Break Ups and Hook Ups (Ch 14): One Big Happy

" " = Talking

# # = Thinking

* * = Sound or a Special/Notable Action

I DO NOT OWN "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy" By QUEEN. Just listen to it while reading this.

Last Time: By the time the whole thing was hashed out, everyone forgave everyone else. Even MasterMind and Mommacycle, who had started it all

And: Lance knelt before a surprised Raven, and took out a small jewelry box. "Raven? I choose you. I want to marry you! Will you be my bride, and have children with me?" Lance opened the box to reveal a rather LARGE diamond set upon a golden ring. Lance waited for Raven's answer.

And: Kurt and Rogue were stunned. Shocked. Stumbling like zombies back to the Rec Room, the siblings sat together. Everyone there witnessed their odd behavior. Kitty sat next to Kurt, and took his hand in hers, and asked with concern "Like, what's the matter you guys?"

Rogue answered for both of them. "Mah Mother is gonna marry Lance."

Kurt finished the tale of horror. "Ja. She's carrying Avalanche's baby!"



Lance and Raven (AKA: Avalanche and Mystique) were relaxing in the Rec Room, along with Pietro and Katie (AKA: Quicksilver and Skydancer), Jason and Greta (AKA: MasterMind, and Mommacycle). All of the ladies were relaxing with a romantic movie, while the guys had schemed to treat their ladies to a good old fashioned spoiling! As the ladies watched the movie, they were spoiled by the men who love them. Lance was rubbing Raven's feet. Pietro snuggled with Katie, as he fed her chocolates by hand. Jason massaged Greta's neck and shoulders.

Lance's strong young hands gently caressed Raven's left foot with tender care. Each stroke an act of love. As Raven watched the movie, she was treated to her young fiance's loving touches.

Jason's hands were not so young, but they had experience. Each tender motion, an act of devotion. As Greta watched the on screen romance, she was gifted with her sweetheart's kind caresses of love.

Pietro's clever hands were delicate, as he expertly placed each chocolate candy in Katie's mouth with exquisite care. Each bit of candy, a sign of romance. As Katie watched the storied romance, she was fed the best of all things; Love.


Kurt danced with Kitty as the sweet and romantic music played on. Scott and Jean waltzed on by, as other couples enjoyed the Institute's Night Of Dancing. The whole thing had been organized by Storm and Jean. The rest of the mansion's occupants were delighted to have a nice night without missions, fights or craziness.

Under the watchful eyes of the Professor, who helped supply music by playing the grand piano, the night was actually quite nice. The ladies had worn their most elegant evening gowns. Even tomboy Laura had been given an evening gown by Storm, as a gift. The midnight material was dusted in shimmering sparkles, which caught the light, and attention quite well. Jean's strapless eggshell-white one piece was perfect to bring out her natural beauty.

Rogue's black and elegantly lacy gown was subtly patterned with a slightly lighter shade of black, which, in the right lighting showed off the rose motif. Storm's lavender strapless one piece clung to her every lovely curve, much to the delight of both Beast and Logan. Actually, every male there appreciated the vision of beauty she showed to them all. Even Jamie Madrox looked smitten by the African Beauty, and had gotten away with a slow dance with her. This caused bemused looks between the older guys, of the Institute.

Tabitha was wearing a red gown without sleeves, but had delicate lace around the shoulders, as well as at the bottom of the one piece affair. Amara's crimson outfit was serious competition for Tabitha's own. The brilliant red long sleeved gown of the Nova Roman, had silver thread patterns of the moon and stars. Rahne's pretty, green, and thin-strapped gown was adorned with silver sequins, which sparkled, just like her own green eyes. Jubilee's own gown, a strapless affair in classic black, was perfect for making her bust seem more full.

It was Kitty, and Kitty alone that Kurt had eyes for. In her pure pink lace and satin clingy gown, Kitty was as lovely as ever! He every movement revealed another delightful curve, or simply showed her complexion to best advantage. No one could deny the vision of delicate beauty that Kitty showed of herself, as she danced in Kurt's arms.

Sweeping her along in his arms, Kurt's every attention was purely on Kitty. Only she existed for him this night, as he finally got to hold the girl of his dreams. Even when Ray asked, half-jokingly, if he could cut in, Kurt literally did not even hear him. It was not a snub, simply that ONLY Kitty existed for the love-sick fuzzy elf. Even Kitty had not seemed to have heard Ray's request.

The dreaded Wolverine was much more tame, as Logan showed a skill at dancing that NO ONE had expected. Logan's feet never missed a step, and his hands deftly guided Ororo across the dance floor. The sea of dancers always parted for the passage of the older couple, as Ororo was deftly swept along to the music by the well dressed Canadian.

Even Mr. McCoy was granted dances. Most of the teenage girls at the Institute had secretly agreed to give the lonely mutant man dances. As the music played on, Henry McCoy was treated to several dances, from different ladies. Tabitha had started the evening for Hank, as she took him out to the dance floor. After letting the happy man rest a few songs, Rahn had taken Beast along for a few more songs. Then, it was more rest, followed by a single dance with Ororo, while Logan watched his friend with a bemused expression. Even Jean granted the furry mutant a dance. Scott was surprised, but quickly realized that it was a deliberate effort of the ladies to cheer up the poor fellow. Only Hank, himself seemed to happy to notice.

Professor Xavier was treated to a dance, by a well-behaved Tabitha. Her willingness to share a good time with just about anybody, made her a very good match for the Professor. She let him lead as she held on to his shoulders. This in turn, allowed Tabitha to make a discovery! "Wow, Professor! You're really well muscled! You should get more dances, Prof!"

The Professor was touched by Tabitha's honest admission. "Well, Tabitha, I do try to keep in shape, as well as use my arms to transport myself from the chair to other places, like the shower. It makes for very strong muscles."

Tabitha nodded and pretended to be 'interested' in the Professor, who understood that good natured fun. "I should release you back to Mr. Guthrie before he becomes too jealous..."

On and on, the night of dancing went. Kurt and Kitty had not really let go of one another, except for bathroom breaks. The evening was a special time for them. Their Red Level Probation had ended that morning. Kitty was so happy, that she openly cried into Kurt's shoulders.

Now, the mutant lovers simply revelled in their freedom to be with one another openly! Without ever knowing it, Kurt was copying Lance's idea, and was rubbing Kitty's tiny feet, to ease that aches there, from all the dancing. Kitty was so happy that she would purr if she only could!


Lance and Raven were the first to slip away as the romantic movie ended. Lance slipped an arm under Raven's pretty legs, and another one under her slim waist. Raven wrapped an arm around Lance's strong, young, and well muscled shoulders. Carrying her away, Lance was only concerned with taking his woman, his love, his fiance to their room for more private romance.

Magneto saw the happy couple from another corridor. Smiling that all of his plans seemed to be going so smoothly, the Master of Magnetism had almost been surprised by the tiny mutant woman who appeared quietly by his side. Looking at the lovely, and delicate Japanese beauty, Erik Lensherr *smiled* and silently thanked his lucky stars. Magneto was thankful, and a bit surprised, that this amazing beauty was attracted to him. It had, after all, been a LONG time for the now rejuvenated Magneto.

The mutants were pairing off, in mostly the the pairings that Magneto had wanted. Even better, as of this morning's "Medical Exam" (that Lifebringer had "assisted with"), EVERY female mutant on Asteroid 'M' was now quite fertile! This includes Lifebringer, herself, as she led her mate to his private chambers…

As Magneto was surprised by Lifebringer's interest, she herself was surprised as Erik scooped her up in his strong arms, and used his powers to open the door, then shut it again as they entered. Soon, the sounds of a happy, and amorous couple could be heard by anyone who was right outside the door. After a few hours, this culminated in a feminine cry of joy "Oh, Erik!"


Lance awoke to the wonderful feeling of his sexy fiance cuddled up with him, as naughty thoughts of last night came to his mind. Gazing lovingly at a sleeping Mystique, Avalanche was again so very grateful to the Powers-That-Be for this wonderful woman, that he knew that he would stay faithful to her forever.

Brushing a few red strands of hair from Raven's pretty face, Lance began thinking of baby names. Magneto had a good idea with 'Catherine' as an olive branch to Kitty. Still, if Raven had a boy, what to name him? #If I name him 'Lance' that is going to make me so egotistical. On the other hand, if I call him something else, what to call my son. MY SON! Oh $*% ! I'm going to be a DADDY! Oh my G*D! I am so HAPPY! Oh, Raven! I want sons and a daughter, or two with you. What to name my first born son?#


Logan awoke to the feeling of Ororo wrapped up against his compact, yet well muscled frame. Savoring her warmth, and sweet scent, Logan luxuriated in the knowledge that today was a scheduled sleep-in day. As it was a Sunday, no one needed to get up before noon. Contemplating the exquisite beauty beside himself, Logan was looking at the clock, and saw that they had PLENTY of time….


Jean was so happy! She used FIVE tests, and they all read the same result. This caused Jean a lot of relief, for she had been worried about this for some time. Scott was asleep in the bed, unaware of his new status: Daddy. Jean was determined to just make sure, as she wiggled her way back into the bedroom. A few moments later, after putting on ONLY thigh high nylons, Jean awoke Scott in a manner that all straight men would love…


Tabitha woke up to an odd feeling...There is somebody in my bed! Looking with only one eye, and that was barely open, to avoid being caught looking, Boom Boom saw who was in bed with her…


Ray Crisp had successfully kept his lady-love, Jubilee, from being discovered all night. Well, not by Logan, anyway. Besides, his roommate, Sam Guthrie had been with HIS girl in the bed on the other side of the room. neither boy would ever rat out the other. Tabitha was still wearing only the remains of her pantyhose. Nothing else, just that. If either girl avoided pregnancy, it would be a small miracle.