Assignment: Enterprise

Chapter 4

For several months, Isis the shape shifter had already been on the Enterprise, posing as various lower-ranking medical personnel. Mr. Seven's orders had been specific: get to know Nurse Chapel and learn to imitate her mannerisms and speech patterns. Then, when the time was right, which was now, she would be able to pass herself off as the head nurse. Isis rarely spoke, preferring telepathy, but she was capable of doing so. At the moment, as she quickly made her way down the corridor, she was in the form of a very young yeoman named Tina Lawton.* The real Tina was trapped in the shuttle bay on the shuttle Copernicus. When Isis reached the prone unconscious form of the burly criminal who tried to kill Mears, she transformed into the guise of Nurse Chapel and dragged him into a nearby brig cell, raising the force field; at the same time relieving him of any concealed weapons on his person. The real Chapel was also trapped on one of the shuttle crafts. With that accomplished, Isis quickly made her way to Riley's quarters and rang the door buzzer.

"Who's there?" Riley's voice sounded tense and worried. He shouldn't have been. If it had been one of Kahn's minions, he or she wouldn't have been that polite. However, Isis knew that he was a very compassionate man, probably also concerned about Miss Mears, despite her reputation on board the ship as being a man hater. He thought she might change her attitude if she found out that two men had saved her life.

"Isis. Let me in."

"Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin. What is your pre-arranged phrase?"

"Roberta's star-shaped birth mark." Isis answered succinctly.

Riley smiled and then relaxed, noticing also with relief that Miss Mears was regaining consciousness. Roberta was one of Seven's newest recruits from the twentieth century, more than thirty years before those Men in Black movies were made. He cautiously opened the door, still holding his servo. Relieved as he recognized her, he relaxed.

"What took you so long?"

"I had to drag that creeping crud who tried to kill Miss Mears into a brig cell, Riley. Where is she?" Isis asked softly, in her usual cat-like manner. Riley frowned in disapproval.

"You know protocol. Use my code number. Also, you should now be imitating Nurse Chapel's speech patterns. Do you have the tri-ox compound?" He asked, gesturing to where the yeoman lay.

"Apologies, 159." Isis answered, now with a perfect imitation of Christine's voice as she stepped over to the yeoman. "Yes, I have it right here in my shoulder medical bag." As she spoke, she removed the hypo with the medicine and waved a scanner over the yeoman's supine body. Mears was lying on Riley's bed. Since Isis had been posing as medical personnel for a while, she had grown accustomed to using medical equipment. She was a quick study. Of course, all of her people were. Isis came from an advanced and highly intelligent race from a nearby star in the Ursa Major constellation.

"Is she all right?"

"She is recovering. She has a bruised larynx and will need to get to sickbay after the ship is retaken by the crew. Do not worry. She will be all right. You should leave, sir, before you are discovered. How is the cute young new recruit doing on the bridge?" She gave the stirring yeoman a shot as she spoke.

"He should be completing his task right about now and will beam out immediately afterward. Good luck...Christine." He answered with a slight smile, amazed at how quickly Seven's assistant was able to switch from sounding like a Caitian** to sounding exactly like Nurse Chapel. Soon after, he dematerialized, beaming his way back to Seven's apartment in the twentieth century, leaving the imitation Nurse Chapel alone with her patient. Isis also had the secondary assignment of removing the evidence that Seven's people had ever been on the ship and assuring her departure before the captain ordered the deployment of the anesthesia gas, which flooded all the decks, effectively ending Kahn's siege. Also, she knew that there would be the unsolved mystery of how Chapel could be in two places at once, but knew enough about humans to know the propensity of some for shrugging off minor mysteries in time.

Meanwhile, in the shuttle bay, the crew members in the shuttles had turned on the defensive shield systems, so Kahn and his men would not be able to board them. In the only shuttle equipped with defensive weapons, the people on the Copernicus were ready also to phaser any of Kahn's men who tried. There were seven other people on board besides Yeoman Lawton. Lt. Masters was the highest ranking officer on the shuttle, followed in rank by Bailey, who with the rest had often wondered if the shields or the craft's phasers would work as well in the hangar deck as they did in space. The others were Lt. Johnson, Lt. Leslie, Yeoman Ross, Yeoman Landon, and Yeoman Rand. Bailey had given Masters the suggestion of using the phasers if they needed to. She considered his suggestion to be undoable, though, because the safeties were on. They could not fire them on board the ship without proper authorization from security or the captain. Because of the circumstances, however, Masters admonished him to do so on her orders only, and only if it were to become absolutely necessary. She also considered the possibility that the shuttle's phasers might be too powerful to use on board the ship. They could end up putting a gaping hole in the Enterprise hull, dooming those who were not aboard the shuttle crafts in the hangar deck and adjoining sections to a gruesome but quick death.

On the bridge, Pavel soon completed his task. He had inserted the small device Riley had given him into a cassette slot at the captain's chair, where it remained, looking quite inconspicuous. To misdirect the madman who would soon be arriving back on the bridge, Chekov went near the main viewing screen and checked to see if the life support system was back on line. As he did so, he heard the main bridge doors open with a swish as Kahn and two of his men entered. With panic rising, Pavel switched on his communicator and made the near fatal mistake of using his name when contacting Mr. Seven.

"Chekov to Seven! Mission accomplished! Get me out of here!"

Before Kahn and his men could reach him, he dematerialized.

Furiously, Kahn raced to the controls where the man named Chekov had been standing seconds before. Finding nothing to reverse the process of restoring life support, he vowed to never forget the name of the man who stopped him from asphyxiating the bridge crew.

*"Charlie X"

** A cat-like race from the animated series