In the Kingdom of Cameran in the palace

The ball was going great, Pikachu had a great time playing with the other Pokemon, but now he just wanted to stay by Ash seeing as he could not enjoy himself like everyone else, so to make his friend happy he sat with him and got to see his friend smile again. But when it came to the fireworks Ash had to do the Aura Guardian pose with Pikachu next to him but suddenly the staff that was given to him by the queen as a reward for winning the match was suddenly acting up and glowing.

"is something the matter?" the queens maid asked to which Ash with all his might trying to hold the thing still "this thing is going crazy" he said but that was the last thing he said before both him and Pikachu got sucked up in the staff or so everyone believe as it dropped to the ground and horror crossed over everyone's faces to see the new Guardian and his friend vanish into thin air.

Even the queen known to all was Lady Eileen and her mime Jr with her maid, among the crowd was May and Brock in shock at what they saw all everyone was thinking is what could have happened to them.

In a different time…

In the middle of the forest a training session was going on, the Pokemon who was practicing using his aura but moving out the way of moving logs on ropes while his master and teacher watched by the side lines a proud smile on his face. "Well done Lucario, you can stop now" so the Pokemon did and took the blind fold off looking at his master then gave a small smile. "Thank you master" it replied and just as they were leaving the area both felt a large aura but then it suddenly went faint.

"Master did you feel that too?" Lucario asked

"Yes, we must find it before something bad happens" Sir Aaron said before both used there skills to sense the aura but what they were going to find was not just aura.

"Man, what happened to us?" Ash asked as he came around that's when he noticed Pikachu awake and watching him which he jumped in Ash arms both smiling [Ash had forgot that he still wore the costume or for some reason his backpack with his cloths and things where in it] that was when Sir Aaron and Lucario found them what shocked the both of them was, a young boy look almost like Sir Aaron and have the same aura plus the same cloths on.

"Master can you sense his aura?" Lucario asked which his master nodded as they watched the boy get up dusting his pants off grabbing a strange bag putting it over his shoulder before his Pokemon jumped on his other shoulder with a smile on his face.

"Well guess we suck here, so let's go look around" he said to his Pokemon who replied back "pika" lifting it paw in the air in a punch smiling making the boy smile back and for some reason he found the boy's smile gave Sir Aaron a strange feeling inside. But before the boy could leave Lucario jumped out the bushes they were hiding behind followed by Sir Aaron, the noise they made alerted the Pokemon and jumped off his friend's shoulder with sparks on its cheeks that also caused the boy to look behind him and notice them. In this surprise the boy did not notice a hill behind him and fell backward and crying out "Pikachu!" The rodent ran after him crying back "Pika Pi!"

Both Lucario and Aaron found themselves at the hill as the boy fell on the ground with many scratches his Pokemon just made it there by jumping light jumps across the small rocks and now was by his masters side shacking him to wake up. Lucario and Sir Aaron finally found themselves at his side Lucario explained they meant no harm to 'his friend' as the Pokemon put it, while Aaron look at him and sighed "he'll will be fine but we should return to the palace" he said picking Ash up and carrying on his back with both Pokemon following him as well.

It was not long when they got to the palace that Lucario noticed Pikachu's confused face as if he was just here and now it looked a little different but also worried of his friend. Once they entered Lady Rin walked up to Sir Aaron "oh you are back and brought such a sweet Pokemon, but what is on your back Sir Aaron?" the queen asked

When he show her the boy, the queen had her hands on her face in shock "I shall send a healer, well you take him to the guest room" she said so Aaron, Lucario and Pikachu went to the guest room. he then place the boy on the bed taking the cape and hat off of him it was not long when the healer came in cleaning the wounds, once the heal finishing cleaning his wounds and left the room did the little mouse Pokemon lay by his side just waiting.

Lucario and Sir Aaron stood by the wall waiting for him to stir but all the well wanting answers like; how he got here? What was his name? Why did he dress like Sir Aaron and most importantly why did he have the same aura as Aaron?

"Pi?" the little Pokemon said which brought the both of them out their thoughts when they saw the boy start to wake and slowly get up to look around which was not a big room and had one large window, a closet, a side table and the bed he found himself on with Pikachu by his side. "I guess I must have imagined the whole thing or I just fell really hard. Because I could have sworn I saw-"but Ash could not finish his sentence as Sir Aaron and Lucario came towards them

"Sorry, if we alarmed you earlier but we just felt something strange about your aura. My name is Sir Aaron and this is my student Lucario" Sir Aaron "you have the same aura as Sir Aaron and you are dresses as him why" Lucario asked as they both stared at the boy who looked down at his cloths. Still the boy said nothing and Sir Aaron thought maybe he needed time to rest more so he and Lucario began to walk away. But before Sir Aaron closed the door he took one last look at the boy hold his Pokemon looking at it confused. So here was Ash stuck in time with the legendary Sir Aaron Guardian of Aura and Lucario his faithful student; yes lost in time with none of his friends or the rest of his Pokemon just Pikachu who was just as scared and confused as Ash.

Mean well in the main hall looking in one of the mirrors Sir Aaron looked at himself over and over like he was searching for an answerto why the strange boy looked like him or why they shared same aura but nothing was answering his questions. Aaron sent to give word to Lady Rin the boy was wake but had not spoken "you wonder if he some how related to you? Aren't you?" a voice said which he knew was only was Lady Rin's maid with Lucario beside her.

"it's just he looks so much like me, when I was younger and how he has the same aura makes me question if he was parent of my family in the country" he answered back "then you should go speak with them just to ask them if it's true" this time it was Lady Rin which Sir Aaron faced worried but deep down he knew that Guardians with Aura and not to have a family or yet even see their family unless they were under attack.

"it would not matter as my family past away long ago after become a Guardian of Aura" he replied back "Master, I am sorry that you lost you family" Lucario said bowing his head but Aaron waved it off smiling the turned to the window beside him to see the Tree of Beginning so did Lucario and Lady Rin. Her maid went to check on the boy as it was getting dark, before long night came and everyone went to sleep but Ash who woke to his hungry stomach.

/To be continued…