When the past and the future meet!

Chapter 6: the shadow is coming!

Ash looked around the stadium confused as if something between rare Pokemon and the two hunters were about to have a war over him and Pikachu not to mention Mewtwo said something about a time flower Sir Aaron held was it true? Pikachu could feel his masters confusion not that he was too, cause truth be told both were confused.

"Hey, Pikachu, I think I've been here before. Like a dream" Ash said to his partner as he held him in his arms a bit scared "Pika Pika" to where Lucario and Sir Aaron stood near to Ash watching worried; Aaron had no problems before with young kids around the village but Ash, Ash was special and the problem was he could not figure out why he was so worried over him like a father to a son, or why Ash kept pushing both Sir Aaron and Lucario aside so he could take the hits.

"This boy is not going to fight you in the battle anymore, because he is returning with us" Said the boy that looked like Gary with anger in his voice that made Aaron look at Ash and his partner scared so he stood next to him. Ash did not notice this but what he did notice was the lights where flickering like something was wrong with it but then the place in the middle of the stadium formed a large black shadow like someone was in it.

"he is here, our master" Dawn said as her and the Hunter slowly back away, Ash was being pulled back by Lucario and Sir Aaron forming a barrier in front of the trainer and his Pokemon while on the other side of the stadium the three rare Pokemon stood their ground not one bit afraid as each had a taste of hurt in them so they were not frighten by this one. Suddenly a large man walked out the cloud in a clocked old fashioned kings cloths but all dark purple and black coat of sorts.

"so I finally meet the great Sir Aaron and his servant Lucario" the man said he gave way more bad vibes then Dawn and it was hard to focus for both trainer and Pokemon, it was like they were drowning in ice cold water. "IT IS PARTNER NOT SERVENT!" Lucario shouted back in anger if not for Sir Aaron to tell help to not let the Shadow Nico get to him.

"master sorry we did not deliver the child and his Pokemon as we intended too, but the boy challenged me to a match and then these would not believe it but rare Pokemon intervened" Hunter said bowing like Dawn "no worries my servants, I knew he would pull a stunt like that in order to save the village and Sir Aaron" the Shadow Master Nico said making the last part sound important for Sir Aaron and Lucario making them judge what Ash was hiding.

"What are you implying Nico!" Sir Aaron demanded

"Have you ever wondered why the boy looks so much like you, or why he is always making sure you are not hurt, or why his Aura is the same as yours?" Shadow asked with a smirk of knowingly what they did not "or why these Pokemon want to take him back or why the time flower won't open to anyone but him yet?" he finished

Sir Aaron did not want to admit it but he did want to know; it was in all the people's minds in the place mostly Sir Aaron, Mew did not help with his advise that Ash had to be ready to open the flower and how was it the Shadow knew all this?...unless he was spying on them. "Shut Up! With your lies and spying on us, you are even worse than most of the people who care to hurt Pokemon. What in the hell do you want here!" Ash shouted putting Pikachu down and pushing Sir Aaron and Lucario aside to a fighting stand, Pikachu did the same as sparks were forming from his red round cheeks and growling at him.

"so it is true you fight until too cannot stand" Shadow s taking a step forward then turned to Mewtwo and Smirked "you want to know why this place is so familiar cause it was where you died stopping Mewtwo and Mew before they would destroy everyone and everything" after he said that Mewtwo cursed at the man for making sure what should be best forgotten now Ash was on his knees holding his head crying out loud as memories came flowing back all at once the same as Pikachu.

"W…what do you mean by him dying?" Sir Aaron asked kneeling down beside him holding Ash as did Lucario with Pikachu trying everything to ease the pain "he jumped between a strong force that could destroy his body but it did not due to his Aura and thus turned him into stone but what I still do not understand is how all Pokemon tears from normal and clone alike could bring him back to like as in the last of tears it was his own friend there who broke the spell and from his actions did Mewtwo learn the meaning of love and more is that right Mewtwo." Shadow said letting a laugh not noticing Ash getting up and his Aura gave Pikachu enough strength to stand up.

"um…sir" Dawn said noticing this began to panic, Hunter saw what she was looking at and to his fear the boy was glowing with strong Aura waves around him that it lit the stadium like it did when Ash woke from the Tears of Healing which gave smiles on the three Pokemon and strange looks from Sir Aaron and Lucario that they took a step back never seeing such power in a person let alone a boy. The laughter was short lived as Shadow Nico stood frozen as Ash took a few steps forwards.

"you want to know the reason I jumped in the last power attack from Mew and Mewtwo, cause my mother told me when I was small even the smallest light can shine in the darkness and when Pikachu refuse to fight back that was the light, yes he is a electric Pokemon but he is my friend and I saw that all the Pokemon were hurt and so I did what no one dared to do I died to save what was left of the stupid war and truth be told Mewtwo saw that not all humans are the same" Ash spoke like someone was in him a much wiser person like Sir Aaron.

That was when it hit Sir Aaron that Ash was someone from the part in his line of the Guardian Aura family that is why he felt so protective of Ash as if he was his son. Now it made since and Lucario understood too just as the words made things so much clearer but Ash was not finished not by far. "before my friends went to his Island the lady said in old times when a human was hurt or near death did the Pokemon shed tears they are called 'Tears of Healing' it was not used again over the years until I turned to stone, the last thing a saw before I died was Pikachu calling me." A small tear fell from his face remembering everything then turn to Mewtwo saying "I understood now why you did what you did and I am grateful"

But just after that moment Ash fell to the ground after all the Aura was used like in training but this time he had no one to stop him; it was in that moment did not just Sir Aaron who tried to grab him but the two Pokemon of Time and Space, Hunter and Shadow. But they were all being pushed away by Pikachu sending shock ways everywhere to keep his master safe.

But as much as he tried Shadow grabbed Ash and disappeared Hunter made a energy field around Pikachu and disappeared but before Dawn could do the same she was trapped in one of Mew two's bubbles and sent her to Sir Aaron and Lucario to make sure he does not escape and use her as bait so Dialga sent them back home in the Tree of Begging while the Pokemon tried to find Ash and Pikachu.

Sorry I was taking so long and this chapter is short but I have to complete another story that is due over date; plus have exams coming on. So sorry again and I hope you like it [Nico came from Percy Jackson and so things I just had on my mind to add to Ash's speech] bye write soon again.