Break Ups and Hook Ups (Chapter 01: Mommy Knows Best)

" " = Talking

# # = Thinking

* * = Sound or a Special/Notable Action

Mystique watched with growing displeasure as her son, Kurt, wasted his romantic intentions on that cow of a Human girl! Pretending to be a cat, Mystique had a perfect vantage point to watch her son's date. Seeing the 'filthy' human girl getting cozy with her beloved son, filled Mystique with a cold hatred for the unevolved girl!

Mystique thought to herself #How do I split them up, and get Kurt a good Mutant girl to date. Hmmm. Whom does he like? Who is he friends with? Kitty Pryde. She is a good choice, except that Kitty is with Lance Alvers. My Avalanche would never simply give up Kitty. Unless….Hahahaha! Of course! Then I'll….#


Gaining entrance was easy. Mystique was used to Military Grade Security Systems. This domestic system was a speed bump, nothing more. Inside Mystique was careful to stay in her son, Kurts shape. Carefully taking her time to check through the receipts in the trash, Mystique found her opportunity. Amanda had bought her own mother a pretty matched set of panties, bra, and stockings for Mrs. Sefton's Birthday. Sneaking into the parents bedroom. Mystique, still disguised as Kurt, quickly found the sexy set of undergarments, and took off with them. Deliberately triggering the house alarms, to wake the Sefton parents, 'Kurt' was seen redhanded with the underwear, as 'he' acrobatically dove out the window, with the underwear.

The Sefton parents were more than upset! They were enraged, and Mrs. Sefton felt violated. The mutant her daughter was dating, had just made a panty raid on his girlfriends own Mother! Amanda ran into her parents bedroom, and heard the story. In the ensuing arguments, and tears, Mystique had plenty of time to break into the Institute, alter the Security Recordings, and plant the pilfered plunder under Kurt's pillow, as he slept.

Mystique was pleased with her work so far. #Now to get Kitty and Kurt together. In order to do that, I'll need to separate Lance and Kitty. How to go about it, exactly? Perhaps if I went home and….#

After arriving at the Brotherhood House, Mystique heard the teenage antics before she could see them. #Now what are those fools doing?# Opening the door, Mystique saw Fred eating a stack of three pizzas at a time! Food was dripping everywhere! Todd was playing a videogame with Pietro. Loudly! Wanda was on the Phone talking to 'Daddy'. Going up stairs, Mystique saw Lance headed for the bathroom, wearing only a bathrobe. "Lance?" she softly cooed. Lance heard Mystique's voice and looked at her in alarm "Um, Mystique! What's shakin'?" Now Mystique smiled at Lance and said "Lance, you are my Team Leader, are you not?" Lance nodded, not having a clue where she was going with this. Mystique continued "Well, then, why use the faulty bathroom, whose water is often cold? My hot water never fails…" Lance simply did not get the double entendre, and smiled "Hey, great, Boss-Lady! Thanks!" Mystique smiled at the handsome teenage boy "I'll unlock the doors for you. Simply ask me whenever you wish to use this one, and it will be opened up for you." Again Lance failed to notice the double entendre. Mystique let Lance inside her private chambers, and into the bathroom. Lance had never seen the private bath before, and was staring at the posh setting. Perhaps he should have paid more attention to Mystique.

Locking the door to the bath behind her, Mystique thought to herself #Looking at him, simply as a woman looks at a man, I can see that he has grown quite a bit. This could be fun, in and of itself.# Finally noticing Mystique looking at him. Lance realised that he was naked under the robe he wore. He also realised that he is alone with the very feminine Mystique. Lance was surprised when she stepped closer. Too stunned to stop her, Lance felt her hands on his shoulders. He then felt, and saw her hands trailing down his chest, parting his robe as her hands went further down. Lance also saw that Mystique had used her powers to seriously increase her bustline! "Shhhhh. Don't say anything my strong, handsome Avalanche. Just let it happen…"


Waking up, Mystique was a little fuzzy-brained, then she began to remember what had happen last night. Finding herself wrapped up in her Avalanche's strong, young, well muscled arms, Mystique felt...contented. It had been a long time since she let herself go like that. Even though it was intended to be a seduction, to break up Lance and Kitty, Mystique was truly contented as a woman. Here she was with a hot, strong, younger man. Lance had just turned eighteen last month, so everything here was legal. Lance began to stir. Mystique snuggled into Lance's embrace, which he instinctively held her in. This kept the pair feeling warm and cozy.

*WHAM* *WHAM* *WHAM* Went her bedroom door.

Lance and Mystique looked at each other. Lance was obviously ready to panic, but Mystique was ready to kick in the teeth of whomever was disturbing her now! "I'm coming!" she called. To Lance she sweetly said "You may wish to get covered up, lover." Mystique grabbed her favorite robe. Mystique answered the door as she tied the robe shut. "Now what is it?" Seeing the rest of the Brotherhood there, in her hallway, she could be wrong, but she figured that it was about a certain missing rock-head. Todd spoke up "Um. Hi, yo! Um, we was lookin' for Lance. Maybe you know where he is?" Mystique *grinned* at the teenagers and said "My Avalanche is eighteen, and a man. Where he spends his evenings is not your concern. He happens to be with me, right now. Go down and get breakfast ready. Now, children!" One could hear a pin drop. Then seeing Lance trying not to be seen in the bedroom, and only covered in bedsheets, the others all backed off. Wanda took a moment to admire the strong, cleanly handsome, young Avalanche. Then her eyes met with Mystique's. "He's mine, now, Wanda. I gave you a chance at him. You are now too late. See you at breakfast, my dear." Closing the door, Mystique walked over to Lance and said "You were magnificent! You certainly ARE welcome here whenever you wish, Avalanche!" Lance, predictably asked a pun-intended question "So...I rocked your world last night, Mystique?" She grinned a naughty grin at the barely legal youth.

They never made it to breakfast.