Assignment: Enterprise

Chapter one

Pavel Chekov sat nervously in the academy superintendent's office. He was a young man, barely twenty-one years old. He knew he had graduated at the top of his class, but he still was anxious about being called in. The superintendent was named Gina Randolf. She was a tall, stern older woman, and more often than not, when a cadet was called into her office, it was for disciplinary actions. Her hair was gray and very short. She rarely smiled. As she entered the room, Pavel's first instinct was to stand at attention. He did so, and to his relief, Randolf spoke softly.

"At ease, Cadet." She looked into the handsome young Russian's eyes and could tell that he was anxious as he reseated himself. "I have called you in today because you will be given a dual assignment. You are an exceptionally gifted young man, Chekov. Your main assignment will be on the Federation's flag ship, the Enterprise. Your aptitude tests indicate that you are very good at engineering. You will be working under Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott once your actual tour of duty begins next year."

"What is my other assignment?" Pavel asked, his face lightening up. He was obviously very excited about joining the crew of the finest ship in Starfleet.

"He will be beaming in soon." Randolf was still standing, and started to pace, her hands clasped behind her back. "I have made sure that there are no listening devices in this office, for your other assignment is top secret and will be discussed with no one, not even Captain Kirk. Is that clear, Cadet?"

"Uh, yes ma'am." Pavel responded with a puzzled frown on his young face. There was a whirring sound from behind the very comfortable green leather bound chair he was sitting in, facing the superintendent's large ebony office desk. Pavel followed Randolf's gaze as an older gentleman materialized in a blue haze.

"Good. Ah, Mr. Seven. So good of you to drop in. This is the young man I told you about. Mr. Chekov, this is Gary Seven. He is an intergalactic secret agent, assigned to the late twentieth and early twenty-first century Earth's Men In Black. When you are not on the Enterprise, you will be working for him."

"The twentieth century? How is that possible?" Pavel asked, staring in astonishment at the new arrival.

"Mr. Seven has use of extremely advanced technology, Chekov. He is able to transport through time. Also, in Seven's time period, no one really believes in the Men In Black. Because of some movies that were made about them, recruiting has become more difficult. They have to do their recruiting very carefully, and often they chose people from the future, such as yourself."

Seven spoke with a slight smile playing on his lips.

"You're a Russian." He observed. "That might present a problem. People in the era I am from are not too fond of Russians. While you are in the United States in the twentieth century, you will have to keep a low profile in public because of the cold war."

"I understand." Chekov paused in thought for a moment. "What is my assignment?"

"It's a rather straight forward one for your first, Chekov. You will be staying in the twenty-third century, for the most part. Your first assignment will be on the Enterprise. You will be there to save the lives of the bridge crew when they encounter that madman, Kahn Noonian Singh. You must stop him from killing them when he shuts off the life support to the bridge." Randolf paused for effect as Pavel took this all in. "I must warn you, though. Keep as low a profile as you can. Don't let anyone know what you are there to do and stay as inconspicuous as possible. I know that part will be a bit difficult, since you are very attractive." She paused with a slight smile as Chekov blushed. "You will be on the Enterprise a year before you actually joined the crew. Lieutenant Kevin Riley, who is no longer supposed to be on board the ship, and therefore has no official Starfleet status, is staying in his old vacant quarters. You will no doubt be spending time there too, since you are not yet a member of the crew. You two will have a small advantage, being that Kahn will not know you are on board. Riley has been briefed about your arrival and about the history of this event, and he is the only one who knows about this. He will be your contact man once you get there. You and he will be issued communicators that will be connected directly with Mr. Seven. Use yours if you get into any trouble. Good luck."