, this has been Jazz, and I hope to hear from you guys again soon. ;)