Lost and Found

By Lady MR

Pairs: Gambit/Rogue (Remy/Marie) and Wolverine/Storm (Logan/Ororo)

Summary: Logan and Ororo are kidnapped. They are saved by some unlikely allies and must deal with the consequences.

Authors Note1: This is after the Movie, after Logan has come back and stayed a few months. His respect for Storm has grown. Marie and Logan have grown closer, even though Marie's secret crush was still there and still secret.

Authors Note2: I actually like the character, but can you guess which one I'm referring and what show he's from? Please Read and Review.

Lost and Found

Danielle was a housewife. She was also a mutant. Her power was unnoticeable unless closely observed. She was a deflector and absorber of mutant power. Whenever a mutant power was directed at her (such as a fire ball coming at her) she would deflect it back to its owner or some other location. She could also absorb power either through skin-to-skin contact or when it was directed to her. Danielle's power was fully manifested, but rather weak. It was a defense mechanism and she could touch other mutants without absorbing their power.

It was first know to her on her wedding night. Her husband was human but during the consummation her power formed a link between their souls. She absorbed his morals, beliefs, principles, and his love.

To her relief, her husband didn't condemn her, but she never let herself do it again. It was pure joy, but it scared the wits out of her.

She was content with her life, until the day she was kidnapped. The wrong people got wind of her powers. A former military general with friends in high places and an insane idea to boot.

General Hammond wanted to make a superior army against all beings, mutant or otherwise. He wanted the ultimate soldiers. And was going to do everything in his power to make his delusional dream a painful reality.

The kidnapping left her a widow and her children dead. She was 29.

Kristin was a happy child. She was a mutant. Her power was not fully developed and was devastatingly strong. She brought death to anything she touched. While she couldn't kill an adult, she could knock them out.

Her power manifested at age 10 when David Jackson was bullying her. He had taken her clay figurine she had made that day in art class. Her anger and desperate want for her project back before David could destroy it triggered her power. She touched him, sending herself unconscious and leaving David dead.

The teacher dialed 911; the paramedics came, and took her to the hospital. General Hammond came and visited her. Her parents never saw her again.

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