Lost and Found

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It was after she had finally finished scrubbing and was sterilized (with the help of Nurse Judy) enough for the upcoming surgery that she heard the rhythmic beeping of the heart machine stop and give a different, monotone, and prolong sound.


Running to the side of her patient, Dr. Gadula stared at Dr. Stuart.


"Ooops. I think I killed him." He replied, looking genuinely sorry.


Looking at him, Dr. Gadula suddenly felt a migraine coming on, but being a professional, the doctor ignored the migraine as best as she could.

This was exactly the reason why I never became an ER or OR doctor in the first place…

"Get me the crash cart, stat!"

Nurse Judy ran to out of the room and into the supply closet where the only set of paddles was stored.

Meanwhile, Dr. Stuart helpfully strapped on an oxygen mask and squeezed the attached bag so that it alternated with each chest compression that Dr. Gadula preformed on subject 3.

The chest compression's weren't doing any good, and Dr. Gadula was relieved when Nurse Judy finally returned with the crash cart, the paddles ready to be used.


Everyone moved from the patient and table as Dr. Gadula brought the paddles down on subject 3's chest. Subject 3's chest and upper body, excluding the head, momentarily rose in the air.

Dr. Gadula looked at the heart monitor as Dr. Stuart once again squeezed the bag to bring oxygen into subject 3's lungs.


Handing the paddles to the nurse, Dr. Gadula began to once again perform chest compressions.

The few seconds needed for the paddles to charge went by quickly.

"Charged." Said Nurse Judy, handing the paddles to Dr. Gadula.


Once again, everyone moved from the patient and table as Dr. Gadula brought the paddles down on subject 3's chest.

This time, however, the monotone beeping ceased.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Beep Beep Beep

Dr. Gadula released a breath she didn't realize she was holding. The doctor listened only with one ear as Nurse Judy yelled at Dr. Stuart, reprimanding him for his obvious idiocy.

Calming down, Dr. Gadula waited until Nurse Judy paused to inhale before speaking.

"Dr. Stuart, as much as I wish to fire you, I am painfully aware of the limited medical staff stationed at this base. Therefore, you shall have no more direct patient contact. Your first job as an analyst will be to analyze subject 3's blood and explain, in full detail, exactly how the x-gene is transferred, if it's a recessive or dominant trait, and whether it is located on the X or Y chromosome."

Dr. Stuart actually beamed at the prospect, then his brow furled in concentrations and he added, "What if it's a linking gene, a group of genes instead of just one?"

"Well, that'll be your job to figure out. Once we know more about x-gene itself, it will be easier to, perhaps, determine exactly what mutation subject 4 posses. I will review your findings on subject 3 and compare them to subjects 1, 2, and 4."

"Sounds good Dr. Gadula." Dr. Stuart answered.

Giving him a rare smile, Dr. Gadula turned to Nurse Judy. "Do you have a blood sample of subject 3?"

"Yes doctor, its in the laboratory along with the rest of the blood samples collected from the other subjects." answered Nurse Judy. Dr. Stuart departed without further comment.

"Resubmerge the subject back into the chyro chamber." Dr. Gadula ordered, before departing. The doctor headed to the private bunk, hopping that a nap would dissolve the migraine that just wouldn't go away.

Remy was having a bad day.

He was having a very bad day.

After a failed heist, (the owner of the multimillion dollar necklace actually wore the diamond necklace to a state dinner instead of leaving it at home as usual) Remy was in need of some loving from his fiancée. He had taken a plane instead of the prearranged train and got home a good three hours earlier then he had planned.

The apartment they had rented was in neutral territory (as neutral as you could get anyway) because neither of them wanted to live in the rival guild's home. This way they could insult no one and not be insulted by other occupants of the guild, theoretically anyway.

Out of habit, Remy opened the front door making minimal amount of noise. It was the noise that greeted him when he walked into the house that made him stop in his tracks.

A moan, very feminine and very familiar.

A groan, masculine, unfamiliar.

But it her voice that unfroze him and drove him to the bedroom.

"More, please… HARDER… please."

She was on her back, eyes closed, an expression of ecstasy on her face.

A mop of brown hair was attacking her breasts, devouring them.

Looking at the scene, Remy was turned numb. Some guy was touching his future wife. Some guy was TOUCHING his future wife. SOME GUY WAS FUCKING HIS FUTURE WIFE.

Once again it was the sound of her screams that drove him to action.

Rage pulsed through him and he took hold of the mop of brown hair and pulled the guy off her. In his mind, a though fluttered and he recognized the identity of the criminal, but he no longer cared.

Remy punched the guy square in the face and felt a wave of vindication when he heard the sound of something breaking. He let his rival fall to the floor before straddling him. The offender's nose was bleeding, but he was beyond caring.

Once started, Remy couldn't seem to stop. He rained punches on the dazed opponent and even the sight of his bloodstained hands did nothing to deter him. Instead, it encouraged him to do more damage.

The world had narrowed down to Remy versus the man who had dared to touch his future wife. It came as a surprise, when he was pushed off his foe by something heavy.

Struggling under the weight, Remy pushed off the naked Belladonna and stood up glaring furiously.

"Remy-" She started to say, but was cut off by the slamming of the door.

Running after him, she glimpsed him storming out the front door and winced.

Remy, for his part, was seeing red.

He started running as soon as his feet hit the pavement. Pushing the people in front of him, not caring that he might trip them or even hurt them, he kept going, needing to spend his anger on something.

When it became apparent that the main street walkways were an unfit place to do anything, Remy hit the alleys. It wasn't long before he was ambushed by a bunch of teenage gang members.

"Hand over the money and we'll let you go." The leader threatened, backing up his threat by the shiny six-inch knife he held naked in his right hand. The other five members had similar weapons, with the exception of a pipe, which looked rather menacing in the teen's hand.

A grim smile had its way onto Remy's lips as he reached into the back of his jeans and pulled out a cylinder. The cylinder extended out into a quarterstaff and hit the leader squarely in the chest, knocking the breath out of him.

Remy ignored his surroundings and focused all his attention and all his anger at the five teens closing around him.

He never noticed another figure waiting in the shadows.

Dispatching the remaining thugs and the leader, once the leader regained his bearings again, proved to be exhausting.

"Next time we meet, y' dead!" Drawled fleeing leader.

Remy just flicked him off, unable to speak through his panting.

It was then that the mysterious figure made its move. Jumping upon Remy's back, a wet cloth was pressed to his mouth.


Was the last thought on Remy's mind before everything became black.

Looking through the T-shirt, mess tops, and morbid, yet funny, stickers, Rogue seriously considered going Goth. Hot Topic was slowly becoming her store of choice anyway; all she needed was the black make up and baggy pants.

Shaking her head in amusement, Rogue looked at the shirt she was deciding whether or not to buy.

How come cats have nine lives and I don't have one?

Reading the line again, gave a rueful smile at the validity of those words.

And with that thought, she bought the damn t-shirt, as well as the Warp Tour CD, and a bracelet adored with miniature crosses.

She was walking to meet the other X-Gals at the Food Court, when it happened. It being a big ass robot crashing through the roof and attacking everyone. Well, more like attacking her.

Being useless against machines, Rogue could only run so far before everything going dark.

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